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Outfit for Upcoming 立ち上がれ 乙女達 MINI Clip

May 12, 2017

This is the outfit that I’ll be wearing for my upcoming MINI Clip of °C-ute’s “Tachiagare Otometachi” (the coupling track for “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~”).

Tachiagare 1

Tachiagare Otometachi Outfit

This MINI Clip will be uploaded on June 2nd~. (I’ll be uploading MINI Clip #10 on June 1st, but I filmed this one first, so that’s why these pictures were posted first. (^_^”)) Please look forward to it!

~ Surimu-chan

Surimuchan Recap – April 2017

April 30, 2017

Recap 4-2017

Here’s are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

April 1st – Abandoned April Fool’s Day Video Ideas
[[This video was posted before I explained my future plans, so I did not make a blog post for this video.]]

April 6th – New Plans / Upcoming Changes

April 7th – ~Update 59~

April 8th – Just Try! (Dance Cover) Trivia

April 17th – Outfit for Upcoming 色っぽい じれったい Dance Cover

April 17th – Surimuchan’s Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions – Part 3

April 19th – Outfit for Upcoming かっちょええ! MINI Clip

April 20th – かっちょええ! (MINI Clip) Trivia

April 29th – Surimuchan [Now] #18 | Endings and Beginnings

And that was my April for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

かっちょええ! (MINI Clip) Trivia

April 20, 2017

– My first MINI Clip edit of this song was only 57 seconds long. I edited it again to include the dance break.

– I had originally planned on doing a MINI Clip for a different Berryz coupling track, but I didn’t have enough time to learn it really well, so I decided to go with this one instead because the dance is so simple.

– The part of this MINI Clip that took the longest was figuring out the outfit. 😄 At first, I had a white shirt with a cute picture of Dumbo on it, but I decided against it. I had a pink tank top over the blue tank top at one point. I also thought about wearing my Ultimate Warrior arm tassels (but they would have flailed around too much) or arm accessories that had a Ferris wheel on one side and ice cream on the other side.

– THE. TOP. IS. YELLOW. It doesn’t look like it. But it is. *shakes fist at Movie Maker*

– My first idea for that scarf was to have it pinned to the back of the straps of my tank top(s) so that it hung down kind of like a cape, but I went with the forward drape so it looked more like a vest instead.

– I’m wearing rolled up arm accessories (cut-up knee-high socks) on my wrists.

– I think I’ve said this multiple times… I love those shorts (and the blue, purple, and pink ones just like them). They’re so comfortable! =D

– I was having a little trouble lip-syncing in this because my jaw is kind of stiff and screwed up from the elastics I’ve been wearing on my braces. (^_^”)

– I probably could have done the full song just as easily… it was only one minute longer, and it used pretty much the same moves. 😄 orz

– The border originally had yellow triangles, but Movie Maker made the yellow a really ugly light orange sort of shade, so I changed them to blue. orz

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming かっちょええ! MINI Clip

April 19, 2017

This is the outfit I wore for my MINI Clip of Berryz Koubou’s 「かっちょええ!」 (the coupling track from their third single, 「ピリリと行こう!」). I had no idea what to wear for this. 😄

Kacchoee 6

Kacchoee! Outfit

It still makes me super-mad that my video editing software turns yellows into golds and ugly greens. (-_-*) Take note! The yellow you see in this picture is closer to the real color than the “yellow” you will see in the video. orz

I’ll be uploading this tomorrow~. Please look forward to it! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


ミニ。ストロベリ~パイ (MINI Clip) Trivia

March 24, 2017

– I filmed this dance on March 15th.

– This song is one of my early H!P favorites, because I thought the video/song was fun and cute~. I even taught my sister how to sing it when she was only about nine or ten years old by writing out the lyrics phonetically. =D

– I’m trying to go back to my previous habit of not spending money on anything for my dance covers, but I did give in for this one so I could buy that orange and blue plaid fabric because I thought it was a perfect Minimoni。 style. ^__^

– I had one large piece of fabric pinned around a white skirt, two large rectangles pinned to a white polo shirt, and two thin rectangles as “straps” connecting the front and back rectangles.

– The headband is actually just a piece of white paper cut in a “frilly headband” shape and then pinned to a regular headband. 😄

– The hairstyle changed a few times before I finally decided to leave it down. Instead, I wore an orange hair tie on each wrist.

– In my first attempt at editing this, there was a veeeeery slight stall in the video when the first strawberry appeared. I didn’t think it was too noticeable (it didn’t throw off the timing or anything), so I left it alone. It was until I had uploaded it (unlisted), watched it, and gotten halfway through writing the trivia that I decided to try to re-edit it. 😄

– The move for “ichigo, ichigo” is actually the same as the one for “mou chotto mateba SUTOROBERI PAI,” but I wanted to add the strawberry effects, so I changed it (and, to be honest, I thought it turned out pretty cute~). =D

That’s all~! Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

ミニモニ。ジャンケンぴょん! (MINI Clip) Trivia

March 23, 2017

– I filmed this dance late March 10th/early March 11th.

– Like I said in the video description, I changed a few of the moves a bit; I didn’t do the arm movements that accompany the hopping around (around 1:00), because they do look a bit too strange. I also didn’t put my thumb directly on my nose when I waved my hand near my face (because some people find that very offensive (^_^”)), and I just shook my hands during the “pa pa pa pa” parts instead of doing the sort of pinching movement (?) that they’re doing.

– I had make a face like Aibon did around 0:20. 😄

– I was glad that you can see that I actually did have red, orange, and yellow in this costume. My video editor has a terrible habit of turning orange into red and yellow into gold. (-_-*)

– The plaid parts of my outfit were hand-painted; that’s why the pattern isn’t completely consistent. (^_^”) I still like how it turned out, though~!

– My top is actually rather complicated. I have a long-sleeve orange shirt (see what I mean about the editor making it look red! orz), under a white short-sleeve shirt. Small pieces of blue fabric were cut out for the accents on the white shirt. The “bodice” sort of piece is the painted yellow/gold fabric, green fabric, and orange fabric pinned together. I slipped that on over my shirt (I say “slipped it over” when I mean “contorted into” because I had everything already pinned together XD) and then pinned the shoulder straps to it. O_O

– For the headband, I simple cut out a couple of squares of green fabric, folded them in half, pinned the edges, and then slipped the two pinned squares onto the headband~.

– At first, I kept the leg warmers up with dress tape (double-sided tape), but, after a lot of takes, they started to come undone, so I put on white, knee-high socks and tucked the leg warmers into those.

– This dance was a li~ttle bit of a pain, because I learned a bunch of it from the “Odoruda pyon!” Ver. (an almost dance shot version), but then I watched some live performances to check different moves, and they did a few things completely differently. (-_-“) I just sort of picked whatever to make it work for me~.

I think that’s all for this one~! =D Thanks for watching and reading, pyon~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming ミニ。ストロベリ~パイ MINI Clip

March 15, 2017

This is the outfit I wore for my MINI Clip of Minimoni。’s 「ミニ。ストロベリ~パイ」. This song is near and dear to my heart, because I found it early on as a new fan, and I thought the video was adorable~. ❤

Strawberry 10

Mini. Strawberry Pie Outfit

(Ugh, blurry… I need a new camera… orz) This MINI Clip will be uploaded on March 24th. Please look forward to it~!

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming ミニモニ。ジャンケンぴょん! MINI Clip

March 12, 2017

This is the outfit I wore for my MINI Clip of Minimoni。’s 「ミニモニ。ジャンケンぴょん!」. I think I managed to get it pretty accurate to Kago’s outfit with just painted fabric and safety pins. 😄

Jankenpyon 11

Minimoni Jankenpyon! Outfit

This MINI Clip will be uploaded on March 23rd. Please look forward to it~!

~ Surimu-chan

トキメクトキメケ (MINI Clip) Trivia

February 9, 2017

– This was one of the first few songs I picked to make a MINI Clip for (even though I didn’t get to it until now).

– I changed the moves just after the “Sou konna kanji” line to work for two people instead of five. I also changed the move around 1:06 (one arm at a time out instead of both at once).

– I always want the MINI Clips to have something special whether it’s something extra in the background or an added effect. I was going to leave this as a simple split-screen (technically an added effect), but I felt like that wasn’t enough, so I added the heart borders to the top and bottom. I was rather happy with how they looked~. ^__^

– The most difficult thing about this video might have actually been figuring out an outfit. 😄 I’m still not completely satisfied with them, but everything else I came up with looked too summery. orz

– The outfit on the left side of the screen is actually entirely purple… but it almost looks royal blue (on my screen at least). (^_^”)

– Those jackets are ridiculously hot to dance in. @~@

– I noticed that my hands shake terribly when I turn the camera on or off when I’m trying to film a split-screened dance. I try to be careful so that I don’t screw up the alignment, but I get so nervous about messing it up that it causes me to do so anyway. orz 😄

That’s it for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit(s) for Upcoming トキメクトキメケ MINI Clip

February 9, 2017

Super-quick post… Here’s what I wore for my MINI Clip of Morning Musume。’s 「トキメクトキメケ」 (one of the coupling tracks for their 53rd single, 「ブレインストーミング君さえ居れば何も要らない」), which I’ll be uploading later today.


Urgh, that second one is so blurry. orz Anyway, sorry that I didn’t get an earlier update posted for this one; I actually just got done filming it today. I don’t usually upload the same day I film, but I didn’t want this to be uploaded too closely to my Valentine’s Day dance, and I didn’t want to save it forever. (^_^”) I’ll have another update post up after the trivia for this MINI Clip gets posted later~.