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涙の色 (Dance Cover) Trivia

May 13, 2018

– This was filmed on April 7th.

– I was going to wear jeans like Nakky did, but I don’r own any jeans that are skinny enough to fit into boots comfortably. XD orz

– My hair might look a bit strange… I just had a few pieces sectioned off and twisted back before pinning them. (^_^”)

– The dance break took the longest to learn… probably because it kept switching angles in the dance shot. (-_-*)

– The opening/transition moves are my favorite~. =D

– This was my 700th YouTube video (including Private and Unlisted videos)! (If we’re only counting Public videos, though, it’s video #671.)

– Last year’s Mother’s Day dance was “Iroppoi Jirettai” and 2015’s was “Black Butterfly”… I’m sensing a pattern. XD (2016’s was “FOREVER LOVE” because it had some faster moves.)

That’s really about it for this one. Thank you for watching and reading~! =D Happy Mother’s Day, Mom~!! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


Outfit for Upcoming 涙の色 Dance Cover

May 4, 2018

I always let my mom request a dance for Mother’s Day; this year, she chose °C-ute’s “Namida no Iro.” Here’s the outfit I’ll be wearing for that dance cover~.


Namida no Iro Outfit

I’ll be uploading this on May 13th  (Mother’s Day). Please look forward to it~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

~Update 66~

April 27, 2018

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been working on (or what I will be working on).

May 13th – Namida no Iro [Completed]
May 21st – Surimuchan’s Dance Bloopers 4 [Completed]
May 23rd – Sou ja nai [Learned, not filmed]
June 15th – Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka [Started learning]

There may be a MINI Clip or a Surimu Story thrown in there somewhere (since those are some pretty big gaps between uploads), but I don’t currently have any ready. (^_^”) As always, videos listed in these posts that are not completed could be pushed back or dropped completely.

That’s all~. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


April 21, 2018

Some dances I definitely want to do and why…

Morning Musume – Resonant Blue
– This was the first Morning Musume song that came out after I became a knowledgeable fan. That is, “Mikan” came out shortly after I found the group and their music, but I didn’t know who anyone was, and I didn’t know most of the songs. “Resonant Blue” was the first single I got to look forward to; I even burned a radio rip (including intro and outro from… I believe Gaki-san and Kamei) onto a CD! XD

Berryz Koubou – Munasawagi Scarlet
– I usually credit this song (and Matsuura Aya’s “Ne~e?”) with pulling me into the rest of Hello! Project. I really loved the original, but there was also a remix someone had made (I think it was called the APX KlubMix… and I believe it’s still on YouTube!) that I also really loved. ♥ Plus, I love the dance break! I re~~~ally want to dance to this! I’ve even been gathering items to make a somewhat accurate outfit~! =D

°C-ute – Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko
– Though this one came out after I started dancing, I still haven’t learned it… (^_^”)> The music video is one of my favorites from °C-ute (anyone who knows me knows that I like bright colors). Besides that, I always found the song to be a lot of fun~. =)

S/mileage – Eighteen Emotion
– This is probably one of my favorite singles from S/mileage (or ANGERME for that matter)~! I’m not sure what it is about it that I like so much; I don’t even remember the music video… just the dance shot. (^_^”)> It’s high-energy with a catchy sound, so I’d really like to dance to it~.

Minimoni. – Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
– So nostalgic! This was one of my absolute favorites early on as a Hello! Project fan, and I still really love it. The video, the song, the dance… love it~! ♥ Fun fact: this was supposed to be part of the “Minimoni Madness! Dance Set” from last year, but I didn’t have time to finish it by the deadline. orz

Morning Musume ’16 – The Vision
– I’ve thought for a long time about what dance I want to do for my “graduation” from dancing (when the time comes), and this one has always been in the top three (along with a redo of “ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL!” and various other songs rotating in and out for the third option). The song is beautiful; it makes me cry, but it also makes me smile. The dance is unique (and the music video was absolutely gorgeous). I really want to dance to it when the time comes… though, who knows? Maybe something else will come out before I’m done, and I’ll choose that instead. What I mean is, don’t freak out whenever I do upload this dance. XD (… Not sure who I’m talking to… I think people mostly come here for my dance tutorial downloads anymore… orz)

Anyway, I just wanted to make it known that those six dances are ones that I’m particularly looking forward to doing~. ^_^ ♥

~ Surimuchan

江戸の手毬唄Ⅱ (Dance Cover) Trivia

April 21, 2018

– This was filmed on April 2nd.

– I got the costume from YesStyle (though I don’t believe it’s available anymore T_T)~.

– I pinned hair ties to the inside edges of my sleeves so that I could wear them around my wrists and control the sleeves a little more. (^_^”) … Though I really love how the sleeves look, they were still a bit bothersome to dance in. orz

– The black socks look kind of dumb, I’ll admit, but I needed to wear them to slide more easily on the carpet. (^_^”) orz

– I did quite a few takes for this one. I had it done at one point, but then I noticed a couple small mistakes that I wanted to fix, so I did it again. (Good think I hadn’t changed out of that outfit.)

– I like how sharp the arm extension around 1:02 turned out~. ^__^

– After so many takes, the lunge right away in the beginning was killer. XD

– I had to hunt around quite a bit to find performances in which I could see how to do a few of the moves. o_o

I think that’s it for this one~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming 江戸の手毬唄Ⅱ Dance Cover

April 15, 2018

I’ve been wanting to dance to °C-ute’s “Edo no Temari Uta II” for a long time, but I wanted to have a proper outfit for it. Here’s what I’ll be wearing in my dance cover for this song!


Edo no Temari Uta II Outfit

I lo~~ve those sleeves, but I hate trying to dance with them flying around. XD I’ll be uploading this on April 21st. Please look forward to it~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

Snowball Dodge Dance Challenge – Disco Queen [MINI]

April 4, 2018

Imagine having more than one person throwing snowballs… O__O


~ Surimu-chan

桜チラリ (MINI Clip) Trivia

March 19, 2018

– This was filmed on February 16th.

– This is one of those dances that’s so simple that it’s easy to make it look bad. O_O I actually had to be very mindful of how to move my arms/bend my elbows and how big my steps should be.

– The boots might not fit the outfit, but anything else I tried didn’t allow me to turn as easily. (^_^”)

– I tried to be careful about making the outfit look different from the one I had in “Ooki na Ai de Motenashite,” because that also used pink, white, and little pink and white flowers.

– My favorite part might be the fast, tiny steps that I take just before the first verse. ^__^

– I had debated as to whether or not I should do a full dance cover for this one… but there’s really not much to the dance, so I felt I couldn’t really justify it with so many others left to do. orz

I think that’s it for this one~. Thank you for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming 桜チラリ MINI Clip

March 18, 2018

Here’s the outfit I’ll be wearing in my MINI Clip for °C-ute’s “Sakura Chirari.” A fitting song for the spring, I think!


Sakura Chirari Outfit

I’ll be uploading it on March 19th. Please look forward to it~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

~Update 65~

February 16, 2018

After going through all of my videos, I found that some dates needed to be added to my “Videos Uploaded on These Days” list (because, if I want to post something right away on a certain date, I have to wait until after 2 AM instead of midnight, and also because YouTube goes by when you made the video public, not when it finished uploading). orz That being said, I went from needing to upload something on 25 different days to needing to upload something on 30 different days. orz THAT being said, here’s what you can expect from me for the next month or so.

February 25th – Surimu Stories #8 [[Not yet filmed]]
February 27th – Reverse Dance Challenge
March 6th – Pira! Otome no Negai (Dance Cover)
March 7th – VERY BEAUTY (MINI Clip)
March 8th – Gaki Taishou (MINI Clip)
March 19th – Sakura Chirari (MINI Clip)

The Surimu Story should be quick to film, and VERY BEAUTY is learned and ready, I just want to try something for it that will take a little time to figure out. (^_^”) [[2/17/18 Edit: That thing that I wanted to try for VERY BEAUTY didn’t work out… orz It is done being filmed, though~.)

That’s all for this update~!

~ Surimu-chan