Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This is my 200th dance cover~!

– I’ve been meaning to do this dance forever, and that’s almost not an exaggeration! I like to make desktop wallpapers with a list of dances/videos that I want to do, and this one was on a wallpaper from June of 2010. O_O Also, if you go back to blog posts from that time (or somewhere around there), you’ll see that I was working on learning this dance and was actually really close to being done before I had to focus on the handful of requests I had gotten. IT’S FINALLY DONE~!!! =D

– This song is rather special to me, because it was the first Buono! song that came out after I started listening to them (though, to be fair, I think “Renai♥Rider” and their Café Buono! album has just been released not long before I started listening).

– This is the last Buono! single that has a dance shot version… but I refuse to stop dancing to Buono! … I’ll think of something!

– The outfit for this video took a lot of figuring out. At first, I was going to wear my navy blue blazer, but it’s such a dark shade that it actually looks like a lighter black color (that definitely does make sense; you’d know if you saw it XD). orz Then I considered wearing a black cardigan and adding white accents to make it look more like Momo’s outfit, but I decided against that because I wanted to keep the blue coloring in there. I thought about ditching Momo’s look altogether and just copying Airi’s outfit since I would have been able to match it better (kind of like how I wore something like Maimi’s outfit in my dance cover of “Momoiro Sparkling” even though I was following Airi’s part). In the end, I ended up using that blue vest that I love (… I just realized that I JUST wore that in “Party People Alien” XD) over a long sleeve white shirt (like Airi) with a grey-blue skirt and hot pink socks (like Momo). I also had a tie similar to Miyabi and Airi’s.

– I couldn’t help but wear a bunch of my buttons again because it fits Buono!’s punk rock look so well. The ones I wore were as follows: Rottara Rottara – Pink; Kagome; Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai; Brainstorming – Blue; ZIGG-ZAGG; Shugo Chara! Heart – Red; You Say “YES!”; and one that’s not up for sale yet, Kia Ora Gracias Arigato. =D

– I followed some of Momo’s advice for making movements cuter by bouncing more while taking steps and curving my fingers outward when bringing my hands together. XD

– The most difficult thing about this dance was not so much a certain move but the order in which to do certain poses during the chorus. I actually wrote down “Momo’s Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Peace Pattern” on an index card: Both straight, right straight, both by face with left foot up, etc. O__O You can see a couple points in the dance where I take a split second to remember which pose is next. XD The real kicker is that I think they just did random poses that weren’t necessarily choreographed. (-_-“) XD

– I have a habit of going “Ba! Ba! Ba!” when I do those arm swings (like the ones around 0:08). I tried to hold back when filming, but you can see that I did it a few times at least. XD

– The hair tie on the pigtail on my right side was a bit loose, so my hair ended up looking a little uneven after a bunch of jumping around. (^_^”)

– This is the first time in a long time that I haven’t done any sort of practice filming before doing this dance. =D

– The crazy laugh at the end of the video was me being super-excited about finally getting this dance done. XD

That’s all for this one~! I can’t believe I’ve done 200 dance covers! I was watching some of my older ones the other day, and I’m kind of proud of how far I’ve come. ^_^ … Speaking of which, I should really redo some of those dances someday; the old ones are pretty cringe-worthy. XD Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan


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