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ゆき (Dance Cover) Trivia

December 12, 2017

– I filmed this on December 4th.

– This is the first Douyou Pops dance I’ve done since 2011, and it’s the last of the Douyou Pops that had a video/dance (that I know of, at least).

– I had multiple ideas for this video: split screen, triple split, solo in the snow (but we didn’t get snow until just a couple of days ago ahaha… orz), but I finally settled on a solo inside with cheesy effects similar to the ones I had in my other Douyou Pops videos. XD

– I had to look all over for mittens (because we usually use gloves), but my mom finally found some of my sister’s mittens from when she was little.

– I actually bought those earmuffs for last year’s Christmas dance (“Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G”), but decided against using them for that outfit. I think they work better with this one anyway~.

– Since the members in the video had puffy white dresses that made them look like snowballs/snowmen, I put a few black circles on my shirt to look a little more like a snowman. XD

– My original edit for the song took out the two parts without singing (when they just kind of shout randomly XD). I actually find those parts a bit grating, especially the first one (with the “WAAAAI! WAAAI! YUKI DA!” (-_-“)). However, I decided to use the whole song and just add my own little choreography to those parts of the song.

– On one take, I fell right at the end when I was trying to sit down. Yes… I saved it for a blooper video. XD

– I tried to make the “snow banks” on the border match up with the white walls that were showing. XD

– I thought the cheesy snowing effect would not only be cute in a simple sort of way but it was also kind of a call-back to the end of my “Aka Hana no Tonakai” dance cover (which also had a cheesy snowing effect)~. =D

That’s all for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


Outfit for Upcoming ゆき Dance Cover

December 8, 2017

I’m dancing to another Douyou Pops song for the first time since… 2011! =O This is what I’ll be wearing in my dance cover for the song “Yuki” from the Christmas/Winter Douyou Pops album~.


Yuki Outfit

I’ll be dancing to the full song, but the song is less than two minutes long, so it’s pretty much a MINI Clip. XD I’ll be uploading this on December 12th. Please look forward to it~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – November 2017

November 30, 2017

Recap 11-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

November 4thMorning Musume 20th Anniversary Mega Dance Medley (Trivia)
November 7thSurimuchan’s Morning Musume Mega Medley Fun Facts
November 12th記憶の迷路 (MINI Clip) Trivia
November 20thOutfit for Upcoming みかん [2017 Vers.] Dance Cover
November 21stみかん (Dance Cover) Trivia – [Take 2]
November 22ndSurimuchan Dance Cover Comparisons – Mikan [2011 and 2017]
November 27thSurimuchan’s Vlog Bloopers 6
November 30thSurimuchan [Now] #25 – November 2017

And that was my November for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

記憶の迷路 (MINI Clip) Trivia

November 12, 2017

– I filmed this on October 21st.

– This is the shortest MINI Clip so far.

– I’m wearing lip color in this because I bought a bunch of different brands for a work project but I never wear lip color out in public, so I’ll just be using them on dances occasionally ahahaha… orz

– I was going to make a maze pattern on the borders, but I didn’t know if that would be too distracting, so I just went with… boxes. XD

– I had to search forever to find the moves for 0:23 to 0:27 (and I think I ended up changing them a bit anyway XD). (^_^”)

– This was one of the first few songs I put on a list for MINI Clips to do~.

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming 記憶の迷路 MINI Clip

October 21, 2017

This is the outfit I’ll be wearing for my MINI Clip of High-King’s “Kioku no Meiro.” I’ve always loved that song~~~! ♥

Kioku 4

Kioku no Meiro Outfit

This MINI Clip will (probably?) be uploaded on October 25th (unless I finish the other dance I was working on for that day, in which case, it probably won’t be up until November 12th or so). Please look forward to it~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – September 2017

September 30, 2017

Recap 9-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month. (My H!P Vlogs can be found on Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG.)

September 4thSurimu Stories #1 – Man! I Feel Like a Story
September 6thね~え? (Dance Cover) Trivia
September 13thSurimu Stories #2 – Where to Wear First?
September 14thSurimu Stories #3 – Roller-blunder
September 25thOutfits for Upcoming モーニングみそ汁 Dance Cover
September 25thモーニングみそ汁 (Dance Cover) Trivia
September 30thSurimuchan [Now] #23 – September 2017

And that was my September for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan [Now] #23 – September 2017

September 30, 2017

– I started watching Heartland on Netflix. It’s pretty good! I will also admit to watching LEGO Elves on Netflix. … It’s not quite as good. XD It kind of reminds me of Totally Spies (which I liked to watch way back in the day).
– I got ten books from Thrift Books and have read four (and a half) of them. I’m really getting back into reading after not reading much for quite a while.
– I’ve had snippets of the most random songs stuck in my head (especially at work) including the following: Minimoni’s “Chiccha na Chiccha na Onna no Ko,” KAT-TUN’s “WILDS OF MY HEART,” “Let Me Be Your Wings” (from Thumbelina), Morning Musume’s “Aishuu Romantic” (Sayu and Fuku-chan) (only the “TEKE TEKKE TEKE TE” line), “Step in Time” (from Mary Poppins), and part of one line from Morning Musume’s “Motto Aishite Hoshii no” (just “dakiyosete choudai” … that’s it XD), Reel Big Fish’s “Sell Out,” and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ “Stay, Don’t Just Stay,” and “Irish Whiskey.” Quite a variety, huh?
– I’ve been playing Rhythm Heaven on my 3DS and doing much better than I did before~! =D

– More H!P CDs (and a couple of NEWS CDs that I was missing), a bunch of nail polish (not sure why I’ve gotten back into painting my nails, but I have) and… mostly just food, I think, since I can finally eat more stuff! XD Ooh, I also got some snail cream from Amazon because I wanted to try it.

I got my braces off~~~~!! =D I bought trail mix right away; it’s the thing I’ve been missing the most. ♥

I have (what will hopefully be my last) surgery on the 3rd of October to get the post for my implant put in, so I took all of next week off. I have quite a few plans for videos, but I’m not sure how many I can get done. O_O I already have the dance for my Mom’s birthday done (not edited), and the MINI Tutorial for “Just Try!” done (almost done being edited). I wanted to get a couple of Surimu Stories filmed on my vacation, and maybe a dance, and the “Oh my wish!” MINI Tutorial… but I don’t know. (^_^”) Also, I know I still need to do the final contest; life’s just been a bit hectic lately. orz I’ll do it before the end of the year!

Marx Brothers movies~! My favorite is “A Night at the Opera,” but most of their movies are really funny. =D

Thanks for reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

ね~え? (Dance Cover) Trivia

September 6, 2017

– I filmed this on August 17th (eeearrrllly in the morning).

– Like I said (multiple times), I’ve been meaning to do this dance since I started my YouTube channel.

– I started “learning” this dance waaay back in early 2008 when I first started listening to H!P music that wasn’t Morning Musume. … I only really learned a couple of moves. … One of those “moves” was the tripping. XD

– I think the “tripping” is one of the things that made me love the song/dance so much.

– Because this song is so special to me, I wanted to add a little something extra to the video. I tried to sort of match the outfits from the original (though the “sexy” one wasn’t even close XD).

– I actually had a yellow skirt that looked really similar to the one Ayaya had in the video, but it kept its shape for pretty much any movement which looked just awful. XD orz

– The blue tank top is the same one I wore for my dance cover of “MY BOY” but it’s turned inside out.

– The “sexy” outfit looks quite similar to the outfit I wore for Daishi’s part (the main part) of my “What is LOVE?” dance cover.

– The orange tank top I’m wearing is actually LIGHT orange. That’s what my video editor does to colors! O___O (-_-“)

– The cut from the orange to the blue/red outfit was ALMOST a miracle cut, but not quite. I don’t think anything will top that one cut from my “Koi no Dance Site” dance cover. =D

– It says “Ready Set Go” on the tops of my white socks.

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – August 2017

August 31, 2017

Recap 8-2017

Here are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

August 3rdれでぃぱんさぁ (Dance Cover) Trivia
August 4thSurimu Chance! Contest #2 Answers and Results
August 6thCAT’S♥EYE (MINI Clip) Trivia
August 9thセクシーキャットの演説 (Dance Cover) Trivia
August 13thSurimuChats #19 | What is Surimuchan’s Accent? (Post added 8/14)
August 14thSurimuchan’s Dance Bloopers 3
August 19thSurimuChats #20 | Surimuchan and Makeup
August 30thOutfit for Upcoming ね~え? Dance Cover
August 31stSurimuchan [Now] #22 – August 2017

And that was my August for 2017. Thank you for watching and reading.

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan [Now] #22 – August 2017

August 31, 2017

Quick post for this; I’m afraid I have quite a lot on my mind.

– Mostly wrestling
– Reading some of my old books (middle school reading level which is nice because I don’t need to focus too much to read them)

– More H!P CDs
– Books from Thrift Books

– Anxiety attacks returned; lots of work; last Surimu Chance! Contest was/will be pushed back due to lack of time
– Just noticed the problems with Photobucket photos being gone; that means all pictures on this blog before 2012 (I think?) are gone. Will try to put at least the Matryoshka hoodie tutorial pictures back up

– “Ne~e?” dance cover and the first Surimu Stories vlog were filmed early, so I’ll be able to upload those, but I might end up going on hiatus until I can sort some stuff out; have to wait and see

– has great deals on books as well as a Reading Rewards program

Sorry for the brevity. m(_ _)m

~ Surimu-chan