Outfit(s) for Upcoming トキメクトキメケ MINI Clip

Super-quick post… Here’s what I wore for my MINI Clip of Morning Musume。’s 「トキメクトキメケ」 (one of the coupling tracks for their 53rd single, 「ブレインストーミング君さえ居れば何も要らない」), which I’ll be uploading later today.


Urgh, that second one is so blurry. orz Anyway, sorry that I didn’t get an earlier update posted for this one; I actually just got done filming it today. I don’t usually upload the same day I film, but I didn’t want this to be uploaded too closely to my Valentine’s Day dance, and I didn’t want to save it forever. (^_^”) I’ll have another update post up after the trivia for this MINI Clip gets posted later~.



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