Why Bring Tutorials Back?

Okay, here we go. I didn’t want to say anything, because I didn’t want to sound like I was fishing for sympathy or anything like that, but I believe I need to specify my reason for bringing back tutorials.

You may not notice it on camera, but I have severe social anxiety. Being around people freaks me out. At times, even being around family members is unnerving. I’ve worked in retail for almost three-and-a-half years in hopes that I can grow more comfortable around others, but it has been difficult for me. At one point, I had to take a month-and-a-half off because I was having anxiety attacks almost every day that I worked. Due to some changes in my workplace, I decided to quit a little over a month ago.

I took most of September off to work on my videos because I had so much that I wanted to make~. It was amazing! (I have plans for about fourteen projects, though I’ll be spacing them out~.)  Near the end of the month, I decided I should probably find some more work, so I got a part-time job. It’s still in a retail setting, though, so my anxiety has reappeared and made me miserable.

After my first day back in retail, I took some time to think seriously. Really seriously. What do I enjoy? What do I want to do? I enjoy dancing. I enjoy helping others with things that I understand. I want to dance, and I want to help others dance. That’s where the tutorials come in.

Yes, I pushed myself too hard in the past. Yes, I had problems with my computer, and my arms, and dealing with snarky comments about my reading voice and my editing style… but I was always so happy to get comments and messages saying, “Thank you for helping me learn this dance!” It was worth the time and effort I put into these tutorials.

That being said, I’ll call this offer what it really is: a request for assistance (because “cry for help” might sound a bit dramatic). If you think this system is fair, I would appreciate it tremendously if you could help support me for a little bit until I can find a job that might be a little easier on me. Don’t worry about my computer. Don’t worry about my health. Eliminating requests and slowing/limiting my editing sessions will take care of those problems. If you’re willing to help me, I am absolutely more than willing to help you learn dances.

Well… now that I’ve probably made everyone uncomfortable and thoroughly embarrassed myself… I should probably sign off. (^__^”)

Thanks, everyone~.

~ Stephanie


2 Responses to “Why Bring Tutorials Back?”

  1. kris hoegsted Says:

    Well I want to say I love you and all your hard work, you are a sweet heart ! Keep that great personality ! thanks kris

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