The Middle Management〜女性中間管理職〜 (Dance Cover) Trivia

– As I said in the video description, I learned this for a collaboration with YouTube user bekluvsdiru. I was pretty excited about this collab, because I remember watching Bekah’s dances long before I started uploading my own. =D

– I was glad that I had clothes that matched Mai’s outfit fairly well, but the blazer ended up being so terribly warm. O__O I was tempted to dance without it, but I opted to take off the heels instead, which bring me to…

– …the fact that I was going to dance in heels. It was not a smart decision. XD Back in 2010, I developed severe tendinitis in my left foot. I’ve been able to prevent it from coming back by always wearing comfortable shoes and not overdoing it on dancing, but I did practice this dance in the heels seen in the beginning of the video. When it came time to film (downstairs on the hard floor), I realized that they were going to be a problem. After just a couple of takes, I had to stand holding one foot up to stop the nagging pain, so I decided I needed to take them off. No amount of outfit accuracy could be worth reliving the pain from five years ago. =(

– On another note about the shoes, they were still rather loose, so I put safety pins in the back and threaded strips of black fabric through them so that I could tie them around my ankles and secure my shoes. It worked… but then I ended up not using the shoes. XD Ah, well~.

– I’m always impressed with °C-ute’s dances. I don’t listen to their music as much as I listen to other H!P groups, because I find that their songs are often not memorable (to me) or something about the dance turned me off to the song (I know; I’m terrible). Still, their dancing is always on point even though they often have more complicated choreography than the other groups. It’s admirable!

– I didn’t learn all of the lyrics for this dance cover. I hardly even learned Mai’s parts and the chorus properly. XD orz It really does look better when I lip-sync, doesn’t it? (^__^”)

– I started learning this dance about a month ago. I was so busy with work that I didn’t have much time to practice.

– I was glad that I was wearing long sleeves for this because that meant that I could keep my Fitbit on and get all those steps from dancing. Muahaha! XD

– How awkward is that move around 1:02 (when the right knee goes up and over to the side)? XD My mom, despite liking the song and most of the dance, always hated that move as well as the shoulder movements during the dance break. XDD

– I used a video effect for the first time on this dance cover: Color Temp Cool 10%. It gave the video a bit more of a blue coloring. I liked it~.

– This is only my tenth °C-ute dance cover. I’ve been uploading videos for almost six years, and this is only my tenth °C-ute dance cover. O___O

That’s all for this one~! I’ll post the collaboration once it’s ready. Thanks for waiting for me everyone! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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