C\C (シンデレラ\コンプレックス) (Dance Cover) Trivia

– As I said in the video description, this was uploaded to celebrate my mom’s birthday~. I always ask her which dance she’d like to see for her birthday every year, and she really likes dances with fast movements, so she chose this one this year. =D

– I listened to this song a TON when it first came out. I even learned the arm movements from the chorus because I liked that part of the dance so much (that was, of course, before I started learning full dances). =)

– I always thought that, when I finally did this dance, I would learn either Ai-chan or Reina’s part, because they were the two that I paid the most attention to in the video. However, I ended up learning Captain’s part instead (partially because I preferred doing the “YES YES YO!” dancing as opposed to the “Na na na na na na” dancing, partially because I still miss Berryz orz).

– The “vest” I’m wearing is another of my outfit hacks; I happened to have two red polo shirts that were the same (because I didn’t always pay attention when I bought things; I think I have two dark green, V-neck tees, too XD), so I modified one to make a vest by cutting off the sleeves, shortening the shirt, and cutting the front open.

– The first few times I filmed this, I had my hair down, but it kept flying in my face, so I put it into a ponytail instead.

– Another difference between the first few takes and the final one was the fact that I wasn’t wearing the star on my shirt at first. I decided it would look much better if I did, so I went to my sizable fabric stash and found some silvery grey to use. I pinned it in place, of course. XD

– To keep the hat on for all of the head movements, I actually pinned one of my fabric “suspenders” into the inside of the hat and then put bobby pins in my hair and into the fabric I had pinned in the hat. It helped it to stay on a bit better, but I couldn’t quite get the sassy angle to it that Ai-chan and Captain had. (^__^”)

– I was adamant about getting a satisfactory take for this dance since it was for my mom’s birthday so I did roughly… forty takes or so? Something silly like that. (^__^”) Don’t worry; I took breaks so that I didn’t get sick~.

– Speaking of the ridiculous number of takes I did, I was sad that I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit (it clashed with the outfit), because I easily would have gotten a few thousand steps. orz

– My favorite part has to be the dance break, followed by the movements near the end of the chorus (at ~1:22), and the arm movements during the chorus. =D

– While I was learning the dance, I had a really hard time dropping down and standing back up in time during the line “Cinderella complex.” I found it much easier to do when I had more room, for whatever reason.

– This has been on my “Dances to Do” list fore~ver.

I think that’s about it~! Once again, a very, very, happy, happy birthday to my mom~!! Seriously, you guys; when I said I wouldn’t be making YouTube videos without her, it wasn’t an exaggeration. When I first started, she would start the camera and the music for me. She made sure I stayed in frame, and she helped me film my “PV” videos. Even now, she watches my practices even if I don’t know half of the dance, and she checks my videos after I upload them but before I make them public to make sure the timing of the music is right (and thank goodness she does, because the timing was off for this one, so I had to re-edit it!). The only thing she has a hard time doing is picking a favorite dance cover of mine (but I can tell you her least favorite: SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~). XD So thank you for everything, Mom~! I’m incredibly grateful, and I know my viewers are, too! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “C\C (シンデレラ\コンプレックス) (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. firafirdaus Says:

    Hai surimu-chan, please send my happy birthday to your mother 😀 Hope she will always healty.
    I’m about to start my own dance cover but i feel my dance isn’t good enough. How to learn dance fast and good?

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Hello~! Sorry for the super-late reply! m(_ _)m My mom said “Thank you for the birthday wishes~!” ^__^ When learning dances, you can either learn it quickly, or you can learn it well, but it’s pretty difficult to do a good job when you’re trying to learn it fast. (^__^”) I would suggest working on a dance until you’re satisfied with how it looks; if you try to learn too quickly, it could lower the quality of your dancing. Thanks for writing~!! =D

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