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夜もすがら君想ふ (Dance Cover) Trivia

October 15, 2017

– I filmed this on September 22nd.

– This was the first dance that I filmed after getting my braces off (though it wasn’t the first one I uploaded; that would be “Morning Misoshiru”).

– As seems to be the case with a lot of Nico Nico dances, this one didn’t take me too long to learn. o_O

– I had no idea what to wear for this, so I found a random top that I had never worn and some socks that had one color that matched the top, and then I just built the rest of the outfit around that.

– My lips would dry out and stick to my retainers like crazy when I tried to lipsync, which is partially why I didn’t bother lipsyncing the second verse. XD (^__^”)

– My favorite move is probably the heel tapping after turning around (around 1:05). I think my mom liked the sort of running in place move near the beginning of the chorus. =D

– I had my nails painted for this dance, too. I believe they were dark green, but they might have been dark blue.

– I added the little snap-point before the clapping near the end of the dance~. I also changed the end move slightly because I wanted it to go with the music a little more.

I think that’s it for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading~.

Happy Birthday, Mom~!! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


カラダだけが大人になったんじゃない (Dance Cover) Trivia

October 9, 2017

– I wanted to make sure to get this done in time for Juice=Juice Day (10/10)~. ^__^

– I had this dance learned not too long after it came out, but various things distracted me from filming the dance: health issues (it was around the time my entire family came down with the flu), other dances, and not having the song. I could have gotten this song on iTunes, but “Next is you!” was not available, so I figured I had to buy the physical copy anyway, but I wasn’t working at that time, so I was waiting until I sold more on Etsy or got more Patreons (and we all know how that turned out). orz

– I am so… SOOOOO tired of all of the white or silver or white and silver outfits H!P has been using for singles in the past few years. (-_-*) I was debating on whether or not I should depart from their outfits completely for this one, because there are only so many things I can do (not to mention it doesn’t show up very well with the light background). =/

– The one thing I struggled with the most in this dance (at first) was getting my left arm extended down at the same angle as my right arm during the opening/transition moves. XD orz I would always have my left arm closer to my side even though it totally felt like it was at the same angle as my right arm! XD

– The red lipstick and red gloves are references to the lipstick and boxing gloves in their music video (and the lyrics mention red lipstick, too).

– I haven’t worn lipstick for a dance since last year’s “Every Day Halloween” (and I don’t know if I ever wore any for a dance before that!). I like how bright the color is, because it show’s up well on the camera, but that specific kind transfers too easily. orz

– I’m wearing silver nail polish, so I do have the white and silver to match the original outfits. XD

– I had just had surgery to have a dental implant post put in four days before I filmed this, so my mouth was still a little sore. I had to pile on concealer because I still had the greenish-yellow bruising on my face as my mouth healed. o_o

– I had washed my hair shortly before I filmed this, and I prefer to let my hair air dry, so it was in that weird still-a-little-damp-but-dry-enough-to-look-frizzy-and-stick-to-everything phase. XD orz I had to use a couple of dark purple hair clips to keep it away from my face because it kept sticking to my lipstick. XD

– Even though I had a dance shot to watch, I had to watch various live performances to check on the upward punch at the end of the dance break. Karin had made a small mistake in the dance shot by not punching up with her right fist, so I corrected that for my cover.

– I love the arm swings during the chorus, but I had to be careful because that’s my unstable shoulder.

– I did change the tilting arm movement during the opening/transition moves because they have an extra little tilt in there, but I thought it goes better with the music without that. (^__^”)

– It’s been, what, over fifteen months since my last Juice=Juice dance cover?! O_O

That’s all~! Hooray! It’s finally done~~~! =D Thanks for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – September 2017

September 30, 2017

Recap 9-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month. (My H!P Vlogs can be found on Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG.)

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And that was my September for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

モーニングみそ汁 (Dance Cover) Trivia

September 25, 2017

– This is the first time in a long time that I’ve uploaded a dance on the day that I recorded it. O_O

– The hardest part about this video timing the “dance break” correctly. The second hardest part was figuring out what to wear. XD

– I absolutely love this song (as well as the original), so I was able to listen to it repeatedly (to learn all three parts) without getting sick of it. ♥

– The part with the green sweater was a little tricky because I had to stay so far to the side. I had to step on the tiled part of the floor as well a few times and it threw me off a little bit. XD

I think that might be it for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan

ね~え? (Dance Cover) Trivia

September 6, 2017

– I filmed this on August 17th (eeearrrllly in the morning).

– Like I said (multiple times), I’ve been meaning to do this dance since I started my YouTube channel.

– I started “learning” this dance waaay back in early 2008 when I first started listening to H!P music that wasn’t Morning Musume. … I only really learned a couple of moves. … One of those “moves” was the tripping. XD

– I think the “tripping” is one of the things that made me love the song/dance so much.

– Because this song is so special to me, I wanted to add a little something extra to the video. I tried to sort of match the outfits from the original (though the “sexy” one wasn’t even close XD).

– I actually had a yellow skirt that looked really similar to the one Ayaya had in the video, but it kept its shape for pretty much any movement which looked just awful. XD orz

– The blue tank top is the same one I wore for my dance cover of “MY BOY” but it’s turned inside out.

– The “sexy” outfit looks quite similar to the outfit I wore for Daishi’s part (the main part) of my “What is LOVE?” dance cover.

– The orange tank top I’m wearing is actually LIGHT orange. That’s what my video editor does to colors! O___O (-_-“)

– The cut from the orange to the blue/red outfit was ALMOST a miracle cut, but not quite. I don’t think anything will top that one cut from my “Koi no Dance Site” dance cover. =D

– It says “Ready Set Go” on the tops of my white socks.

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – August 2017

August 31, 2017

Recap 8-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

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And that was my August for 2017. Thank you for watching and reading.

~ Surimu-chan

セクシーキャットの演説 (Dance Cover) Trivia

August 9, 2017

– I filmed this on July 21st.

– The cat ears I have for this dance are actually bunny ears that I bought around Easter. XD I wound them around the headband to make them shorter and more cat-like. When I saw a grey bunny ear headband for a dollar, I figured there had to be some way for me to turn them into cat ears so that I could do this dance.

– I got the cat paw fingerless gloves a while back from a Doki Doki Crate~.

– I wasn’t going to have a tail at first, but it seemed a bit off without it. (^_^”)

– That hairstyle is not only practical in that it kept my hair out of my face, but it also kept the headband in place. =D

– I wanted to do something cat-like for a special ending clip, so I had to think, “What do cats do a lot?” … Push things off of tables/counters/whatever, right? XDD

– I resolved to follow one of the three “cat” parts early on because the dance for the rest of the members is pretty ridiculous. XD orz

I think that may be it for this one~. That’s the last of my Neko Dance Set! I hope you enjoyed them all~! Thanks for watching and reading~~! =D

~ Surimu-nyan (Last time! XD)

CAT’S♥EYE (MINI Clip) Trivia

August 6, 2017

– I filmed this on July 16th.

– I know a lot of people didn’t really care for this song because of all of the auto-tuning, but I actually really liked it! I thought it worked out well in the song~. =D

– I had a good take for the dance, but then I did it again because some of my hair got caught on my cat ears when I snapped my head to the side and that kind of bugged me. orz However, after watching that take and the second take again, I decided to go with the first one after all because my hand twirl around 0:30 was so much better on the earlier take. XD

– Even though I had the little half-skirt thing on my shorts, I didn’t swing it back and forth in the dance like they do in the video because the fabric didn’t fall/move very nicely. (^_^”) I could have used the smooth red or black fabric (as seen in my dance covers for “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS,” “Iroppoi Jirettai,” or “Happy Summer Wedding”), but I didn’t want ANOTHER red, or black, or red and black, or black and red outfit. XD orz

– I was super-happy that I had saved the spotlight effect for my video editor. The site that had all of the different effects that I used is no longer available, so I only have the few that I saved from before. (T_T)

– ARGH, that ONE little piece of hair out of place drives me insane. (-_-*) I couldn’t see it when I watched the playback on the camera, and, by the time I put the video on my computer, I didn’t want to do any more takes. XD (^_^”)

– I think the dance break is my favorite part of the dance; it took me a little while to figure out which move went where after I cut the music down, but I think it turned out all right. =)

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-nyan XD

れでぃぱんさぁ (Dance Cover) Trivia

August 3, 2017

– Does the outfit look familiar? =D It’s pretty much the panther costume from Episode 3 of Agent 36. I just changed the hairstyle and wore different boots (ones that were easier to dance in). ^__^

– Because I felt that there wasn’t too much to this dance, I wanted to add a little something extra to this video, which is why the (rather adorable) little paw print border is there~.

– I don’t know why, but one of my favorite moves is during the line “goro goro goro goro amaechau” around 1:25 (or maybe it’s just one of my favorite parts in the song…?). I also like the little shimmy during the “nakami wa lady panther” and “wagamama lady panther” lines. XD

– I actually bought a leopard print ears headband for this dance, but the coloring was too bright, so it didn’t go with my tank top at all. orz Instead, I just used the same outline ears headband from Agent 36 (their coloring was closer to the tank top, though you can’t really see it).

– For a little while, I practiced that one part during the chorus by bending my knees inward each time because the live performances I watched didn’t show what they were doing. I eventually found one that showed the actual moves being “out, center, in” for the knee movements, so I had to fix it. (^_^”)

I think that’s all for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-nyan XD

Surimuchan Recap – July 2017

July 31, 2017

Recap 7-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month. (My H!P Vlogs can be found on Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG.)

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And that was my July for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan