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Surimuchan Recap – April 2017

April 30, 2017

Recap 4-2017

Here’s are links to all of the videos and blog posts I made this month.

April 1st – Abandoned April Fool’s Day Video Ideas
[[This video was posted before I explained my future plans, so I did not make a blog post for this video.]]

April 6th – New Plans / Upcoming Changes

April 7th – ~Update 59~

April 8th – Just Try! (Dance Cover) Trivia

April 17th – Outfit for Upcoming 色っぽい じれったい Dance Cover

April 17th – Surimuchan’s Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions – Part 3

April 19th – Outfit for Upcoming かっちょええ! MINI Clip

April 20th – かっちょええ! (MINI Clip) Trivia

April 29th – Surimuchan [Now] #18 | Endings and Beginnings

And that was my April for 2017~. Thanks for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

かっちょええ! (MINI Clip) Trivia

April 20, 2017

– My first MINI Clip edit of this song was only 57 seconds long. I edited it again to include the dance break.

– I had originally planned on doing a MINI Clip for a different Berryz coupling track, but I didn’t have enough time to learn it really well, so I decided to go with this one instead because the dance is so simple.

– The part of this MINI Clip that took the longest was figuring out the outfit. XD At first, I had a white shirt with a cute picture of Dumbo on it, but I decided against it. I had a pink tank top over the blue tank top at one point. I also thought about wearing my Ultimate Warrior arm tassels (but they would have flailed around too much) or arm accessories that had a Ferris wheel on one side and ice cream on the other side.

– THE. TOP. IS. YELLOW. It doesn’t look like it. But it is. *shakes fist at Movie Maker*

– My first idea for that scarf was to have it pinned to the back of the straps of my tank top(s) so that it hung down kind of like a cape, but I went with the forward drape so it looked more like a vest instead.

– I’m wearing rolled up arm accessories (cut-up knee-high socks) on my wrists.

– I think I’ve said this multiple times… I love those shorts (and the blue, purple, and pink ones just like them). They’re so comfortable! =D

– I was having a little trouble lip-syncing in this because my jaw is kind of stiff and screwed up from the elastics I’ve been wearing on my braces. (^_^”)

– I probably could have done the full song just as easily… it was only one minute longer, and it used pretty much the same moves. XD orz

– The border originally had yellow triangles, but Movie Maker made the yellow a really ugly light orange sort of shade, so I changed them to blue. orz

That’s all for this one~! Thanks for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan

Outfit for Upcoming かっちょええ! MINI Clip

April 19, 2017

This is the outfit I wore for my MINI Clip of Berryz Koubou’s 「かっちょええ!」 (the coupling track from their third single, 「ピリリと行こう!」). I had no idea what to wear for this. XD

Kacchoee 6

Kacchoee! Outfit

It still makes me super-mad that my video editing software turns yellows into golds and ugly greens. (-_-*) Take note! The yellow you see in this picture is closer to the real color than the “yellow” you will see in the video. orz

I’ll be uploading this tomorrow~. Please look forward to it! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


~2016 Wrap-Up Post~

January 14, 2017

My year-end post is a little late. (^_^”) Here’s a quick breakdown (the split-screened and solo versions of “Magical Christmas” are considered two separate dances, and Up Up Girls (仮) is not considered H!P):

– I did a total of twenty-nine dances in 2016.
Three of these dances were original choreographies.
Five of these dances were MINI Clips.
Nine of these dances were non-Hello! Project dances.
Five of these dances were part of my “Agent 36” series.
– Of the twenty H!P dances, twelve of them were from singles/albums released in 2011 or earlier.
– Also, nine of the twenty H!P dances were album or coupling tracks (including “Iron Heart” for the °C-ute Dance Tribute).
One dance was one that had already been done previously.
– For each H!P group, I had the following number of dances – Morning Musume (any year) = 9; Berryz Koubou = 1; °C-ute = 2 (including the dance tribute); S/mileage/ANGERME = 2; Juice=Juice = 2; Country Girls = 1; misc. H!P (Buono!, Abe Natsumi, Mano Erina) = 3

Instead of giving a few comments for each video, I thought I’d just give a few general comments.
As far as my favorite dances, I was actually rather happy with the MINI Clips. They were each short and fun with something different (background, split screen…), so I still have fun watching them. The full dances though… orz Maybe I’m just being harder on myself than usual? I had had high hopes for “Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa” to maybe be another one of my “big” dance covers, but it didn’t do as well as I had hoped it would. (^_^”) I was pretty happy that I got a video uploaded on February 29th. XD “Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai” didn’t turn out too badly. I think I might have ended up liking the “Agent 36” episodes more than the dances that corresponded with them. XD orz “Party People Alien” was kind of fun. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and “Rival,” while okay were more of a relief to get done than anything, I think. (^_^”) I was super-excited with the warm reception for “Utakata Saturday Night!” ^__^ I feel a little bad about my °C-ute dance tribute; while I did work very hard to make everything work out and flow well, I can’t help but feel like it seems a bit rushed… because it kind of was. XD I only had, what, a couple of weeks or so to get it done in time for °C-uteの日. Just like with “Utakata Saturday Night!,” it was kind of exhilarating to be able to do a newer dance with “Oh my wish!” “Every Day Halloween” and “Magical Christmas” were fun dances to make because I got to be creative; “Every Day Halloween” will forever remind me of when I first got into watching wrestling because it has a bunch of references in the dance, and “Magical Christmas” was fun because I kind of love doing partially seated dances. =D I was proud of my improvement after I did “Kimagure Princess” again (ugh that first one… XD). And finally, “Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G” is a dance I had planned to do for Christmas for years, so it was nice to finally do it~.

So, basically… my MINI Clips were probably my favorites from my 2016 dances. I think I did more vlogs and “other” videos than I did dances (well, I definitely did), but that’s because I’ve been trying to upload at least once every week (which I have since the around the second week of October in 2015!!).

How about all of you? Which of my 2016 dances were your favorites? How about from my non-dance videos in 2016?

As far as 2016 in general… well, let’s just say I feel rather stupid about last year’s wrap-up post. XD What can I say… I was excited and hopeful, but then life just kind of slapped me upside the head. (^_^”) Thanks for continuing to put up with me~. =) (Also, it seems this is my 500th post on this blog~! =D)

~ Stephanie

ライバル (Dance Cover) Trivia

December 13, 2016

– I filmed this on November 18th/19th (late night/early morning). I was planning to uplaod it (along with Agent 36 Episode 7) the following week, but I ended up developing a terribly sore throat and a painful cough. I also lost my voice, so I couldn’t finish filming Episode 7 anyway. orz

– This dance was actually voted for years ago in one of my polls. I was going to have it as part of my Berryz Koubou Tribute Project, but I began developing Agent 36 around the time that I would have done it. I thought it would fit into the “story line” perfectly, so I held off on learning it.

– I was going to do a full split-screened dance, but I didn’t have time to learn Momo’s part completely, so I decided to do the jumping in and out parts before having the secondary part join in later in the song.

– I was getting so frustrated when I was trying to film this dance, because I wasn’t feeling that great (this was filmed in the few days between a fever/sore throat/earache and the aforementioned illness that had me visiting the clinic). You know how they say God has a sense of humor? Well, I prayed to “just get through the dance,” and I did… but the camera had shut off part of the way through. I was extremely upset at first, but then I thought, “Heh… I just wanted to get through the dance; I didn’t say anything about getting it filmed.” XD That actually made me laugh, so I took a short break before trying again… and that time I got it recorded. XD

– The skirt I wore for Momo’s part has only been used in (I think) two other dances: “Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~” and “Balalaika,” both much older dance covers. Crazy, huh? =D

– I was wearing some of my buttons for both sides: blue designs for Miyabi’s part, pink (and purple, I think) for Momo’s.

– I’m wearing one of my Ultimate Warrior wristbands for the secondary outfit. The main outfit features my black-and-white checkered wristband as well as a Zelda wristband.

– The fabric used for the tie on Momo’s side is the same white-with-black-dots fabric I used in my dance cover for “Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~” way back in the day. ^__^

– I wanted the parts to look quite different at a quick glance which is why I wore the fake bangs/fringe for Momo’s part.

That’s all for this one~! It’s been an awfully long time since my last dance cover (and my last episode of Agent 36), so I hope this was worth the wait. (^_^”) Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan

~2015 Wrap-Up Post~

December 31, 2015

It’s time for my year-end post~! I got a few more done this year than last year; I was happy about that! Here’s a quick breakdown:

– I did a total of twenty-three dances this year.
Three of these dances were original choreographies.
Four of these dances were non-Hello! Project dances, two of which were my most popular uploads for this year.
Nine of these dances were done in the last four months of the year (after I had quit my job).
Five of these dances were Berryz Koubou covers, four of which were done in the first three months of the year due to their indefinite hiatus.
– Not counting original choreography, for dance covers with other H!P group songs, I had the following – Morning Musume (including ’14) = 4; °C-ute = 2; S/mileage/ANGERME = 1; Juice=Juice = 2; Country Girls = 1; misc. H!P (High-King) = 1.
Two of these dances were part of my “Agent 36” series.

So that’s how that worked out. =D Now I’d like to give a few comments for each video~.

Nijiiro Miracle
– I actually really enjoyed something about this one, though I’m not 100% what it is. Maybe the fact that this was the last video I did before I got braces? orz This is one of those dance covers that makes me miss my long hair because it was totally cooperating for this video. XD (Too bad most of my iDOLM@STER videos are still unavailable in the US. (-_-*))

Dschinghis Khan
– This was learned for the only collaboration I did this year, so that makes it special in one way, and it was also the first dance I did after I got braces. I remember not lip-syncing most of the song because I was having such a hard time getting used to the feel of the braces. orz XD Actually, this was also the first outfit that I took multiple pictures of after the video, but I never did post them because I was still reluctant to show off my braces. (^__^”)

Heroine ni Narou ka!
– I actually reeeaallly like the outfit for this one along with the weird, crimped sort of style of my hair (that’s called the “putting your wet hair in a braid and not taking it out for two days” hairstyle XD). This was the first dance voted for in the Berryz Dance Cover polls that I did in late 2014, so it reminds me of that, too, because I’ve always loved seeing the results for polls on this blog, though I don’t usually get many votes. XD (Also, I know I still have one more dance cover left from those polls… but it ended up being part of a project, which is why I’ve held off on doing it. ^_~)

Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
– Well, there’s a hairstyle I’ll probably never attempt again. XD I actually thought the overall video looked cute (no pun intended), but I was really worried about how it would be received, because I’m obviously no Sayu or Momo or… anyone else who worked the mega-cutesy angle. orz XD

Towa no Uta
– AAARRRGH, the feels! TT_TT I did so much work on this one! I mean, I actually filmed everything in front of a green screen first, and then re-filmed everything when the green screen clips didn’t work out… and I didn’t even go into despair-mode like usual! XD Even more than my original choreographies or my most popular dance covers this year, I think this was my most ambitious video of 2015. I learned some of the dance backwards so that I could flip it and make the room look bigger! I did the entire dance for ALL SEVEN parts! The more I talk, the more egotistical it sounds… but I am honestly so proud of what I achieved with this video! If only I could have fixed the quality on some of the editing, it would have been almost perfect, but I still feel like putting this dance cover on my “Crowning Achievements” list. ♥

Shining Power
– I was surprised by how good a fully red outfit could look. XD This was always one of those dances where I was like, “Yeah, I’ll do that one… eventually.” I’m not sure when I would have actually gotten to it if it hadn’t been voted for. XD That being said, I actually really liked how it turned out! ^__^

Okochama Sensou
– Here’s one of the big ones! I think this has been my most popular dance cover since…  “What is LOVE?” maybe? It’s already overtaken “Spring Shower,” “galaxias!,” and “Hello/How Are You” in terms of views! =O I had a lot of fun tweaking this one and acting out the sibling rivalry in the dance, so I’m happy it’s doing so well~. ^__^

Renai WARS
– This has to be my favorite of my original choreographies this year~. I always love interaction being worked into dances, and this song was perfect for that, so I had a lot of fun fighting with/teasing myself in this dance. XD Also, you know, the fact that the songwriter tweeted my video (and retweeted my tweet linking to the video!) only helped its case. =D

10 Carat no Kirameki
– I couldn’t believe that this had never been performed live, but it worked out better for me, so I’m not complaining. XD I might actually go out on a limb here and say that this was my favorite outfit from this year, and, if not my #1 favorite, definitely top five. There are some points in the dance that I wish I could improve, but there were other points that actually really liked, so it all balances out~. =)

Black Butterfly
– The dance itself has a good balance of flowiness and snappiness, so that was a fun combination to attempt. This is one of those dance covers that I don’t know if I’d really be like, “I want to watch this one right now!,” but, if it happened to be on, I wouldn’t mind watching it. XD I kind of liked how this outfit turned out~.

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe
– I had wanted to do this one since it came out, but I had the same sort of feeling about this as I did with songs like “Nanchatte Renai” and “Sakura Mankai,” which is, “If I do badly on this video, I don’t know if I can forgive myself for ruining such a wonderful song.” XD Though it definitely wasn’t one of my stronger dance covers this year, at least I don’t feel like I ruined it. XD This was also the first dance cover I did after having my two baby teeth removed, so I remember trying really hard not to smile because I was embarrassed. (^__^”)

Chotto Ikashita PURE BOY
– The song itself has a lot of special memories associated with it (I even named my H!P blog after it~), but the dance hasn’t quite reached that level of sentiment yet. XD Although this video was rather complicated in terms of editing, the dance itself was rather simple, which was intentional, but also a bit disappointing. orz I feel like it wouldn’t look too bad with an actual group of eight people, but one person spaced out kind of sterilized the fun feeling a bit, in my opinion. =/

Shouganai Yume Oibito
– I finally got another one done from my “Surimuchan’s H!P Medley Challenge” list of videos! XDD This was another song that I didn’t want to wreck with a bad video. Again, I felt it wasn’t my best, but I don’t hate it. And I didn’t ruin the song for myself. XD I suppose this was a good dance to do for my last dance cover with super-long hair at least.

– I had this one planned for so long! =D I will admit to snickering quite a few times with this dance, not only while learning the dance and knowing what it was going to be used for, but also while reading the comments after I uploaded the video. The reactions… XD I thought this was a cute outfit, too. It’s something that I wish I had the confidence to wear outside of the house. XD You know, I don’t think I’ve ever worn any of my skirts outside of my dances. It’s kind of a shame…

The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~
– I love the technicality of °C-ute’s dances, which is why it’s so disappointing that they have so many dances with moves that I’m not comfortable with. TT_TT I find it funny that this was the first dance cover I did after quitting my job; some of the work-related gripes that are in the lyrics may or may not have applied to me… XD

Romance no Tochuu
– The scavenger hunt video~! =D This was a song that I was on the fence about dancing to for the longest time because of some of the weird movements, but I got over it and really enjoyed doing the dance. ^__^ Still a little sad that I couldn’t do a three-person dance break due to lack of room, but that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

– Soooo happy to finally be able to do this one! Memoriiies~! XD I was still in school the year it came out, but, because it came out in the summer, I had a chance to watch the video and listen to the song a billion times… and learn just the arm movements during the chorus. XD I remember really loving the “rolling version” of the music video. As far as my dance cover, I really liked the outfit and was quite proud of how close I got it to the original. The dance itself made me feel so cool. =)

– I started watching this video to see if there was anything I wanted to mention for this one, but I ended up getting distracted and only watching the video; it’s already half over as I’m typing this! XD This song and dance is just so happy~! I will forever be in love with てぃ☆イン!’s choreographies~. As for my video, I really loved this outfit and was happy with the background and my dancing, so I’d say that’s a win! =D

Happy Halloween
– Heeere’s the other big one! I honestly have to wonder how popular this one would have been without all of the Ib references… but that doesn’t matter now! =D I love the headless mannequin. XD I was happy that it worked out as well as it did. This video was just all-over fun from the costumes, sets, and props, to hyping it on my Facebook page for the preceding week, to the dance itself. Good times!

Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne
– I actually thought this one turned out pretty cute, which is why I’m kind of sad that I uploaded it while H!P videos were still blocked in the US. I think it definitely hurt the stats for the video. =( I wanted everyone to see and love Old Lady Surimuchan! TT_TT … XD Okay, maybe not, but I still liked this dance cover~.

Password is 0
– Awww yeah, Agent 36 begins! =D Two things immediately came to mind with this dance cover: 1) how long it took me to learn the fast movements in the first twenty seconds of the dance and 2) the disappointment I felt after I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do it in my taller black boots because it hurt too much to jump in them. Oh wait, 3) how UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED I was when H!P videos were made available again~! (*^__^*) I was going to wait until I had all of the Agent 36 stuff filmed (like, EVERYTHING) to start uploading them, but I was so excited that day that I decided that I didn’t care about it being on a regular release schedule; I had a dance ready and I wanted it up to celebrate~!!

– I didn’t realize just how weird the Agent 36 tie-ins would look until I did this dance cover. XD I have so many good memories with this song (along with the other “classic” MM songs), so it was great to do the dance for this even though it didn’t have a dance shot~. Not to mention the fact that I got to wear a costume that was a tad bit silly for it. XD

Romance wo Katatte
– It didn’t hit me until just now that the first and last H!P dance covers I did this year were for Berryz songs. O_O I actually have the giant, $160, first press limited edition version of their last concert (a hugely surprising gift from a friend), but I haven’t watched it all the way through because I’m still in denial about their hiatus (or, let’s face it… graduation orz). XD Anyway, I was pleased with this dance cover: dancing, outfit, surprise ending, and all~. ^__^

I didn’t really choose any favorites, because there was something I liked about all of them~. How about you guys?

► Is there any dance cover that you particularly liked this year? Top five? Can you put them in order from least to most favorite? ◄

As always, thank you all so, so, SO much for your support for the past year~! I couldn’t do it without you~! I dealt with so many different things this year: getting braces, having surgery, putting on a scavenger hunt~, leaving my job, realizing the extent of my anxiety, making the decision to bring tutorials back, challenging myself to post on YouTube every week, losing H!P then getting it back… Lots of stuff~, and you were watching my videos the entire time~. Thank God for that, and thank God for you! Your support honestly means a lot to me. ♥ Aaaand now I’m crying. XD

Going into 2016, I’m a lot like I was when I started my YouTube channel: no real direction with my real life, an almost empty bank account, and no clue how things will turn out… but I’m going to look at it as a fresh start. I’m going on an adventure~! It would mean a lot to me if you came along~! ♥

Thank you, and have a Happy New Year~!

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan

ロマンスを語って (Dance Cover) Trivia

December 22, 2015

– This is the first year since my very first Christmas dance cover that I haven’t had a Douyou Pops Christmas/winter song playing at the end of the video.

– I was really happy with how the sheer sleeve turned out even though it got in the way sometimes. XD

– Speaking of the sleeve, get this… that’s the same material I used for my skirt in “Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi,” my very first Berryz dance cover! =O I believe I also used it in my dance cover of “Shiroi TOKYO” [Short Vers.], which was another Christmas video~. =D

– Those are the boots I wore in my dance cover of “Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama” (and I wore them in a practice video for “Password is 0,” but there was too much jumping in that dance to make wearing those boots a good idea XD).

– The black accessory on my shoulder is kind of hard to see, but it’s a strip of black fabric pinched and pinned to look like a flower. There’s also a bit of white netting behind it, which I thought looked nice, though you can’t see it.

– I had a small portion of my hair in a hidden ponytail to keep it on one side of my neck.

– How about that wink around 4:28? XD

– I wanted to make the ending special for this dance, so I took some time to think of a “special effect” I haven’t done yet.

– I have five practice takes of me releasing the banner; they may end up as extras on my Patreon page. =D

– I had many takes in which the banner didn’t release properly, but two of them were particularly upsetting. In the first one, I pulled the strings and only noticed one side release, so I started to look really upset, but then the second one released. I tried to save it by smiling, but it looked really bad on camera. XD The other take that was really frustrating was when I had gotten through the dance without messing up, and I got the banner to release on both sides… but I had forgotten to add the snow to the top. orz … I was extremely angry with myself at that point.

– My contacts kept drying out because the lights I use are super-bright, and they’re fairly close to me as I dance. Some of the “cute” or “shy” looks I give are just so I could take a moment to blink or close my eyes a bit longer. XD

I think that’s it for this one… I hope everyone enjoyed it~! Thanks very much for watching and reading~. I hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic Christmas~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

シャイニング パワー (Dance Cover) Trivia

March 12, 2015

– The most difficult moves for me in this dance were as follows: 1) the rotating steps while making a box in the air (around 1:08) and 2) the series of steps near the end of the chorus (around 1:18). For the rotating steps, once I figured out that I only needed to change position when stepping with my left foot, I had an easier time, and for the other steps… well, I just had to remember which foot to step with first. (^__^”)

– That being said, the most time-consuming thing about this dance was not the dance itself, but figuring out the outfit. XD I originally had more black (a black polo with red fabric pinned around the waist; my cropped, black hoodie over the red polo; a black ruffle of fabric pinned to my shoulder), but I felt it was looking too much like “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS,” or “Iroppoi Jirettai,” or “TIKI BUN,” so I forced myself to use almost all red with just a few black accents to break up the outfit. I rather like how it turned out, and I actually much prefer it to Berryz’ outfits in the video (just… O__O).

– I described my outfit to my mother as the “dark version of my “Shiroi TOKYO” outfit.” I said that, if I had a picture with the little devil and angel on my shoulders, those two outfits would work out. XD

– If my dancing was a bit stiff in this, it’s because I was practicing a new, very-difficult dance the night before, so I was rather sore. orz Sorry~. m(_ _)m

– Aww, snap! The scarf-vest from some of my earliest videos is back! XDD

– I knew red pants would come in handy again! XD I’ve only worn them once before for a clip in the “LOVE Machine” collaboration.

– Not quite related to the dance, but my teeth are all straightened out~! YAAAAAY!! That means that I’ll probably be getting the surgery for my impacted teeth sometime this spring. Yaaay…? orz (Not really looking forward to it, but it’ll be nice to get it done.)

That’s all~! I haven’t started working on “Rival” (the dance voted for in the last poll) yet, but just know that it is on my list! Thank you for watching and reading~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan

永久の歌 (Dance Cover) Trivia

February 17, 2015

Get ready, because there’s a lot for this one~!

– I had wanted to do all seven parts in some capacity since the song came out. I had originally planned on doing something similar to my “What is LOVE?” dance cover, but I realized that, because this was Berryz Koubou’s last single, I wanted to try to make it more special. That’s when I had the idea to get all seven on screen at once (without the ghostly effect that “What is LOVE?” had XD).

– One of my H!P dance goals has always been to follow every member of each (stable) group for at least one dance. After going through my Berryz dance covers, I realized that I had followed either Momo or Captain for all of them except “Dschinghis Khan” (in which I did Yurina’s part). I wanted to remedy that with this dance cover~.

– I had no less than seven (probably more that I can’t find) index cards with notes on how I wanted to arrange the split screens and what I would wear for each outfit.

– Technically, I started prep on this dance cover last November; I found what would become my “blazer” (it’s a boy’s button-up shirt XD) at Target and bought it on Black Friday (it was something like 40% off).

– I was originally going to learn each member’s entire part, film the part after I learned it, and then edit everything together at the very end. Instead, I just changed into whichever member’s outfit and learned the part for the section being filmed immediately before filming it. =D I know… pretty slick. XD

– Using my original learning method (as described above), I was just going to learn their parts left to right as seen in the dance shot, so I actually learned Maasa’s part first. For whatever reason (probably after I figured out my new filming method), I switched to Miyabi’s part after that. That being said, I have a full, uncut, solo dance cover of this using Miyabi’s part (though I’m sure I could probably do any of the other parts).

– To make my button-up look more like a blazer, I pinned black fabric around the collar, and I also added black rectangles of fabric to either side. I also pinned the inside bottom corners up a bit, and I gathered the sides together slightly to give it a slightly fitted look.

– I do believe this is the first dance cover in which I’ve worn skinny pants. … I do believe this is the first time in my life in which I’ve worn skinny pants. XDD

– All of the outfits share a couple of similarities: the “blazer” and the boots. Other than that, each outfit has a key point.
* Captain had high-waisted pants, but, because I don’t own any, I pinned a piece of black fabric around my waist to give the illusion that I was wearing high-waisted pants.
* Momo’s part has an adorable couple of bows: a black one with a clip-on earring serving as a center (on the collar) and a red one (for my hair; I know, it was supposed to match the blazer more, but I can only do so much XD).
* Chinami has the hat, of course, but I also wore a white V-neck with black fabric stripes pinned around the neckline as well as the all-important bright blue socks. XD
* Maasa’s hat was a plain black bowler in the video, but I don’t have one of those… however, I DO have a bowler-like hat with cat ears, whiskers, and a pink cat nose. XD So I covered up the pink nose with a piece of blue fabric (it not only matches, it’s Maasa’s image color~!).
* Miya’s part includes a beret (I didn’t have a red one orz) and a grey scoop neck (which is actually a V-neck worn backwards XD).
* Yurina’s actually wearing a jumpsuit in the video, but I just tucked a black tank top into my pants to make that work. The real key point, though, is the necklace; I used my standby fake pearls and tied on a few pieces of paper that were cut to look like the flower shapes on her necklace. (I had to tape them to my top to keep them sitting correctly. XD)
* I must admire Risako for making that outfit work, because I surely couldn’t. XD The key points here are the red string tie, the white beret (that I’ve been trying to use in a dance forever! XD), and the “cropped” (rolled up) black pants with white socks. XDD

– As for hairstyles, I rather liked how the side twists turned out for Captain’s part (I got better each time I had to do them). I love the style for Momo’s part, but it was incredibly difficult and painful to get it to work. All that brushing and wrangling my super-long hair… orz

– I had February 13th through 15th off from work, so I decided that I needed to use that time to get this dance cover done. On Friday, I worked through the night into Valentine’s Day, spending at least eighteen straight hours working on putting the outfits together and filming all of the parts up to the end of the dance break.

– Later on Valentine’s Day, I set up a massive green screen set (it covered the entire back wall and went off to either side, also covering the TV and tiles on the opposite side of the room) and filmed the parts for the big finish. After filming, I tried to edit everything together and then put a fancy background in place of the green screen… but my lighting and my video editing software isn’t quite good enough for proper green screening (especially with so many parts), so the green screened ending I had planned didn’t work out. orz That was roughly eight or nine hours wasted in filming and editing. TT_TT

– I finally realized that I would need to go back to my usual split-screening ways, so I took down the green screen and re-filmed all seven parts for the ending “scene” on Sunday.

– The opening scene with all of the individual parts was edited on my brother’s computer (because his program could do the multiple boxes like I needed). I don’t know if it was the video quality or the number of clips used, but the video looked shaky once I was finished. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to fix that. =(

– The title used throughout the video was taken from the beginning of the original dance shot. It was slightly difficult trying to find a font that would sort of match theirs for the “Dance Cover by スリムちゃん” part. (^__^”)

– Usually, when I do tons of takes for a dance or when I spend a long time practicing beforehand, I get really sick of the song, and start to get irritated during filming because I have to keep listening to it. (^__^”) However, with “Towa no Uta” I did not once get sick of the song~. ♥

– I simple wasn’t able to get the timing to work so that Risako and Yurina’s parts could properly “walk” into Momo’s part. orz

– The four part split at the end was a bit difficult; no matter what, someone was getting cut off. XD Risako and Momo’s parts ended up being closer than I thought… m(_ _)m

– The ending was a bit tricky to film; in order to get the background to look like one big room, I had to film Maasa, Chinami, and Miyabi’s parts backwards so that when I mirrored it, they would be dancing correctly. Tricky, eh? =D (I also made sure to turn the beret I was wearing for Miyabi’s part to the other side for continuity. Boom. XD)

– I’m sure, a year or two down the line, I’ll be talking about how this song reminds me of LEGO Lord of the Rings for the 3DS, because I’ve been playing that like crazy the past week or so.

– I lowered the saturation for the part with Miyabi, Risako, and Momo so that they color of the ending scene popped more…  but the video renderings pixelated everything so much that the colors look kind of muddy and gross. orz If you want to see nicer shots of the outfits, you can find a photo on my Facebook page~! =D

– I had (have) a bad habit of hype-yelling during the instrumental breaks in this song. XDD For example, near the beginning of the song, when the music stops abruptly before starting up again, I would usually yell “LET’S GO!” and then more “LET’S GO”s and “COME ON”s would be yelled throughout my practice sessions. XDD

I think… maybe that’s it? Though that’s more than enough, isn’t it? XD

I hope everyone enjoyed this dance cover! Please be sure to support Berryz Koubou right up until they’re done (and foreveeeerrrr…)~. ^__^


ヒロインになろうか! (Dance Cover) Trivia

January 28, 2015

– I actually had this dance almost completely learned (I’d say about 92% done) not too long after it first came out back in 2011. I never got around to filming it because I had so many requests to take care of at that time (“Clover Club,” “DISCOTHEQUE,” “Beginner,” “Bad Apple!!,” “Matryoshka,” and others along with various tutorials). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I still remembered most of it when I started relearning it~. ^__^

– I really liked my outfit for this one. =D This outfit included the top from “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS” (I love those sleeeeeves!!! XD), the vest from “Happy Synthesizer” and a handful of other dances, and the black skirt from about a billion of my other dances cover (it’s one of my favorites, okay?! XD). (You can see pictures of this outfit on the Surimuchan Facebook page~.)

– All that being said, my outfit looks closer to Risako’s (or Momo’s or Maasa’s) even though I was following Captain’s part.

– I was rather happy with how the coloring effects turned out in this~. The beginning starts at 25% saturation and then jumps to 125% saturation. When the pitch changes after the dance break, the saturation is upped to 175% (which is why I look rather Oompa Loompa-ish XD). It then drops back to 25% saturation for the last few seconds. I was originally going to do the spotlight effect at the beginning and end, but I decided to make it more like “Heart Beats” with the slight color changes.

– The biggest challenge for me was probably staying in one spot during the parts where I move my heels in and out. I would always end up sliding backwards. XDD

– I had to keep my hair braided for two days to achieve that wavy/crimped look. I actually prefer how a braid looks with this outfit, but I kind of wanted my hair down for this dance (to get some nice movement).

– I had a fairly good take before this one, but my hair kept getting in my face and making me look like Cousin Itt and/or Sadako, plus I had a couple of moves that I wanted to sharpen, so I pinned my hair back, and I refilmed it. XD

– Though this one was also a fairly good take, there were two things in particular that I was upset about. The first is the fact that I accidentally repeated Captain’s movements for the end of the first verse during the second verse, which wasn’t correct because, during the second verse, Miyabi had the line that corresponded with those moves. orz Secondly (and this one really annoyed me), I had always done Captain’s movements for her solo line just after the dance break perfectly. (I overlayed the practice videos, and I matched up to her movements exactly.) But, on this take, I panicked for a moment trying to remember my moves, and I ended up doing it backwards. Noooo…. orz

– Hooray! I can lipsync again~! =D

– This was the first dance voted for in my Berryz Koubou Dance Cover polls last fall. The other two were “Shining Power” and “Rival.” Don’t worry… I’ll get to them!

I think that’s all for this one… Thank you for reading and watching! And ~please~ don’t hesitate to participate in the Berryz Koubou Tribute Project! Even if it’s just a short blog post about your favorite Berryz music video or even if it’s one quick sketch of Momochi’s “Yurushite nyan~,” it’s very much welcome! Remember to share your creations this Saturday on Twitter using #berryz! Thank you~!

~ Surimu-chan