Surimu Chance! Contest #1 Answers and Results

The first Surimu Chance Contest is over~! Thank you to those who participated!

Here are the answers for the pictures:

1) Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle (Reina and Eri’s sleeves with the lightning from Reina’s fingers)
2) Seishun Kozou wa Naiteiru (Exploding clothes from the Another Vers.)
3) Help me!! (Church in background with Duu, Sayu, and Harunan)
4) Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (microphone with some of Kaori’s outfit and Mikitty’s arm)
5) Memory Seishun no Hikari (Nacchi’s hair and sweater)
6) Resonant Blue (Junjun in the Night Scene Ver.)
7) Souda! We’re ALIVE (Kago’s outfit and purse)
8) THE Manpower!!! (A bit of Sayu’s dress and some fruit from the Another Edition)
9) Only you (Mittsi’s hair clip and some floating gems)
10) Koi no Dance Site (rug on floor and background/wall)
11) AS FOR ONE DAY (fish in the tank)
12) Sou ja nai (Chel’s hair clips)
13) Kanashimi Twilight (Yossy’s shirt and tie)
14) Renai Hunter (Daishi’s magazine cover)
15) Aruiteru (Ai-chan’s dress)
16) Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Makoto’s hand, flowers, ribbon on swing rope)
17) Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai (Background with a small piece of Daishi’s hand)
18) Naichau Kamo (Gaki-san’s coat and hair)
19) Summer Night Town (Asuka’s shirt and hair and Ayappe’s dress)
20) Seishun Collection (Linlin’s arm while she’s jumping)

I figured #8 would be pretty impossible… and I was right. XD The winner got 15/20 correct; I’ll be contacting them soon~! ^__^

Be on the lookout for another contest some time next month~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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