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~2016 Wrap-Up Post~

January 14, 2017

My year-end post is a little late. (^_^”) Here’s a quick breakdown (the split-screened and solo versions of “Magical Christmas” are considered two separate dances, and Up Up Girls (仮) is not considered H!P):

– I did a total of twenty-nine dances in 2016.
Three of these dances were original choreographies.
Five of these dances were MINI Clips.
Nine of these dances were non-Hello! Project dances.
Five of these dances were part of my “Agent 36” series.
– Of the twenty H!P dances, twelve of them were from singles/albums released in 2011 or earlier.
– Also, nine of the twenty H!P dances were album or coupling tracks (including “Iron Heart” for the °C-ute Dance Tribute).
One dance was one that had already been done previously.
– For each H!P group, I had the following number of dances – Morning Musume (any year) = 9; Berryz Koubou = 1; °C-ute = 2 (including the dance tribute); S/mileage/ANGERME = 2; Juice=Juice = 2; Country Girls = 1; misc. H!P (Buono!, Abe Natsumi, Mano Erina) = 3

Instead of giving a few comments for each video, I thought I’d just give a few general comments.
As far as my favorite dances, I was actually rather happy with the MINI Clips. They were each short and fun with something different (background, split screen…), so I still have fun watching them. The full dances though… orz Maybe I’m just being harder on myself than usual? I had had high hopes for “Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa” to maybe be another one of my “big” dance covers, but it didn’t do as well as I had hoped it would. (^_^”) I was pretty happy that I got a video uploaded on February 29th. XD “Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai” didn’t turn out too badly. I think I might have ended up liking the “Agent 36” episodes more than the dances that corresponded with them. XD orz “Party People Alien” was kind of fun. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and “Rival,” while okay were more of a relief to get done than anything, I think. (^_^”) I was super-excited with the warm reception for “Utakata Saturday Night!” ^__^ I feel a little bad about my °C-ute dance tribute; while I did work very hard to make everything work out and flow well, I can’t help but feel like it seems a bit rushed… because it kind of was. XD I only had, what, a couple of weeks or so to get it done in time for °C-uteの日. Just like with “Utakata Saturday Night!,” it was kind of exhilarating to be able to do a newer dance with “Oh my wish!” “Every Day Halloween” and “Magical Christmas” were fun dances to make because I got to be creative; “Every Day Halloween” will forever remind me of when I first got into watching wrestling because it has a bunch of references in the dance, and “Magical Christmas” was fun because I kind of love doing partially seated dances. =D I was proud of my improvement after I did “Kimagure Princess” again (ugh that first one… XD). And finally, “Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G” is a dance I had planned to do for Christmas for years, so it was nice to finally do it~.

So, basically… my MINI Clips were probably my favorites from my 2016 dances. I think I did more vlogs and “other” videos than I did dances (well, I definitely did), but that’s because I’ve been trying to upload at least once every week (which I have since the around the second week of October in 2015!!).

How about all of you? Which of my 2016 dances were your favorites? How about from my non-dance videos in 2016?

As far as 2016 in general… well, let’s just say I feel rather stupid about last year’s wrap-up post. XD What can I say… I was excited and hopeful, but then life just kind of slapped me upside the head. (^_^”) Thanks for continuing to put up with me~. =) (Also, it seems this is my 500th post on this blog~! =D)

~ Stephanie


踊ろうよ [Shorter Vers.] (Dance Cover) Trivia

August 7, 2016

– When S/mileage’s first album came out, I loved all of the new album tracks, but this one was my favorite (the Tsunku rap is especially awesome XD)~.

– Like I said in the video description, I learned the dance from watching the concert performances from the 4nin’s concert with °C-ute and the one from their 2011 autumn tour (first tour with the second gen.). I actually followed a lot of °C-ute’s movements for the dance. (^_^”)

– For the dance break… I literally just woke up on a day off and immediately started working on it. I figured it out and fine-tuned pretty quickly.

– I really wanted balloons for this video because I thought it would give it a fun, party time feeling. I was a little irritated that my video editor messed with the colors as usual, though. (-_-*)

– The crazy flail at the end was just me excited about finishing the video. XD

– Though you can’t see the design, I’m wearing my Vaporeon socks in this video. =D

– I almost forgot to upload this today because I was binge-watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix. XD (It’s so good, though, oh my goodness!)

That’s all! Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

恋にBooing ブー! (Dance Cover) Trivia

February 7, 2016

– I filmed this dance cover on January 20th. That was over two weeks before I filmed the corresponding episode for the Agent 36 series.

– It took forever to figure out how to directly link the dance cover to the Agent 36 episode, but I got it to work out. I had to leave out a bit of the dance’s opening to finish up the “acting” part, but I’d say it turned out okay~.

– I had originally planned on having a pig tail, too, but I felt it probably would have caused problems (same reason I didn’t wear the mask for the whole dance). (^_^”)>

– My first choice for the outfit was to have a wide white belt instead of a black one, but it almost looked like I was wearing a swim top, so I switched to the black one. O_O

– After I finished filming the dance, I realized how little the pig ears I had on actually looked like pig ears. XD Instead of filming everything again, I decided to work a joke into the Agent 36 episode to address the fact that they don’t look like pig ears. XD

– I seem to remember a lot of people disliking this song/MV/concept when it first came out, but I thought it was adorable~! As I said in the video description, the music video for “Koi ni Booing Buu!” had to be one of my favorite’s from S/mileage / ANGERME. I wish H!P would do more videos like that again. orz

– When I first started looking at this dance (when it first came out), I had been planning on following Kanon’s part (because I usually followed her part), but I really wanted the “Mou… BAKA!” line that Yuuka has, so I followed her part instead. =)

– On a slightly-related note, I desperately wish that °C-ute had an animal-themed single, but I don’t see that ever happening with their current style. orz

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading~. Buu! Uh… Bye! XD

~ Surimu-chan

~2015 Wrap-Up Post~

December 31, 2015

It’s time for my year-end post~! I got a few more done this year than last year; I was happy about that! Here’s a quick breakdown:

– I did a total of twenty-three dances this year.
Three of these dances were original choreographies.
Four of these dances were non-Hello! Project dances, two of which were my most popular uploads for this year.
Nine of these dances were done in the last four months of the year (after I had quit my job).
Five of these dances were Berryz Koubou covers, four of which were done in the first three months of the year due to their indefinite hiatus.
– Not counting original choreography, for dance covers with other H!P group songs, I had the following – Morning Musume (including ’14) = 4; °C-ute = 2; S/mileage/ANGERME = 1; Juice=Juice = 2; Country Girls = 1; misc. H!P (High-King) = 1.
Two of these dances were part of my “Agent 36” series.

So that’s how that worked out. =D Now I’d like to give a few comments for each video~.

Nijiiro Miracle
– I actually really enjoyed something about this one, though I’m not 100% what it is. Maybe the fact that this was the last video I did before I got braces? orz This is one of those dance covers that makes me miss my long hair because it was totally cooperating for this video. XD (Too bad most of my iDOLM@STER videos are still unavailable in the US. (-_-*))

Dschinghis Khan
– This was learned for the only collaboration I did this year, so that makes it special in one way, and it was also the first dance I did after I got braces. I remember not lip-syncing most of the song because I was having such a hard time getting used to the feel of the braces. orz XD Actually, this was also the first outfit that I took multiple pictures of after the video, but I never did post them because I was still reluctant to show off my braces. (^__^”)

Heroine ni Narou ka!
– I actually reeeaallly like the outfit for this one along with the weird, crimped sort of style of my hair (that’s called the “putting your wet hair in a braid and not taking it out for two days” hairstyle XD). This was the first dance voted for in the Berryz Dance Cover polls that I did in late 2014, so it reminds me of that, too, because I’ve always loved seeing the results for polls on this blog, though I don’t usually get many votes. XD (Also, I know I still have one more dance cover left from those polls… but it ended up being part of a project, which is why I’ve held off on doing it. ^_~)

Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
– Well, there’s a hairstyle I’ll probably never attempt again. XD I actually thought the overall video looked cute (no pun intended), but I was really worried about how it would be received, because I’m obviously no Sayu or Momo or… anyone else who worked the mega-cutesy angle. orz XD

Towa no Uta
– AAARRRGH, the feels! TT_TT I did so much work on this one! I mean, I actually filmed everything in front of a green screen first, and then re-filmed everything when the green screen clips didn’t work out… and I didn’t even go into despair-mode like usual! XD Even more than my original choreographies or my most popular dance covers this year, I think this was my most ambitious video of 2015. I learned some of the dance backwards so that I could flip it and make the room look bigger! I did the entire dance for ALL SEVEN parts! The more I talk, the more egotistical it sounds… but I am honestly so proud of what I achieved with this video! If only I could have fixed the quality on some of the editing, it would have been almost perfect, but I still feel like putting this dance cover on my “Crowning Achievements” list. ♥

Shining Power
– I was surprised by how good a fully red outfit could look. XD This was always one of those dances where I was like, “Yeah, I’ll do that one… eventually.” I’m not sure when I would have actually gotten to it if it hadn’t been voted for. XD That being said, I actually really liked how it turned out! ^__^

Okochama Sensou
– Here’s one of the big ones! I think this has been my most popular dance cover since…  “What is LOVE?” maybe? It’s already overtaken “Spring Shower,” “galaxias!,” and “Hello/How Are You” in terms of views! =O I had a lot of fun tweaking this one and acting out the sibling rivalry in the dance, so I’m happy it’s doing so well~. ^__^

Renai WARS
– This has to be my favorite of my original choreographies this year~. I always love interaction being worked into dances, and this song was perfect for that, so I had a lot of fun fighting with/teasing myself in this dance. XD Also, you know, the fact that the songwriter tweeted my video (and retweeted my tweet linking to the video!) only helped its case. =D

10 Carat no Kirameki
– I couldn’t believe that this had never been performed live, but it worked out better for me, so I’m not complaining. XD I might actually go out on a limb here and say that this was my favorite outfit from this year, and, if not my #1 favorite, definitely top five. There are some points in the dance that I wish I could improve, but there were other points that actually really liked, so it all balances out~. =)

Black Butterfly
– The dance itself has a good balance of flowiness and snappiness, so that was a fun combination to attempt. This is one of those dance covers that I don’t know if I’d really be like, “I want to watch this one right now!,” but, if it happened to be on, I wouldn’t mind watching it. XD I kind of liked how this outfit turned out~.

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe
– I had wanted to do this one since it came out, but I had the same sort of feeling about this as I did with songs like “Nanchatte Renai” and “Sakura Mankai,” which is, “If I do badly on this video, I don’t know if I can forgive myself for ruining such a wonderful song.” XD Though it definitely wasn’t one of my stronger dance covers this year, at least I don’t feel like I ruined it. XD This was also the first dance cover I did after having my two baby teeth removed, so I remember trying really hard not to smile because I was embarrassed. (^__^”)

Chotto Ikashita PURE BOY
– The song itself has a lot of special memories associated with it (I even named my H!P blog after it~), but the dance hasn’t quite reached that level of sentiment yet. XD Although this video was rather complicated in terms of editing, the dance itself was rather simple, which was intentional, but also a bit disappointing. orz I feel like it wouldn’t look too bad with an actual group of eight people, but one person spaced out kind of sterilized the fun feeling a bit, in my opinion. =/

Shouganai Yume Oibito
– I finally got another one done from my “Surimuchan’s H!P Medley Challenge” list of videos! XDD This was another song that I didn’t want to wreck with a bad video. Again, I felt it wasn’t my best, but I don’t hate it. And I didn’t ruin the song for myself. XD I suppose this was a good dance to do for my last dance cover with super-long hair at least.

– I had this one planned for so long! =D I will admit to snickering quite a few times with this dance, not only while learning the dance and knowing what it was going to be used for, but also while reading the comments after I uploaded the video. The reactions… XD I thought this was a cute outfit, too. It’s something that I wish I had the confidence to wear outside of the house. XD You know, I don’t think I’ve ever worn any of my skirts outside of my dances. It’s kind of a shame…

The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~
– I love the technicality of °C-ute’s dances, which is why it’s so disappointing that they have so many dances with moves that I’m not comfortable with. TT_TT I find it funny that this was the first dance cover I did after quitting my job; some of the work-related gripes that are in the lyrics may or may not have applied to me… XD

Romance no Tochuu
– The scavenger hunt video~! =D This was a song that I was on the fence about dancing to for the longest time because of some of the weird movements, but I got over it and really enjoyed doing the dance. ^__^ Still a little sad that I couldn’t do a three-person dance break due to lack of room, but that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

– Soooo happy to finally be able to do this one! Memoriiies~! XD I was still in school the year it came out, but, because it came out in the summer, I had a chance to watch the video and listen to the song a billion times… and learn just the arm movements during the chorus. XD I remember really loving the “rolling version” of the music video. As far as my dance cover, I really liked the outfit and was quite proud of how close I got it to the original. The dance itself made me feel so cool. =)

– I started watching this video to see if there was anything I wanted to mention for this one, but I ended up getting distracted and only watching the video; it’s already half over as I’m typing this! XD This song and dance is just so happy~! I will forever be in love with てぃ☆イン!’s choreographies~. As for my video, I really loved this outfit and was happy with the background and my dancing, so I’d say that’s a win! =D

Happy Halloween
– Heeere’s the other big one! I honestly have to wonder how popular this one would have been without all of the Ib references… but that doesn’t matter now! =D I love the headless mannequin. XD I was happy that it worked out as well as it did. This video was just all-over fun from the costumes, sets, and props, to hyping it on my Facebook page for the preceding week, to the dance itself. Good times!

Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne
– I actually thought this one turned out pretty cute, which is why I’m kind of sad that I uploaded it while H!P videos were still blocked in the US. I think it definitely hurt the stats for the video. =( I wanted everyone to see and love Old Lady Surimuchan! TT_TT … XD Okay, maybe not, but I still liked this dance cover~.

Password is 0
– Awww yeah, Agent 36 begins! =D Two things immediately came to mind with this dance cover: 1) how long it took me to learn the fast movements in the first twenty seconds of the dance and 2) the disappointment I felt after I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do it in my taller black boots because it hurt too much to jump in them. Oh wait, 3) how UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED I was when H!P videos were made available again~! (*^__^*) I was going to wait until I had all of the Agent 36 stuff filmed (like, EVERYTHING) to start uploading them, but I was so excited that day that I decided that I didn’t care about it being on a regular release schedule; I had a dance ready and I wanted it up to celebrate~!!

– I didn’t realize just how weird the Agent 36 tie-ins would look until I did this dance cover. XD I have so many good memories with this song (along with the other “classic” MM songs), so it was great to do the dance for this even though it didn’t have a dance shot~. Not to mention the fact that I got to wear a costume that was a tad bit silly for it. XD

Romance wo Katatte
– It didn’t hit me until just now that the first and last H!P dance covers I did this year were for Berryz songs. O_O I actually have the giant, $160, first press limited edition version of their last concert (a hugely surprising gift from a friend), but I haven’t watched it all the way through because I’m still in denial about their hiatus (or, let’s face it… graduation orz). XD Anyway, I was pleased with this dance cover: dancing, outfit, surprise ending, and all~. ^__^

I didn’t really choose any favorites, because there was something I liked about all of them~. How about you guys?

► Is there any dance cover that you particularly liked this year? Top five? Can you put them in order from least to most favorite? ◄

As always, thank you all so, so, SO much for your support for the past year~! I couldn’t do it without you~! I dealt with so many different things this year: getting braces, having surgery, putting on a scavenger hunt~, leaving my job, realizing the extent of my anxiety, making the decision to bring tutorials back, challenging myself to post on YouTube every week, losing H!P then getting it back… Lots of stuff~, and you were watching my videos the entire time~. Thank God for that, and thank God for you! Your support honestly means a lot to me. ♥ Aaaand now I’m crying. XD

Going into 2016, I’m a lot like I was when I started my YouTube channel: no real direction with my real life, an almost empty bank account, and no clue how things will turn out… but I’m going to look at it as a fresh start. I’m going on an adventure~! It would mean a lot to me if you came along~! ♥

Thank you, and have a Happy New Year~!

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan

ショートカット (Dance Cover) Trivia

July 19, 2015

– I don’t know how long I’ve been planning this dance cover (not learning; just planning)… but it’s been a long time. I knew I’d have to cut it eventually, because it was getting rather unhealthy, so I made sure to learn this dance because it was so unbelievably fitting. XD

– The sweater (well, it’s more of a knit top) I’m wearing says “Paris France” and has a picture of the Eiffel Tower. It’s actually my sister’s; I bought it for her earlier this year.

– The plaid shirt I’m wearing under the “sweater” belonged to my grandfather.

– I bought that skirt for this dance (which I don’t usually like to do, but it’s generic enough that I can use it for other dances, and it was cheap because it’s kids’ clothing XD).

– I was originally going to have pigtails/twin tails, but if I turn my head too quickly they smack me right in the face, so I decided to go with a regular ponytail. (^__^”)

– My mom actually cut my hair~. I just put it in a ponytail and moved the hair tie down so that she could just cut right above it. It was a bit more difficult than that, though, because my hair is ridiculously thick. XD I should have put it in multiple ponytails…

– I had to cover up a bruise on my right leg with makeup. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from running into a table or something. XD

– This was always the S/mileage single that I would kind of skip over back when it was just the four of them. I didn’t hate it; I just liked the others more. Now, however, it has significance attached to it, so I’m sure I’ll freak out and do a happy dance every time it comes on. XD

– Like “Shouganai Yume Oibito,” this has been on a bunch of my “Dances to Do” lists for a long time. It was really satisfying taking it off all of those lists~. =D

– This might actually be the shortest I’ve had my hair since I started uploading videos to YouTube. O__O

I think that might actually be it for this one… I couldn’t think of much. (^__^”) Thanks for watching and reading~!!

~ Surimu-chan

~2014 Wrap-Up Post~

January 1, 2015

Well, it’s a bit late, but here’s my year-end post for 2014~. I had a very small number of dance covers this year, so I’ll just leave a quick comment about each one.

– I really do love doing iDOLM@STER dance covers~! They’re always so much fun! I really wish I would have picked a better outfit for this one, though; it’s much too similar to so many others that I’ve had. (^__^”)

What is LOVE?
– AAAAAHHHHH! This cover is very special to me, not only because of the crazy editing (that I’m rather proud of) but because this is the one that Haruna, Fuku-chan, and Sakura liked~. =D I still have the video of them watching and talking about it saved on my computer, and I watch it every once in a while when I’m not feeling too happy. ♥

Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta
– This is one of Berryz Koubou’s catchiest songs, in my opinion. As far as my video, I was rather happy with the desaturated look of it. I had hoped to do more split-screening for this one, but, sadly, it just wasn’t working out.

Gachinko de Ikou!
– One of the dances that I’ve had on my To Do List forever~!! I’m not 100% satisfied with my outfit, but… This was another one that I had wanted to do some split-screening in, but there wasn’t enough room to make it work. orz At least I got a chance to wear actual H!P merchandise in a dance! XD

– This outfit was slightly outside my comfort zone, but the song was an early favorite, so I kind of wanted to do it justice~. Overall, I feel I could have done better on this one. (^__^”)

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa
– I was mostly pleased with this one, though I could have tightened up a few moves. I’m happy that I was able to show a more genuine happiness in this dance~.

– This was another one that had some complicated editing that I was (am!) really proud of. I’m actually quite fond of the outfits for this one (as well as the song and dance in general). This might be one of my favorites from 2014.

Ee Ka!?
– I was pleasantly surprised with the positive response this one got because I didn’t think it turned out very good at all. XD I suppose I kind of liked how the first half of the dance break turned out, and… that’s about all I have to say about this one. XDD

Berryz Koubou Dance Tribute ~ 10 Year Anniversary ~
– If you wanted to be super-nitpicky, I guess this would technically be my first attempt at choreography. It was quite a lot of fun going through all of their videos to find different moves to use. Thank goodness I did this before they announced their indefinite hiatus; I probably would have been crying through half the dance otherwise (well, maybe not quite). XD

Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS
– I believe this one was also fairly well-received~. This is one of those rare videos of mine that I actually like. XD Again, slightly outside my comfort level, but I actually loved this outfit (along with the song and dance). Another favorite, I think.

Hajimete wo Keikenchuu
– This was my first outdoor HD dance… and that’s about all I can say about it. I found it rather forgettable, unfortunately. =( It was rather fun getting my viewers involved in choosing part of the outfit on my Facebook page, though! =D

Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni
– Love the song~. The outfit turned out rather well… My dancing could have been better at times. orz

Otsukimi Recital
– Love, love, loooove Fine & Tsurutei’s dances! I’m a bit sad that the two parts were slightly offset at times because of the super-slowdown on my split-screening computer, but I still really like how this one turned out~. ^__^

Happy Trap
– I’m actually not a big fan of this one. I can’t really put my finger on what it is that bugs me, but, the more I watched it, the less I cared for it. That’s pretty sad considering this was my birthday dance. T__T It probably had the most interesting background of my 2014 dances, though.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
– This was my silliest dance cover in a long time, and I love how it turned out! Some of the faces I make… XD Oddly enough, this was the dance that almost made me completely give up on making YouTube videos because I was in such great pain the first time I tried to record it. My rapid-fire failures that day led me to a short hiatus during which I seriously considered quitting. Luckily, I healed both physically and mentally and continued on my merry way~. When I finally finished this one, I was SO incredibly happy. It’s such an odd song to have so many deep emotions associated with it. XD

-Winter Story-
– I hope I don’t sound too big-headed when I say that I am so incredibly proud of this one~. I didn’t spend as long as I thought I would creating a dance. I had tried making my own dance to a song a few years ago, but it was incredibly difficult; maybe my experience in writing tutorials made it easier and the fact that I’ve been expanding my dance repertoire probably didn’t hurt. This was another favorite~!

I guess that means “What is LOVE?,” “SAMURAI GIRLS,” “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS,” “Otsukimi Recital,” and “-Winter Story-” were my top five this year, though “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” was high on the list, too~. How about you? Do you have a top ten? Five? One?

Thank you all, so much, for supporting me over the past year! I know I said I had a rough year in my 2013 Wrap-Up Post, but 2014 was even more brutal. Despite the terribly small number of videos I released in 2014, I continued getting comments, likes, and subscribers. Ah~, all of my lovely viewers~! If there was an official name for my splendid viewers, I would make a shirt that says, “I ♥ my (official name)!,” but there isn’t, so I’ll just stick with saying thank you~. XD I have big plans for 2015, but who knows what this year will actually bring? We’ll have to see~. I look forward to releasing fun, new videos for you this year, too!

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan

ええか!? (Dance Cover) Trivia

May 28, 2014

– I’ve had this dance shot saved since Christmas. Actually… now that I think about it, I’ve been working on this dance on and off since I saved the video. O__O Took me long enough…

– It’s been a while since I’ve done a dance that made me want to quit dancing so badly. XD As much fun as it is, I had trouble making some of the moves look anything other than awkward, so that was rather frustrating. orz

– I tried a few takes late last night/early this morning, but it just wasn’t working, so, after taking a break, I came up with a solution. I changed my outfit. XD Oddly enough, it seemed to help, as I finished the dance in three takes (the first take was actually fine, but you know me… I had to try to improve it).

– The original outfit was only slightly similar to S/mileage’s outfits for this dance; I had my pink skirt (as seen in my “Wa~, MERRY PIN Xmas!” dance cover) and a pink tank top under the black-with-pink-stripes jacket I wore in the beginning of my “DANCE suru no da!” cover. It was okay, but… meh.

– The not-really-sleeves (or I could just call them straps XD) on the outfit I did choose were my usual fabric chains.

– I was absolutely determined to get this dance done this week, because guess who has four completely impacted wisdom teeth that are being removed on Friday? I’ll give you a hint… it’s me. orz

– This was only the third dance I got done during my time off from work. … I had seven on my list, but I suppose that was a bit ambitious. (^_^”)>

– This is… definitely not my most accurate cover. (^_^”)> Obviously, I added the crazy stepping at the end, because I felt that just walking to the middle was a waste. XD There were a couple of other points that I just sort of said, “I don’t even care anymore; I’ll do it how I feel like doing it.” Maybe not the best attitude, but nobody’s perfect. XD

– Wow, was “Bijin Mama” really the last S/mileage dance cover I did…? O__O I remember when I thought I’d be able to keep up with new releases. Ahaha… orz … XD

I believe that’s all for this one~. Thank you for watching and reading~!! =D

~ Surimu-chan

~2013 Wrap-Up Post~

December 31, 2013

Here it is~! My year-end post! I only did twenty-two dances this year (not including tutorials, mirrored and/or slowed videos, and miscellaneous videos). Ah~… orz The following is just a few thoughts I had for each dance (listed in order of upload). I just wrote without really thinking, so it might be sort of… all over the place. XD

– I really love this song, and the dance is fun! Short dances always make me happy because… well, they’re short. I rather like the outfit for this one (except that the bow wouldn’t stay on straight and my shorts looked odd…). ^_^

2. Onegai Dakara…
– This is a fairly simple dance, but I love the song, so I’ve wanted to do this one for quite a while. Overall, I’m pleased with how this one turned out despite a few minor errors and some slight timing issues. The outfit was a little on the bland side. =/

3. Help me!!
– This was originally going to be an epic, split screened dance cover where I would have Riho’s part throughout while other parts would fade in and out (kind of like I did with my UP UP GIRLS dance covers except on a larger scale). That plan was abandoned when I realized I just didn’t have the time or energy to do it (which is sad because I had all of the outfits and split times/parts written out and ready). orz Anyway, this is a great dance, and I really love the song (it reminds me of Christmas, because I was learning the dance around Christmas time last year). The outfit wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t have too many options… (^_^”)>

4. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki.
– This wasn’t my most accurate, which is why I don’t really like watching it. That’s unfortunate, because this is probably one of my favorite outfits from this year’s dances. I really like this song and dance even though I messed up quite a bit… m(_ _)m

5. Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>
– I’m not sure if this one should really count for this year, because I actually filmed it last May (before I started working), but YouTube wouldn’t let me upload it until this year for whatever reason. (-_-“) The dance was super fun (yes, even the “directing traffic” arm movements during the chorus XD), and the song makes me really happy. And that outfit!! I have a cape~~!! I also really liked the bright primary colors combined with the mostly-black outfit.

6. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
– This was another dance that I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time (I can’t believe I had already started dancing when this song came out! WHAAAAAT…). Again, it’s a fun dance (that’s usually a prerequisite for me), and I especially love the dance break, but I feel like it would have looked better if I had been more stable on my feet. =( I suppose the boots do kind of make the outfit, though. Speaking of which, I suppose this was a nice outfit, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. Besides the boots, the new location for this dance cover got a lot of attention.

7. Brainstorming
– I love the dance battle and dance break for this dance! I was really happy with how the editing turned out for those parts. =D However, I am not happy with how flaily I was for parts of this dance. orz I also kind of wish I could have found red and blue outfits instead of black and white, because it seems like I’m always wearing black and white… That being said, I rather liked the outfit I had for Riho’s part. ^_^ The split screened sections for this dance are always fun to see, but, much like “Help me!!,” they were supposed to be more complicated and numerous. Lack of time boiled it down to a few seconds for each member’s part. orz

8. Asian Celebration
– I may go ahead and say that this was one of my favorite dances to learn this year. =D It’s just a really fun dance and an upbeat song, so I had a blast doing it. ^__^ The “vampire” move is probably still my favorite. XD I was mostly pleased with the outfit, though I wish the zebra print fringe would have been more pronounced.

9. Crazy Kanzen na Otona
– I was really, reeeaaallly wary about this dance, because some of the moves are a little more mature than I would like, but my love for the song and the rest of the dance eventually outweighed my discomfort at those few moves. As for the outfit… I rather like it, except for the fact that the shorts don’t look as purple on screen as they do in real life. (-_-*) How about that new location? Those of you who have been following me for a long time may remember this as the area I filmed my very first split screen attempt (super-short dance cover of “Sprinter!” which was only up for download). I’d like to try filming there more… as long as I can avoid the bees. XD

10. Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne
– Black and white again. XD There are a few hints of yellow, though, so I guess that helps a bit. I’m also wearing earrings, which is really rare for my videos. Overall, I was pleased with how this one turned out. I didn’t notice any super-glaring mistakes that will make me hate myself each time I hear the song (as is the problem with other dances I’ve done orz), so that’s a plus. The opening moves (not the immediate opening moves, but the ones just after those that are repeated later) are a lot of fun~.

11. Minimoni. Kazoe Uta ~Date Version~
– And here we have probably the best background of the year even though it was in my usual dancing spot. Whee~, a carnival! XD This was a cute one, but I always feel kind of silly watching it, because I can’t really pull off cute. XD

12. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama
– This was one of my favorite outfits from this year’s dances. I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to make a candy cane “microphone” for this, but at least I finally got this dance done! XD I’ve been meaning to do it ever since the song first came out. I rather like my energy for this one, and, of course, the tiny split-screened section.

13. LOVE Machine (Dance Collaboration)
– I always love watching collaborations I’ve done, because I think it’s so neat to watch someone who’s anywhere from hundreds to thousands of miles away dancing on screen with me. =D That being said, I’m very grateful to those who took part in this collaboration and very honored to have worked with them~. Thank you! ^_^ The dance itself, in my opinion, was fairly simple, so that left room for extra energy and, in some parts, creativity. As far as my outfits are concerned for this dance, they were all pretty generic, I guess. orz It was kind of fun to half-cosplay for that one part around 2:50 though. XD

14. Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai
– I… kind of love how the opening turned out (and all of the split-screened parts, actually). XD This dance took me forever to finish because there’s not much going on, so any mistakes I made would have been really obvious. orz I rather like how the black and yellow looked together for this outfit, but it was, again, pretty generic. Also, the chorus of this song is still one of my favorite things to sing~.

15. Ai no Gundan
– I was afraid that this outfit would look too much like the one I wore for “Asian Celebration,” but I guess the hat, boots, and jacket (as well as the lack of zebra print) make it different enough… As for the dance, I love doing the dance break for this one, but I didn’t do it well. orz I don’t like watching this one much, because I had really wanted to split screen at least part of it, but I didn’t have the time or energy to do so. There are a few obvious mistakes in this, too. m(_ _)m

16. Uppercut!
– This daaaaance~! I think this one has to be another of my favorite dances that I learned this year~. The outfit is probably one of the most boring, but I had so much fun with the dance, that I hardly notice. XD This has what is probably one of my absolute favorite dance breaks. =D I was also happy with the in-and-out split screening in this one; I had been wanting to do that for a while. ^_^

17. Barebare I LOVE YOU
– Whee~, all of the bright colors~! =D Again, I love this song and dance, and I was happy with how my dance cover turned out. I think the outfits and the split-screened sections were better for this one, while the dance might have been a little more interesting for “Uppercut!”

– I was really happy with the split-screened sections in this one; even though there were supposed to be more of them, I think it works out well with the amount I had here. The main outfit for this dance cover is another favorite for 2013. There were a few rough spots for my dancing, but it wasn’t anything too terrible. (^_^”)> I got a little nostalgic doing a Buono! dance cover again… ^_^

19. Tell Your World [Short Vers.]
– I think it needs to be said… this has to be my favorite outfit for this year, and it’s defiinitely one of my top five favorites for all of my dance outfits. ^__^ This dance cover as well… it has to be one of my favorites for this year. I love how the coloring turned out, the dancing wasn’t terrible (though I still spotted a mistake or two), and the length was perfect. XD

– This dance is really fun, and the song is adorable, so I’d say that it’s in my top ten favorite dances for this year, perhaps even top five (the dance itself at least). The outfit, while cute in a way, borders on my usual, boring choices. XD orz

21. Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke
– From this dance, I learned that I shouldn’t try to put my own spin on dances. orz I was rather proud of it when I filmed it (even without the split screening that I wanted), and I still love doing the dance break that comes just before the verses, but this one didn’t seem to be very well received, which makes me kind of dislike it, too. TT_TT The outfit at least looked kind of cool.

22. Wa~ MERRY PIN Xmas!
– The wintry background that I usually have for my Christmas dances was missing in this one, but at least I had a little bit of decoration. (^_^”)> To be honest, I was really happy learning this dance, because there wasn’t a dance shot to compare it to; that made it a little more difficult to figure out the moves, but also somewhat more relaxing. XD Maybe I should do more of the older dances/dances without dance shots to lower my stress levels. XD As with my Minimoni. dance cover, it was a bit strange for me to do this one, because I don’t pull off cutesy moves very well. The outfits weren’t Christmas-y in the least, but they went with the song’s theme, so… (^_^”)> While I liked the ending clip for this one, I think my favorite ending clip for a Christmas dance cover is probably the one after “Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru.”

Well, those are all the dance covers I did this year. I’ve kind of given up picking favorites anymore, because I have something that I like about all of my dances~. How about you? Do you have a top ten or five or three for the dances I’ve done this year? Is there one that you would have liked better in a different location or if it was split-screened? Please let me know~!!

Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone for sticking with me throughout 2013. I’ve had a pretty rough year, so the fact that you’re all still watching my videos and commenting on them (if YouTube lets you… (-_-*)) really makes me happy. (Speaking of comments, please check out the annotation that I added to my FAQ video in regards to comment replies.) Even after the long breaks between dances, even after I stopped making tutorials and taking requests, even after some sub-par videos, you’re still watching, and I can’t thank you enough for that~.

Though 2014 will probably bring some more changes to my channel and videos (some quite significant), I hope you’ll still continue to support me throughout the year~.

Thank you again, everyone, for all of your support, and I hope everyone has a great New Year~! ^__^

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan

同じ時給で働く友達の美人ママ (Dance Cover) Trivia

July 24, 2013

– As I said in the video description, I’ve been meaning to do this dance since the song came out. I had originally wanted to keep up with S/mileage’s dances since they were brand new around the time I started dancing. … I failed miserably. XD

– This video marks the return of my Markerphone (as previously seen in “Koi no Vacance” and… was that it?!)! XDD

– You can see that I look a bit red throughout the video… that’s a combination of a whole bunch of takes and an increase in the video’s saturation. XD

– For the hip shaking parts, I would always move my heels as well, even though they usually just moved their hips. I tried to remedy that, but you can still see me moving my heels quite a lot.

– Even though I did a ton of takes for this one, I ended up having a lot of fun with this dance each time. I think all the punching and jumping added to the fun~. =D I may have added too much energy to parts. XD

– One move in particular I didn’t even notice until after I had already done four or five takes; it was the arm twirl around 0:31 (and subsequent parts). Thankfully, I was able to add remember it and add it in without any problems~.

– The hopping during the chorus made my left foot (that is, my bad foot) twinge every once in a while. (^_^”)>

– Those shorts are perhaps the most comfortable shorts ever. I also have a green pair~. =D

– The blue sweatshirt that I’m wearing in this had sleeves that were a little too tight so that I couldn’t really roll them up… so I cut slits in them. ^_^

– The blue bow I’m wearing was the same one I had for my dance cover of “School Days” waaaay back in 2010.

– I had wanted to have all of my hair up in a clip, but all of the hopping and jumping kept making it fall out, so I only put a small section of it up.

– Around 2:23, when my hair is flying all over the place, including in my face, I make a stupid, scrunched up face as I try to shake the hair away. XD

– I followed all of the members at one point or another: Kanon for the main dance; Ayacho’s “じゃん!” jump; Yuuka’s monologue; and Saki’s kick at the end.

– I kind of fail super-terribly at dances that require microphone usage. I want both of my hands to be doing something. orz

– I think I’ve mentioned it a billion times, but I love spoken parts in songs~. I’m able to recite all of the spoken lines in this song. =D

– There are two parts of this dance that I don’t like: the knee-bending move during Kanon’s monologue (which is why I chose her part in the first place; that move just looks so incredibly stupid to me XD), and the very end where the music starts up again for a little bit. (By the way, sorry for the dumb look on my face during that last part and the very, very end. XDD)

– Editing was (as it has been of late) a bit of a nightmare. I had to use my old computer because the straight split line was too obvious. However, my old computer has an incredible slowdown when I try editing clips (probably because they’re higher quality clips), so it takes forever to make everything line up. orz I apologize for the very slight offset at times. m(_ _)m (Edit: Ah, lovely. Watching it on YouTube, it looks like they offset it even more. Blargh. (-_-“))

– I was going to add a border to this video (just a simple one: a few blue lines going across the top and bottom), but it would have dropped the quality even more, so I decided against it. I’m still kind of worried that this one will be a big disappointment visually compared to the background I had for my last dance. (^_^”)>

– I didn’t practice this one quite as long as I usually do before filming it… maybe it came to me a little easier since I more-or-less learned it a few years ago…?

I guess that’s all for this one~. Thank you for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan

好きよ、純情反抗期。 (Dance Cover) Trivia

February 14, 2013

– I unwittingly matched my color scheme from last year’s Valentine’s Day dance. XD

– The first time I filmed this, I had my white shirt buttoned. I decided that I liked it better open (and it looked more like the original outfit), so I refilmed the dance.

– I also refilmed it because of a few dumb mistakes, including not bringing my knees up far enough during the backwards stepping and leaving my fist up too long after the punches. (-_-*)

– I wanted to have some of my hair down, because I liked the movements, but I got really irritated about the fact that I couldn’t keep it out of my face for the dance break. orz

– The cuffs that I’m wearing are made of tagboard. XD I just fastened a strip of tagboard together with a brass fastener. This is actually the second time I’ve used that type of accessory, though it’s the first time you’ve seen it; the first time I actually used it was in my dance cover of Berryz Koubou’s “Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>,” which I’m still not allowed to upload. orz

– As I said in the video description, I changed some of the moves. The most obvious one is probably the move around 1:13 to 1:15. I also kept the leg swings that Take-chan only does a couple of times (instead of just stepping) during the steps from around 0:49 to 0:52. I wasn’t really picky about doing the exact movements of Take-chan during her solo lines, because it often comes out looking unnatural and awkward when I try to match it exactly, so I just tried to move naturally in a somewhat similar manner. In the second verse, during the fourth “Suki yo,” I changed the movement a bit to make it softer. I also added the arm spin just after the last line of the song (well, not so much “added” as that’s how I naturally moved my arm down there XD).

– The dance break was a huge pain. The timing is always tricky when the person you’re following is right in the middle of a string of dance movements. Needless to say… my timing was absolutely horrendous at this point in the dance. Sorry. m(_ _)m

– It’s been over a year since my last S/mileage dance cover. O__O

I think that’s all for this one.

In other news, I passed 13,000 subscribers! Thank you so much! I’m surprised people are still watching my videos… (^_^”)>

Thanks again~!

~ Surimu-chan