Happy Halloween (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I had previously planned on doing a different dance for Halloween, but as soon as I saw this one, it was almost like I didn’t have a choice. XD It was an actual Halloween song (instead of just sounding like it could work as a Halloween dance) and it was a てぃ☆イン! choreography, which are, of course, my favorites~. =D

– All of the costumes and props for this dance cover are based on the RPG horror game Ib, which can be downloaded for free. If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend it~. I totally fell in love with the game. ♥

– Both of the “paintings” on the wall were painted by yours truly the night before I filmed the dance. I sang along to the Japanese versions of Disney songs the entire time I was painting them. XD

– I achieved the headless look by wearing a bright green mask and then green-screening my head out. I ordered the mask specifically for this purpose. I was able to breathe in it, but it was a bit stifling. Also, I could see, but only enough to not run into anything big and obvious. (^__^”)

– As for the statue’s costume, I did the following: black shorts and black over-the-knee socks on over black tights for the legs; black gloves and a black 3/4 sleeve shirt with a collar under black knee-high socks cut to act like long gloves for the arms; the collar was pinned together to make a bit of a neck; and then the red dress went over everything. A couple of fun facts: the red dress was the same one I wore for Risako’s part in my dance cover of “Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta,” and the black shirt actually used to be long-sleeved, but I cut the sleeves off to make the arm accessories that I wore in my dance cover of “Kimagure Princess.” =D

– The “disturbing doll” or “blue doll” sitting near the table leg was another thing I made specifically for this dance. I added the hair one piece of yarn at a time. O__O

– The mannequin head, which is unfortunately mostly washed out in the video, is just a styrofoam head that I bought at a craft store and drew on. I decided not to use the version with the bloody tears. (^__^”)

– I ordered the skirt for my Ib costume because it was on sale for a good price and it was exactly the color I needed. =D

– Speaking of getting the color I needed, I made the bow/scarf/cravat (I’ve seen many different styles for that piece, though I believe it’s actually a big bow in the game based on one of the ending pictures) myself and was happy to find that I had some material that was very close to the same color as the skirt. Oddly enough, it actually matches the statue’s dress perfectly.

– I made sure the flower-eating painting was at about head level so that I could stand in front of it as the statue and the outline of my head wouldn’t be quite as obvious (although, let’s face it, it’s pretty darn obvious XD). orz It’s funny how the painting almost looks like my head, though. XD

– I was kind of sad about the fact that I couldn’t do anything about the shadow of my head on the statue side, but then I came up with a good theory as to why it’s there. If you’ve ever played the game, then you know that the statues make a growly kind of noise when they come to life. How do they make that noise if they don’t have heads? Simple. They DO have heads… they’re just invisible. Except for their shadows. At least, that’s the story I’m going to stick with. XDD

– Did you notice the couple times I moved my fingers on the statue side while the Ib side was dancing? =D

– It was actually much harder than I thought it was going to be to stand as still as possible for most of the dance. My arms started to shake after doing so many takes trying to stand still in that pose, so I was afraid it would show up on camera. If you pay really close attention to that statue side while I’m standing still, you can see me breathing. Like I said, I could breathe in that mask, but it wasn’t terribly forgiving. orz

– In an upsetting turn of events, I was watching my dance cover last night, and I noticed that the statue’s dress flew way up during the dance break’s jumping part. Now, it wasn’t really a problem because I had shorts on over tights as well as over-the-knee socks, so I was completely covered up, but it just didn’t seem proper. XD So I set to work trying to figure out how I could edit it out (and raging the entire time over my carelessness). I eventually ended up with the darkening and refocusing shots you see in the final video.

– I know my bangs should have been a little more loose to look more accurate, but they kept flying in my face while I was dancing so I pinned them back.

– I filmed this on October 25th. I took a bunch of pictures, like usual, but I decided to touch these ones up a bit to make them look nicer (and by “touch them up” I mean “Auto Contrast to make it brighter and add a simple “frame”). It wasn’t until late in the evening that I decided to upload one every day until I uploaded the dance. I had been editing the video and the pictures for so long that I almost didn’t make my picture-uploading deadline. The picture for Sunday was uploaded at 11:59 PM. O__O

That’s all for this one~! Thank you for watching and reading, and Happy Halloween! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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