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セクシーキャットの演説 (Dance Cover) Trivia

August 9, 2017

– I filmed this on July 21st.

– The cat ears I have for this dance are actually bunny ears that I bought around Easter. XD I wound them around the headband to make them shorter and more cat-like. When I saw a grey bunny ear headband for a dollar, I figured there had to be some way for me to turn them into cat ears so that I could do this dance.

– I got the cat paw fingerless gloves a while back from a Doki Doki Crate~.

– I wasn’t going to have a tail at first, but it seemed a bit off without it. (^_^”)

– That hairstyle is not only practical in that it kept my hair out of my face, but it also kept the headband in place. =D

– I wanted to do something cat-like for a special ending clip, so I had to think, “What do cats do a lot?” … Push things off of tables/counters/whatever, right? XDD

– I resolved to follow one of the three “cat” parts early on because the dance for the rest of the members is pretty ridiculous. XD orz

I think that may be it for this one~. That’s the last of my Neko Dance Set! I hope you enjoyed them all~! Thanks for watching and reading~~! =D

~ Surimu-nyan (Last time! XD)

CAT’S♥EYE (MINI Clip) Trivia

August 6, 2017

– I filmed this on July 16th.

– I know a lot of people didn’t really care for this song because of all of the auto-tuning, but I actually really liked it! I thought it worked out well in the song~. =D

– I had a good take for the dance, but then I did it again because some of my hair got caught on my cat ears when I snapped my head to the side and that kind of bugged me. orz However, after watching that take and the second take again, I decided to go with the first one after all because my hand twirl around 0:30 was so much better on the earlier take. XD

– Even though I had the little half-skirt thing on my shorts, I didn’t swing it back and forth in the dance like they do in the video because the fabric didn’t fall/move very nicely. (^_^”) I could have used the smooth red or black fabric (as seen in my dance covers for “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS,” “Iroppoi Jirettai,” or “Happy Summer Wedding”), but I didn’t want ANOTHER red, or black, or red and black, or black and red outfit. XD orz

– I was super-happy that I had saved the spotlight effect for my video editor. The site that had all of the different effects that I used is no longer available, so I only have the few that I saved from before. (T_T)

– ARGH, that ONE little piece of hair out of place drives me insane. (-_-*) I couldn’t see it when I watched the playback on the camera, and, by the time I put the video on my computer, I didn’t want to do any more takes. XD (^_^”)

– I think the dance break is my favorite part of the dance; it took me a little while to figure out which move went where after I cut the music down, but I think it turned out all right. =)

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-nyan XD

れでぃぱんさぁ (Dance Cover) Trivia

August 3, 2017

– Does the outfit look familiar? =D It’s pretty much the panther costume from Episode 3 of Agent 36. I just changed the hairstyle and wore different boots (ones that were easier to dance in). ^__^

– Because I felt that there wasn’t too much to this dance, I wanted to add a little something extra to this video, which is why the (rather adorable) little paw print border is there~.

– I don’t know why, but one of my favorite moves is during the line “goro goro goro goro amaechau” around 1:25 (or maybe it’s just one of my favorite parts in the song…?). I also like the little shimmy during the “nakami wa lady panther” and “wagamama lady panther” lines. XD

– I actually bought a leopard print ears headband for this dance, but the coloring was too bright, so it didn’t go with my tank top at all. orz Instead, I just used the same outline ears headband from Agent 36 (their coloring was closer to the tank top, though you can’t really see it).

– For a little while, I practiced that one part during the chorus by bending my knees inward each time because the live performances I watched didn’t show what they were doing. I eventually found one that showed the actual moves being “out, center, in” for the knee movements, so I had to fix it. (^_^”)

I think that’s all for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-nyan XD

Surimuchan Recap – July 2017

July 31, 2017

Recap 7-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month. (My H!P Vlogs can be found on Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG.)

July 1stハッピーサマーウェディング (Dance Cover) Trivia

July 8thチュッ!夏パ~ティ (MINI Clip) Trivia

July 12thSurimuChats #18 | My Nervous Habits

July 12thOutfits for Upcoming スプリンター! MINI Clip

July 13thスプリンター! (MINI Clip) Trivia

July 17thAdded Task Dance Challenge – Chu! Natsu Party

July 22ndOutfit for Upcoming れでぃぱんさぁ Dance Cover

July 22ndOutfit for Upcoming CAT’S EYE MINI Clip

July 22ndOutfit for Upcoming セクシーキャットの演説 Dance Cover

July 22nd~Update 63~

July 30thSurimu Chance! Contest #2 Information and Rules

July 31stSurimu Chance! Contest #2 – H!P Mystery Pictures – H!P Kids

July 31stSurimuchan [Now] #21 – July 2017

And that was my July for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

スプリンター! (MINI Clip) Trivia

July 13, 2017

– I filmed this on July 7th.

– I had everything filmed and done… and then I put the clips together and noticed that the camera had moved just enough to throw off the split screen. orz So, I had to do it again… and then the camera was off AGAIN, so I had to film everything over AGAIN. (-_-*) I’m just glad it wasn’t a full song.

– A download-only video of me dancing to this song was actually the first time I even split-screened a video (back in 2010). I filmed it outside, and I was wearing a pink shirt on one side and a green shirt on the other side. I thought about revisiting those outfits, but I think I got rid of the green shirt. (The pink shirt was actually the one that I just wore for my dance cover of “I NEED YOU.” =D)

– I was “closer” to myself in my first video for this dance because my old Movie Maker could create a smooth split line instead of the usual hard cut (but I think my dancing was a little better in this one).

– For Miyabi’s part, I’m wearing a Beauty and the Beast tank top, and for Captain’s part, I’m wearing (wait for it)… a Captain America tank top. Ahahaha… XD

– I was rather happy with how the border turned out, though I really wish I could get my Movie Maker to stop messing with the colors. orz

– Like I said in the video description, I’ve loved this song forever: from the first listen (which wasn’t too long after I started listening to Berryz Koubou).

That’s all~! Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

チュッ!夏パ~ティ (MINI Clip) Trivia

July 8, 2017

– I filmed this on June 16th.

– This is just one of the songs that I specifically bought that pink wig for. However, after seeing how it looks… I don’t know if I’ll be wearing it for any others. XD orz

– This is quite possibly my most embarrassing outfit yet. Yes… even worse than the chicken (I, for one, thought the chicken was adorable). o_O

– The yellow flower hair accessory is something my mom crocheted years ago.

– I hadn’t worn those sandals in many years. After I tried them on (to see if I’d be able to do the dance in them), I had a ton of black… something on my feet where the straps had been. Some sort of powder or something? Whatever the case, I had to wipe the sandals down before I wore them for the dance.

– I have two different yellow skirts; the other one shows up as more yellow (instead of gold) after editing, but this one had better movement.

– On my wrist, I’m wearing a slap bracelet that I got in fifth grade (when they were all the rage) as well as the wristband from a Polly Pocket watch I had years and years ago. XD

I think that’s about it for this one. … Even if it isn’t, I need to go to sleep. XD Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

ハッピーサマーウェディング (Dance Cover) Trivia

July 1, 2017

– I filmed this on June 25th.

– I remember “practicing” this dance waaay back in 2007/2008 when I first found Morning Musume’s music. =)

– One thing that kept me from doing this dance for so long was finding a proper outfit. … What I ended up with wasn’t amazing, but it worked, I guess. XD orz

– I had a bunch of extra red fabric left over from the stuff I bought for my “Iroppoi Jirettai” outfit, so I just hemmed the edges and pinned it in certain places to make a sort of skirt. I didn’t want to cut the fabric up in case I needed it later, so I actually had a ton of the extra fabric tucked into the waistband of my shorts. XD

– The gold headband I’m wearing was originally going to be used for a veil, but the tulle that I have is too stiff/scratchy to fall nicely. (^_^”)

– As I said in the video description, I incorporated the 4th generations moves during the chorus into the dance, but I also tried to continue with the main singers’ movements… it didn’t look too great in the end. orz I probably should have just used the 4th gen. dancing throughout, but it’s too late now~~~… orz

– I had originally wanted to split screen the choruses in this dance so that I could do the main part and the 4th gen. parts separately, but I just decided not to. Maybe I wanted it to be like a throwback to some of my earlier dance covers… or maybe I’m getting lazy in my old age. XD TT_TT

– Another effect I thought about using was an overlay of a close up of me doing the spoken part during the dance break, but I figured that would take away from the actual dancing, so I decided against it.

– I wish I could have done a better “Pa Pa Pala no ACHAA” kick, but that skirt wasn’t terribly easy to move in. (^_^”)

I guess that’s about it~. Thanks for watching and reading~! =)

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – June 2017

June 30, 2017

Recap 6-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

June 1stまっさらブルージーンズ (MINI Clip) Trivia

June 2nd立ち上がれ 乙女達 (MINI Clip) Trivia

June 5thLALALA 幸せの歌 (MINI Clip) Trivia

June 11th都会っ子純情 (Dance Cover) Trivia – [Take 2]

June 12thSurimuchan Dance Cover Comparisons – Tokaikko Junjou [2010 and 2017]

June 19thSurimuChats #17 | Funny Quotes from Little Kids

June 20thOutfit for Upcoming I NEED YOU Dance Cover

June 22ndI NEED YOU (Dance Cover) Trivia

June 23rdSurimuchan’s Updates | Contests! Live Videos! Mini Vlogs!

June 25thSurimu Chance! Contest #1 Information and Rules

June 26thSurimu Chance! Contest #1 – H!P Mystery Pictures – Morning Musume

June 30thSurimu Chance! Contest #1 Answers and Results

June 30thOutfit for Upcoming チュッ!夏パ~ティ MINI Clip

June 30thOutfit for Upcoming ハッピーサマーウェディング Dance Cover

June 30thSurimuchan [ Now] #20 – June 2017

And that was my June for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

I NEED YOU (Dance Cover) Trivia

June 22, 2017

– I filmed this on June 12th.

– I actually had a couple different options for a “Momo graduation dance” besides this one: Berryz Koubou’s “Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai” (because it pretty much is Momo’s song) and Country Girls’ “Peanut Butter Jelly Love” (because it was the more Momo-like song from her last single). I didn’t do either of those because I decided that I’m going to follow someone other than Momo for those dances. (^_^”)

– Each place I danced had some significance: Location 1 (by the oak) was around the spot where I filmed my dance cover of “Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH” (the first single Momo participated in); Location 2 (by the birches) is where I filmed my dance cover of “Tamerai Summer Time” (just from a different angle); and Location 3 is, of course, where I filmed most of my video for “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” (Momo’s solo song from their mini album partenza).

– I was originally going to film elsewhere for the first two locations: 1 would have been where I danced to “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” (which was also where I did my first split screen video: Berryz Koubou’s “Sprinter!”) and 2 would have been on that little slab of cement where I used to do a lot of outdoor dance covers. Unfortunately, there would have been a bunch of stuff in the background, so I changed my mind. XD orz

– As I said in the outfit blog post for this dance, I wanted pink for Momo and black to represent Buono!’s rock-ish edge~.

– The camera glitched a bit around 3:04 to 3:08. O__O I had already done so many takes, though, and it was so hot out that I just didn’t want to do any more. orz

– This was the first video in quite a while that I asked my mom to help me with~. (She panned up with the camera at the end.) ^__^

– I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Momo used to be my least favorite H!P member (I did one of those rankers/sorters and she was on the bottom), but, once I “got” her character and realized just how talented and professional she was, she quickly jumped up into my top rankings. (Her work in Buono! really helped, too~.) =D

I think that’s about it for this one. I had to get ready for work now, but if I remember any more trivia later, I’ll try to remember to add it. (^_^”)

Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

都会っ子純情 (Dance Cover) Trivia – [Take 2]

June 11, 2017

– I was happy that I was able to relearn this one fairly quickly. =)

– I was also happy that I didn’t have a ton of mistakes that needed fixing~. =D

– I was also much happier with the outfit this time around. ^__^

– How about that saucy little wink during the “Are you ready?” line? XDD

– I just looked back at the trivia for my first attempt at this dance… I said, “I may eventually redo it,” and would you look at that! I did! XD … This one didn’t need it as badly as some others do, though. XD orz

– Yes, this song still reminds me of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Tacos at Midnight-flavored Doritos. I think it always will. *sniffles* MEEEEMOORIIIIIEEES!! TT_TT

I think that’s actually about it for this one. (^_^”) The comparison video will be up tomorrow… the 12th… °C-ute’s last day together… *sobs* MEEEEMOORIIIIIEEES!! XD

Okay, I’m done. Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan