Internet Cupid (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I think I’ve mentioned it before (probably multiple times?), but I didn’t really like Momo when I first got into Hello! Project. However, after seeing her in Buono! (and actually understanding her character), she became one of my favorites in all of H!P. I admire her very much and was happy to upload a dance on her birthday~.

– It took me forever to figure out how to get the pixel-y look for my outfit. I had a bunch of little squares of fabric cut out, but it was getting to be waaay too many pins to keep them in place, plus they didn’t want to stay lined up properly (with the corners meeting). Eventually, I had to pin only a couple of the large pieces of grouped squares on while using dress tape for all of the smaller squares.

– At one point, I considered pinning the squares to the pink belt/sash that I wore in my dance cover of “Sakura Mankai”… but that looked pretty terrible. XD orz

– Yes, I do have “pixels” going up my neck and on my arm and wrist. =)

– I wore the fabric choker not only for the look of it but to cover up the bug bite on my neck (this was filmed a day or so after I was bitten). (-__-*)

– The border was made in Paint and blue-screened in. XD

… I think that’s it~! Thanks very much for watching and reading! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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