Surimuchan’s Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions – Part 4 (+ Bonus Auto-Captions)

Here are more ridiculous auto-captions from some of my tutorials! As always, all auto-captions were copied exactly as they were generated, so poor grammar and spelling is due to that and not any error on my part. XD The number in parentheses after the line gives the approximate time during the video where the mistake was made.


From RIVER [Part 1]
bring your right heel up behind into the side thing and your right hand down to meet repeat this move on your website (4:08)
turn your feet so that your toes are pointing to the left turn them back so that they’re facing the camera then to the left again then back to the camper (5:38)

From RIVER [Part 2]
do this too hard times before stepping forward with your right foot and Bathsheba but upbringing your right arm up and then down (0:38)
only over your right time crappy arms to your sides (8:30)

From RIVER [Part 3]
soon Jenny step in place with your right foot (3:38)


repeat these moves in the cops that direction (2:07)
in your fish near your shoulders push your fist out twice (3:56)


From Beginner (Short Vers.) [Part 1]
cramp your collar with both hands and put outward wants (7:40)

From Beginner (Short Vers.) [Part 2]
step to the rate with your right foot and bring your hands up poems in now step behind you right foot with your left fun (6:36)


From One Room Disco (Short Vers.) [Kashiyuka’s Part] [ Part 2]
imprint on your left for then your knees slightly in tokyo head to the right a bit (7:00)


From Bad Apple!! [Part 1]
Bring your right arm in front of you pinching your muscles and you do so (7:28)
Bring your left arm in front of you can sing your muscles again (7:35)

From Bad Apple!! [Part 2]
bring your right foot forward a bit and slide it back and you love to hear love you left foot switch so that your rate Hugh is up and you slide your left foot back (2:03)

From Bad Apple!! [Part 3]
Do this in upset direction on the light side now moats (0:20)
intern and punch out to the right with her left fist while extending your let Clint back do this moment upset order on a black Scion and lean down as before at this time stand up on the white sand (3:13)
Now both sides step toward the center and slimy other foot on Mon popping up once both Peter together (6:01)


From Luka Luka Night Fever [Part 1]
do the shoulder movement in the Alps interaction (3:51)
bring a rake face down a bit (5:38)
step to the right with your right foot as you bend yoru elbow so that your radar missile on your left arm is horizontal across the chest (6:16)

From Luka Luka Night Fever [Part 2]
hunchback out to the right with your left fist (4:17)

From Luka Luka Night Fever [Part 3]
well turn slightly to the left put your left hand on your leg playing and bring a rake first incredibly right mind (1:29)
children head to the raid and move it over to the right until you’re facing the camera (4:00)


do this again on the right butt lift your foot up higher when you step in place (8:40) [[right words; wrong “but”]]
and bring both arms up if you bend yoru knees and main backer bell (10:31)


From Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game [Part 1]
as you bend your own laws bringing your fists up with your eighth is slightly higher than you left finished (2:47)
then extend your arms straight out to either side quenching down with both hands (7:14)

From Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game [Part 2]
been crossrefweb football rear eight-foot as you bring your right hand (1:58)
10:00 your body (6:58)


From Ability to Stir the Audience [Part 1]
Yukiko with a left-foot and punch out with you right fist (4:09)
bring your feet for their part and then you’re a day lmao (8:54)

From Ability to Stir the Audience [Part 2]
before a pea in the previous smoking (2:13)


From Kokoro no Tamago [Part 1]
in in up until it is across from your left hand movie inlet kilo (2:28)

From Kokoro no Tamago [Part 2]
then step back out to the rate with your eight-foot and you stole a movie right (3:09)


From Migikata Guy [Part 1]
then left and in front of your mouth with your problems still facing in (10:30)


From Spring Shower [Part 1]
will be a Raider mop as you step up to the left on your left foot (9:52)

From Spring Shower [Part 2]
propaganda bring your feet together if you throw your hands up near your shoulders (6:39)


From BREEZE [Part 1]
in your right arm is a hometown in both hands are quaking in (5:26)


From Ochame Kinou
de niro bows to bring your left arm forward and your right arm back (2:59)


From LOL -lots of laugh- [Part 1]
people in the snow snow upset direction (3:53)
in street near Lake City bring your arms back up before straightening your arms (5:56)

From LOL -lots of laugh- [Part 2]
put your life can on the left side of your classes and non wants step over (4:05)


From Toroden [Part 2]
playing right foot over to the right is risking your left term up (3:14)


From Jibun REST@RT [Part 1]
winter left with your right hand keeping your elbow bend (8:24)
dumps lately to separate your feet as you look down and echo (10:15)


From Hearts Beats [Part 1]
bring your butt to meet your right foot then bend your knees slightly (5:53)

From Heart Beats [Part 2]
Bring your left foot back to me right foot as you move your ate fish down into the right (0:19)
bring your left foot over to meet him as she left her most back to your website (8:21)

From Heart Beats [Part 3]
well turned slightly to the left bring your left arm horizontally in front of you and Capulet crestwood index finger be right hand four times as you bend your knees in time with the music (1:05)
when you’re a term over to the right as you look in Maine in the same direction and bring your right hand near left shoulder in your left hand near a camp (4:56)


Wow. They weren’t even remotely close on some of those. XD Well, that’s all for tutorial auto-captions~! I still get bad auto-captions in my regular vlogs, so I may eventually have a video with some of those. XD

That’s all for this one! Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan


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