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急がば回れ (Dance Cover) Trivia

January 19, 2017

– I was originally going to do this dance for New Year’s Day, because I wasn’t sure if I’d get “THE FUTURE” done in time.

– This is my first Kobushi Factory dance cover~.

– As much as I love this song, there’s not much to this dance, so I wanted to have some other “something” for it, which is why I filmed outside~. It was nicer than it’s been in a while, so I figured it would work out.

– I was concentrating too hard on remembering the moves, which always makes me mess up more, so I had to do quite a few takes. orz

– I started out not wearing gloves, but after so many takes, my fingers started to get cold even though the rest of me was fine, so I put on some gloves. (^_^”) I chose blue because I didn’t want white (they would blend in with the snow), red (they would blend in with my sweatshirt), or black (they would blend in with my pants).

– My hat says “BAYMAX” and has a picture of him on it~. ♥

– The camera was going to be facing the end of the road (down the driveway, like it was for “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” or “Heart Beats”), but I didn’t want all of the cars that were passing by in my video. (^_^”)

– I have a blooper in which, just as I’m starting the dance, I noticed the UPS truck turning into our driveway, so I have to move my camera and the stool that my iPod is on. XD

– One take made me so mad; the camera shut off with SIX SECONDS of the song left. Grrrr….

– The tiny steps I took at the end of the dance look absolutely ridiculous, because I didn’t want to risk going out of frame. XD It might have been better if I had just stayed in one spot… but I didn’t want to do another take. orz

– The take that I used was done with an almost dead battery. The low battery symbol showed up just before I pressed record, and the camera shut off immediately after I finished watching the playback.

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan