THE FUTURE (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I actually learned most of this dance before I finished learning… either “Koi ni Booing Buu!” or “Arekore Shitai!”… So, I’ve known the general dance for quite a while; it just took me some time to get around to fine-tuning it. (^_^”)

– I feel like this might be the first time that I wore something that wasn’t even vaguely “costume-y” since… maybe “Spring Shower”??? Maybe not, but that’s the last one I can think of. I just wanted something rather plain for “Agent 36” to wear (because this dance is kind of supposed to be in character).

– I rather like my hair back like that. (=^_^”=)

– I wore purple to match the thumbnail color theme for Episode 8 of the Agent 36 series.

– I originally wanted to walk in wearing the sweatshirt normally before taking it off and throwing it aside, but it took too long to get it off, so I started with one sleeve already off. (I also made sure the end of the episode transitioned nicely by taking that sleeve off before going offscreen~. ^__^)

– There are a few small errors in this dance. I didn’t overlay the dance shot version this time because I’m trying to eliminate some unnecessary stress in my life, and hunting for small mistakes to freak out about in a dance that I’m not even getting paid to do is definitely an unnecessary stress. XD

– The dance for the chorus is probably my favorite part to do~.

I think… that might just be it for this one? I feel like there’s more to talk about, but it might all be about the Agent 36 episode instead of the dance, so that’s for another time. XD Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan


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