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CHANGE!!!! (Dance Cover) Trivia

January 1, 2016

International Viewers:

US Viewers – Change video speed to 2:

– This will be my final iDOLM@STER dance cover (unless the company that owns the music decides to do something with YouTube Red… but I don’t really see that happening).

– I spent forever trying to figure out how I wanted to wear that scarf for this dance. XD What I really wanted was a sort of wrap-around drape that went over my shoulders and created a sort of hood, but I couldn’t move my arms as easily. The next thing I tried was to make the scarf into long flowing sleeves. I actually have a take with that outfit, but my hands kept getting caught in the sleeves so I decided against it. orz

– I wanted to use the Takane solo version of the song, because I had found a video of it that wasn’t blocked, but when I uploaded my dance cover with that audio, it said the video was blocked in the US. (>_<*) I went and found another version of the song that I could watch, so I tried using that, but it still ended up blocked. BAH! Sorry that you have to use the slowed down video, US viewers! m(_ _)m

– The skirt really isn’t that ugly in real life. XD That was just Movie Maker messing with the coloring again. orz It’s more of a bright, yellow-green. (^__^”)

I don’t really have much else to say about this one… so I’ll leave it at that~. Happy New Year!

~ Surimu-chan

Why Bring Tutorials Back?

October 1, 2015

Okay, here we go. I didn’t want to say anything, because I didn’t want to sound like I was fishing for sympathy or anything like that, but I believe I need to specify my reason for bringing back tutorials.

You may not notice it on camera, but I have severe social anxiety. Being around people freaks me out. At times, even being around family members is unnerving. I’ve worked in retail for almost three-and-a-half years in hopes that I can grow more comfortable around others, but it has been difficult for me. At one point, I had to take a month-and-a-half off because I was having anxiety attacks almost every day that I worked. Due to some changes in my workplace, I decided to quit a little over a month ago.

I took most of September off to work on my videos because I had so much that I wanted to make~. It was amazing! (I have plans for about fourteen projects, though I’ll be spacing them out~.)  Near the end of the month, I decided I should probably find some more work, so I got a part-time job. It’s still in a retail setting, though, so my anxiety has reappeared and made me miserable.

After my first day back in retail, I took some time to think seriously. Really seriously. What do I enjoy? What do I want to do? I enjoy dancing. I enjoy helping others with things that I understand. I want to dance, and I want to help others dance. That’s where the tutorials come in.

Yes, I pushed myself too hard in the past. Yes, I had problems with my computer, and my arms, and dealing with snarky comments about my reading voice and my editing style… but I was always so happy to get comments and messages saying, “Thank you for helping me learn this dance!” It was worth the time and effort I put into these tutorials.

That being said, I’ll call this offer what it really is: a request for assistance (because “cry for help” might sound a bit dramatic). If you think this system is fair, I would appreciate it tremendously if you could help support me for a little bit until I can find a job that might be a little easier on me. Don’t worry about my computer. Don’t worry about my health. Eliminating requests and slowing/limiting my editing sessions will take care of those problems. If you’re willing to help me, I am absolutely more than willing to help you learn dances.

Well… now that I’ve probably made everyone uncomfortable and thoroughly embarrassed myself… I should probably sign off. (^__^”)

Thanks, everyone~.

~ Stephanie

Ivybourn Channel Discontinued; Surimuchan Channel Expanded!

September 15, 2015

I’ve already said as much on my Facebook page and made noticeable changes on my main YouTube channel, but I thought I’d leave a note on here, too~. It was getting to be a bit of a hassle to jump back and forth to take care of everything for both channels, so I decided to absorb Ivybourn into my main channel, more or less. I didn’t re-upload all of the videos that had been on there, so I apologize if one you might have liked is missing. (^__^”) Moving forward, everything will be going on the original Surimuchan channel (Surimu☆Channel). Thanks for being patient with all of my weird decisions. ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

The Middle Management〜女性中間管理職〜 (Dance Cover) Trivia

September 3, 2015

– As I said in the video description, I learned this for a collaboration with YouTube user bekluvsdiru. I was pretty excited about this collab, because I remember watching Bekah’s dances long before I started uploading my own. =D

– I was glad that I had clothes that matched Mai’s outfit fairly well, but the blazer ended up being so terribly warm. O__O I was tempted to dance without it, but I opted to take off the heels instead, which bring me to…

– …the fact that I was going to dance in heels. It was not a smart decision. XD Back in 2010, I developed severe tendinitis in my left foot. I’ve been able to prevent it from coming back by always wearing comfortable shoes and not overdoing it on dancing, but I did practice this dance in the heels seen in the beginning of the video. When it came time to film (downstairs on the hard floor), I realized that they were going to be a problem. After just a couple of takes, I had to stand holding one foot up to stop the nagging pain, so I decided I needed to take them off. No amount of outfit accuracy could be worth reliving the pain from five years ago. =(

– On another note about the shoes, they were still rather loose, so I put safety pins in the back and threaded strips of black fabric through them so that I could tie them around my ankles and secure my shoes. It worked… but then I ended up not using the shoes. XD Ah, well~.

– I’m always impressed with °C-ute’s dances. I don’t listen to their music as much as I listen to other H!P groups, because I find that their songs are often not memorable (to me) or something about the dance turned me off to the song (I know; I’m terrible). Still, their dancing is always on point even though they often have more complicated choreography than the other groups. It’s admirable!

– I didn’t learn all of the lyrics for this dance cover. I hardly even learned Mai’s parts and the chorus properly. XD orz It really does look better when I lip-sync, doesn’t it? (^__^”)

– I started learning this dance about a month ago. I was so busy with work that I didn’t have much time to practice.

– I was glad that I was wearing long sleeves for this because that meant that I could keep my Fitbit on and get all those steps from dancing. Muahaha! XD

– How awkward is that move around 1:02 (when the right knee goes up and over to the side)? XD My mom, despite liking the song and most of the dance, always hated that move as well as the shoulder movements during the dance break. XDD

– I used a video effect for the first time on this dance cover: Color Temp Cool 10%. It gave the video a bit more of a blue coloring. I liked it~.

– This is only my tenth °C-ute dance cover. I’ve been uploading videos for almost six years, and this is only my tenth °C-ute dance cover. O___O

That’s all for this one~! I’ll post the collaboration once it’s ready. Thanks for waiting for me everyone! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

ちょっとイカしたPURE BOY (Original Choreography) Trivia

June 21, 2015

– I remember listening to the preview clips for Morning Musume’s songs on iTunes when I first found their music. I thought this song stood out from their other coupling tracks, so I immediately bought it~.

– I was surprised to see that this has never been performed live. I think it would be a great song for H!P summer concerts…

– I liked this song so much that I named my H!P blog after it (which reminds me… I should really finish those Berryz rankings I started on there… (^__^”))~.

– The first sixteen seconds of the dance came to me very easily, as did the chorus (though that required a little more fine-tuning later on).

– As I was making the dance, I would usually make the moves for the member who had the solo line first, then I would make the moves for the members who would be next to her. Everyone else had a generic move to do. I noticed that many of the dances for album/coupling tracks aren’t quite as involved as dances for singles, so I kept this fairly simple.

– I watched a lot of clips of Latin dances as well as some hula for inspiration for this dance. However, it seems to have had very little influence on most of the dance. XD It ended up looking like a pretty generic pop dance. (^__^”)

– One of my favorite parts is the Latin-inspired move during the dance break when I move my knees outward quickly. I can’t seem to remember what kind of dance that was from… but I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. XD orz

– If you’re wondering what I’m doing each time they say “ikashita,” I was originally supposed to be grabbing the collar of my shirt, but that didn’t always work out very smoothly, so I simplified it to putting my fists near my collarbone. The original move was supposed to represent someone adjusting the collar of their stylish (“ikashita”) shirt.

– The moves for “KISS ME KISS ME” were originally me putting my hands behind my head, closing my eyes, and turning my head to either side as I brought my knees up, but I felt that, while it showed the giddiness of a girl in love, it just didn’t fit into the dance as smoothly as I would like. That being said, the move I ended up choosing didn’t quite fit either. XD

– The part just after the chorus and just before the dance break (where everyone is cheering and the whistles are blowing) had me stumped for a while. I couldn’t really think of any moves that would work in there, so I settled on having everyone do the wave (which seemed appropriate). To time it, I had to open the song in Audacity and add eight beats during that small section. Then, as I was filming I could hear the beats and know when to stand up depending on which color I was wearing.

– The part that I focused on as I was creating the dance was the red part (which corresponds to Goto Maki’s lines). Red and yellow were the only two parts that I practiced before filming. Everything else I learned just before I filmed the part.

– Each part had two separate takes, because all parts switch screens at one point or another.

– During Tsuji’s (blue’s) first solo lines, everyone else is creating waves to represent the sea.

– During Gaki-san’s (lavender’s) first solo lines, everyone else is “melting” for the second line. XD

– During Kago’s (pink’s) first solo lines, light blue and orange are supposed to be cleaning windows and counters while pink goes through papers. XD I don’t know why that was the first thing I thought of when “BAITO” was mentioned. XDD

– I tried to keep the transitional movements fairly simple because I knew editing was going to be a pain anyway. My first thought was to have everyone cartwheeling from one side of the room to the other. XD

– I thought the transitions turned out fairly well, especially considering the fact that they were done on an editing program that is… what? Over a decade old by now? XD o_O

– Ohh, those hairstyles… XD A few details:
* I wore a fake fringe for five of the eight parts, though it was only supposed to be four; aqua wasn’t supposed to have it, but I decided the headband would look better with the fringe.
* The most complicated/irritating hairstyles to arrange were the ones used for blue and pink. The simplest were the ones used for aqua and light blue.
* Because blue’s part corresponds with Tsuji’s solo lines, I chose the hairstyle I most often associate with her (the high ponytail with two small braids hanging down). This also happens to be the hairstyle that reminds me of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. XD
* The hairstyle for pink’s part makes me look like Minnie Mouse. XDD orz It was supposed to be like Kago’s typical hairstyle, but I just have too much hair to do that properly. XDD
* Lavender’s part corresponds with Gaki-san’s solo lines, so I went with the hairstyle she often had for her first couple years in the group~.

– A store I often shop at clearanced their size XXS tank tops, so I decided they would be perfect for this dance, and I bought a bunch of them in different colors~.

– I’m a bit sad about what the camera/editing software did to the colors of some of the tops. What looks like mustard yellow on screen is actually a near-fluorescent yellow-green in real life. Also, the aqua color should look a bit more green, and the pink should be more pink and less purple. (^__^”) The orange also looks much darker than it actually is. Ah, well. I guess as long as they can be told apart from each other.

– Each outfit has a different accessory:
* Red – Fingerless gloves. I was going to tie a scarf around my waist, but the only one I have is rather long, so it looked too thick for a summer dance when it was folded up. (^__^”)
* Yellow – Sunglasses. This part was originally supposed to have the visor that orange is wearing, but I couldn’t find it at the time I recorded this part. XD
* Light blue – Wristbands. Those wristbands are actually inside out; the outsides have Captain America shields on them. XD
* Aqua – Headband. This was the same headband I wore for Masaki’s part in my “What is LOVE?” dance cover.
* Lavender – Long hair ribbons. These “ribbons” are actually just strips of fabric. I cut the entire length of the fabric quarter, and it still wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom of my hair when I tied it in. O__O
* Blue – Belt. This may be my favorite accessory for this set of outfits~. I had to pin the belt in place so it wouldn’t fly all over while I danced.
* Pink – Hair bows. Once I had decided on that hairstyle, I knew I would need bows to put in the front.
* Orange – Visor. My first decision had been to use wristlets (or longer fingerless gloves), but I thought that would be too similar to red’s accessory, so I switched it.

– Because this dance had a lot of crazy timing and “waterfall” moves (one person does a move, then the next person, etc.), I had to make a little chart that showed what position each part was in after each transition. There were five transitions total: three quadrant transitions and two full rotations.

– I was pretty pleased with the top tier/bottom tier interaction during the dance break. =D

– My toes started falling asleep while I was filming. Probably not a great sign…

– Each color had two clips to be filmed for a total of sixteen clips. However, it took me tons of tries to get each clip right. Here’s something crazy: Gaki-san’s part (lavender) was the third one I filmed. The first section of her part was file 1057 on my camera. Takahashi’s part (orange) was the last one I filmed. The second section of her part was file 1149 on my camera. That means I started my camera at least 92 times, and that doesn’t even count the first two parts. O___O

– That being said, I filmed red first and then moved on to yellow, but then I realized that the camera had been too close, so I had to delete all of the files I had previously filmed. TT__TT

– Editing this was insane. INSANE I TELL YOU.

– I had the video all uploaded and ready to go, but, as usual, I left it unlisted until I could preview it. To my horror, the timing was super off, so I had to delete that one and re-edit it. (I hadn’t caught it in the first place because my Media Player has a stupid offset, so I can’t tell if the audio and video link up properly until I upload the video.) TT__TT While I was rendering the new file, my computer shut down, and I lost all of the trivia I had written out (I thought WordPress had an autosave for drafts, but, hahaha, it didn’t save anything orz). When I tried rendering it again, it shut down AGAIN, so I decided that it (and I) needed a break. At that point, it was 5 AM, so I decided I should probably get some sleep.

– Filming took about twelve hours, and everything else (including editing, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing trivia) took another twelve hours. So this is roughly a solid day’s worth of work. O__O

I think that might be it for this one, though that’s definitely more than enough. XD Thanks very much for reading and watching~!

~ Surimu-chan

時空を超え 宇宙を超え (Dance Cover) Trivia

June 7, 2015

– I loved this song from the first listen~! I found it a refreshing change of pace from their current style, which they’ve been using for the past few years (though I like that, too!)~. ^__^

– I actually learned the dance for the chorus right after the song came out, but other dances ended up taking precedence for one reason or another. (^__^”)

– I wanted to try to learn this dance in time to upload it around Mother’s Day this year (because my mom loves this song and dance, too), but I wasn’t able to finish it in time. orz

– I had originally wanted to buy sheer blue fabric to “make” a dress more similar to theirs, but a lack of money after my operation made it a bit hard to justify buying something that I would probably only use for one dance. (^__^”)

– I did, however, buy the stars on the background just for this dance, though they ended up not serving the purpose that I wanted them for. TT__TT

– The background I have up is two black, plastic table covers (one obviously used, the other, obviously not XD), which I bought on clearance around Halloween last year…? Maybe two years ago…? Anyway, I thought I’d be able to use them for a background some day. Me and my forethought. ^_~ XD

– My original plan for the background was to have the lights off so that you could see the stars glowing, and then I would fade into the brighter dance space before fading out to the starry sky again at the end. Unfortunately, the glow-in-the-dark stars just weren’t bright enough to see on camera. orz

– It seems my lack of money has made me really love my scarves again. XDD This dress is, once again, a scarf wrapped around me. I wish I could have had a darker blue, but this is fine, I guess~.

– I did at least eight full takes (and multiple shorter ones in which I messed up), but I ended up finding errors each time I filmed, so I had to redo it. My elbow was bent too much, my elbows weren’t bent enough, the timing was off, I hit the background, my foot was out too far, et cetera, et cetera… TT__TT There are still some minor things in the final version, but I hope it’s okay~.

– I had wanted to try an effect on this video which kept only the blue of the dress showing when everything else was in black-and-white, but the shadows prevented the effect from picking out all of the blue at any one time, so it had a strange, cut-out or painted sort of look to it. I actually thought it looked kind of neat, but I didn’t know if anyone else would really appreciate it. XD

– I’m wearing the necklace I got from my grandpa, which I used for the “Only you” 2.0 outfit I made on my second channel~.

– It’s been quite some time since you last saw my unstable shoulder in action. XDD

– Sorry about the not-so-nice look on my face most of the time; I was trying desperately not to smile fully because of the empty spaces in my teeth from the surgery. orz

– Speaking of my teeth, my orthodontist started pulling my teeth down last Thursday. OUCH. Though I think a big reason it was so terribly painful was because my regular appointment had gotten pushed back so far; I’m supposed to have an adjustment every month, but it ended up getting pushed back an entire month, so my teeth must have decided to make up for lost time. … They didn’t have readjust so much in one day… *grumble* XD

– While learning this dance, I realized that Daishi made a small mistake in the dance shot version. I had to check live versions, to be sure, but, for the part around 2:02, she doesn’t switch her arm positions on time. I was kind of wondering why she was the only one to not do so until I checked in on it. I think this is the third time I’ve caught an error in a dance shot version. I believe the other two were from Ai-chan in “Naichau Kamo” (though, if I remember correctly, her’s was pretty obivous (^__^”)) and Gaki-san in “Only you.” Hooray! They’re human, too! XD

– When I learn dances, I usually save the video to my computer using KeepVid, but something, I’m still not exactly sure what, messes up the timing and offsets the music and video, which makes getting the timing right a huge pain, especially on precision parts like this one has (when they’re all lined up, etc.). I’m still not 100% sure if it’s KeepVid doing something crazy or my Media Player, but whatever it is… *shakes fist*

– Between bad takes, while I was resting, I was rewatching season 2 of the Japanese drama Gokusen. I’m rewatching season 1 with my sister (whose birthday was on the 4th), but I realized that I haven’t rewatched season 2 since I first saw it about… seven years ago? The same goes for the third season; I don’t remember that one at all. XD The first is still my favorite, though~; no one beats Shin, Uchi, Noda, Minami, and KUUUMMAAAAA! XD ♥

– It’s June, so I’m playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again~! This is the sixth year in a row. Ah, traditions~. ♥ I’ll have to listen to “Tokaikko Junjou” when I get to the Colosseum, but this will be the first year I can’t eat Doritos while playing. TT__TT

Now that my trivia has nothing to do with the dance, I should probably stop. XDD Thank you for reading and watching~!

~ Surimu-chan

Berryz Koubou Dance Cover Poll #1

September 1, 2014

The results are in~! As I stated previously, my next Berryz Koubou dance cover will be “Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni.” (I already have it learned; I just need to find time to record it. orz) After that, it looks like I will be doing…

Heroine ni Narou ka!

Here’s a look at the final count:

Heroine ni Narou ka!          10 votes          40%
cha cha SING          9 votes          36%
21ji Made no Cinderella          4 votes          16%
Dschinghis Khan          1 vote          4%
Seishun Bus Guide          1 vote          4%

I was actually a bit surprised! I thought for sure that “Seishun Bus Guide” would win. XDD I was obviously way off. “Heroine ni Narou ka!” was my second guess, though~. “cha cha SING” was actually ahead for a couple of days, but a last-minute (or last-day) comeback turned it back to “Heroine ni Narou ka!” (which had been in the lead for most of the month).

That being said, the new poll is up~. There are five more Berryz dances to choose from. Okay, this time, I’m fairly confident in which one is going to win (based on what I’ve known to be generally popular songs)… but I won’t say it yet. ~_^

Happy voting~!

~ Surimu-chan