~Update 57~

I got five days in a row off from work, so I have been working like mad to get some videos done. Most of what I’ve done has been “filler”-type videos, but, hey, that’s still something, right? Here’s a list of the videos that I have edited a ready to upload whenever I don’t have anything else ready.

– Vlog Bloopers 5
– Vlog Bloopers 6
– Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions Pt. 2
– Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions Pt. 3
– Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions Pt. 4

I won’t actually have any more of the “Terrible Tutorial Auto-Captions” videos after those ones that I listed. I felt like the reception for Part 1 (with the auto-captions from the “Balalaika” and “Renai Circulation” tutorials) was lukewarm at best. Also, I realized that I don’t do well with the off-the-cuff humor that fits with those videos; I always sound forced and cheesy. orz It’s also quite a bit of editing, so it’s kind of hard to justify doing them if there’s no real interest. So, even though I had enough to fit into probably a dozen more short videos, I just chose a handful for those three longer videos. The rest of the auto-caption mistakes will be posted on this blog after all of those videos have been uploaded.

I also finished filming one vlog early: How I Got into J-Pop. Whether it wins the poll/voting video or not, it will be ready to upload.

A MINI Tutorial for “Oh my wish!” is done being written; now there’s just audio, filming, and editing to do. I also started writing the MINI Tutorial for “Mukidashi de Mukiatte.” I’m not sure which MINI Tutorial I’ll actually get done first, but one of them will be uploaded this month.

And, of course, “Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~” will be uploaded on Valentine’s Day~.

Thanks for reading~!

~ Surimu-chan


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