CHANGE!!!! (Dance Cover) Trivia

International Viewers:

US Viewers – Change video speed to 2:

– This will be my final iDOLM@STER dance cover (unless the company that owns the music decides to do something with YouTube Red… but I don’t really see that happening).

– I spent forever trying to figure out how I wanted to wear that scarf for this dance. XD What I really wanted was a sort of wrap-around drape that went over my shoulders and created a sort of hood, but I couldn’t move my arms as easily. The next thing I tried was to make the scarf into long flowing sleeves. I actually have a take with that outfit, but my hands kept getting caught in the sleeves so I decided against it. orz

– I wanted to use the Takane solo version of the song, because I had found a video of it that wasn’t blocked, but when I uploaded my dance cover with that audio, it said the video was blocked in the US. (>_<*) I went and found another version of the song that I could watch, so I tried using that, but it still ended up blocked. BAH! Sorry that you have to use the slowed down video, US viewers! m(_ _)m

– The skirt really isn’t that ugly in real life. XD That was just Movie Maker messing with the coloring again. orz It’s more of a bright, yellow-green. (^__^”)

I don’t really have much else to say about this one… so I’ll leave it at that~. Happy New Year!

~ Surimu-chan


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