Surimu Chance! Contest #1 – H!P Mystery Pictures – Morning Musume

Please read the Information and Rules post completely if you choose to participate~.

Here are the pictures.

Mystery Pics 1, 1-10Mystery Pics 1, 11-20


Please comment on this post with your answers. Your comment should be a list with your guess next to the number of the picture, like this:
1) [[Guess for Picture 1]]
2) [[Guess for Picture 2]]

Remember, you only need to say the name of the song for the music video that picture was taken from. You don’t need to say exactly what is in the picture or which version of the single’s music video it is from. =) Also, if you can’t figure it out/don’t have a guess, you can leave the number blank.

One more note: The Gumis (Sakuragumi and Otomegumi) were not included in these pictures~.

This contest ends at 11:59 PM (Central Standard Time (US)) on Thursday, June 29th.

Good luck, and have fun~!

~ Surimu-chan


3 Responses to “Surimu Chance! Contest #1 – H!P Mystery Pictures – Morning Musume”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    1. Koi wa hassou do the hustle
    2.Seishun Kozo ga naiteiru
    3. Help me!!
    4. Roman my dear boy
    5. Morning coffee
    6. Resonant Blue
    7. Souda We’re Alive
    8. Egao yes nude
    9. Only You
    10. Koi no Dance Site
    11. As for one day
    12. Sou janai
    13. Mikaeri Bijin????
    14. Renai Hunter
    15. Aruiteru
    16. Onna to otoko no lullaby game
    17. ?????
    18. Naichau kamo
    19. Summer night town
    20. Seishun Collection

    ❤ That is super fun! PLEASE tell me what # 17 is though I am DYING.

  2. Grace Mellody(メロディー) (@GraceMellody) Says:

    1: Koi wa Hassou Do The Hustle!
    2: Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru (Another Ver)
    4: Osaka Koi no Uta
    5: Memory Seishun no Hikari
    7: Souda! We’re Alive
    9: Only You
    10: Koi no Dance Site
    11: AS FOR ONE DAY
    12: Sou Janai
    13: Koko ni Iruzee
    14: Renai Hunter
    15: Aruiteru
    16: Egao Yes Nude
    17: Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai
    18: Naichau Kamo
    19: Summer Night Town
    20: Seishun Collection

    I can’t even guess on the missing 3 ;-;

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