Oh my wish! (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I filmed this on September 26th. I wanted to make sure to get a dance done for my mom’s birthday since it’s been a tradition since 2010. =)

– I really wanted to have my hair down for this dance so that I could fling it around, but it wouldn’t stay out of my face, so I had to tie it back. orz

– Though I don’t usually like to buy things specifically for one dance, I saw that grey top and thought it would be perfect for this dance.

– I wanted to wear shoes for this, but I couldn’t spin fast enough with shoes on. orz

– Even though Daishi didn’t sing in this song, I couldn’t help but lip-sync along because it seems like it’s been forever since I was able to lip-sync to a full song. (^_^”)

– Speaking of lip-syncing, I was glad that I was able to do so at all. The elastics I was wearing were still kind of new at that point, so I hadn’t gotten completely used to them. =/

– I did change that one move during the dance break. That move has spoiled more dances… (-_-“)

– I also slightly adjusted the timing of the arm push-outs during the opening/transitional moves (0:17 to 0:18, etc.) because I wanted to hit right with the beat instead of just extending my arm out.

– I was really happy that the “dance team” for this song had solo versions, too, because it was pretty much a dance shot. … The camera work was a little irritating at times, but I figured it out. XD

– This is the seventh year I’ve uploaded a video for my mom’s birthday and the eighth birthday dance I’ve done for her (I did two of them in 2013).

I think that’s actually it for this one. As always, thank you for reading and watching! However, my mom (my greatest supporter/fan) gets the biggest thank you of all~. Thank you for encouraging me, Mom~! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


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