ちょっとイカしたPURE BOY (Original Choreography) Trivia

– I remember listening to the preview clips for Morning Musume’s songs on iTunes when I first found their music. I thought this song stood out from their other coupling tracks, so I immediately bought it~.

– I was surprised to see that this has never been performed live. I think it would be a great song for H!P summer concerts…

– I liked this song so much that I named my H!P blog after it (which reminds me… I should really finish those Berryz rankings I started on there… (^__^”))~.

– The first sixteen seconds of the dance came to me very easily, as did the chorus (though that required a little more fine-tuning later on).

– As I was making the dance, I would usually make the moves for the member who had the solo line first, then I would make the moves for the members who would be next to her. Everyone else had a generic move to do. I noticed that many of the dances for album/coupling tracks aren’t quite as involved as dances for singles, so I kept this fairly simple.

– I watched a lot of clips of Latin dances as well as some hula for inspiration for this dance. However, it seems to have had very little influence on most of the dance. XD It ended up looking like a pretty generic pop dance. (^__^”)

– One of my favorite parts is the Latin-inspired move during the dance break when I move my knees outward quickly. I can’t seem to remember what kind of dance that was from… but I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. XD orz

– If you’re wondering what I’m doing each time they say “ikashita,” I was originally supposed to be grabbing the collar of my shirt, but that didn’t always work out very smoothly, so I simplified it to putting my fists near my collarbone. The original move was supposed to represent someone adjusting the collar of their stylish (“ikashita”) shirt.

– The moves for “KISS ME KISS ME” were originally me putting my hands behind my head, closing my eyes, and turning my head to either side as I brought my knees up, but I felt that, while it showed the giddiness of a girl in love, it just didn’t fit into the dance as smoothly as I would like. That being said, the move I ended up choosing didn’t quite fit either. XD

– The part just after the chorus and just before the dance break (where everyone is cheering and the whistles are blowing) had me stumped for a while. I couldn’t really think of any moves that would work in there, so I settled on having everyone do the wave (which seemed appropriate). To time it, I had to open the song in Audacity and add eight beats during that small section. Then, as I was filming I could hear the beats and know when to stand up depending on which color I was wearing.

– The part that I focused on as I was creating the dance was the red part (which corresponds to Goto Maki’s lines). Red and yellow were the only two parts that I practiced before filming. Everything else I learned just before I filmed the part.

– Each part had two separate takes, because all parts switch screens at one point or another.

– During Tsuji’s (blue’s) first solo lines, everyone else is creating waves to represent the sea.

– During Gaki-san’s (lavender’s) first solo lines, everyone else is “melting” for the second line. XD

– During Kago’s (pink’s) first solo lines, light blue and orange are supposed to be cleaning windows and counters while pink goes through papers. XD I don’t know why that was the first thing I thought of when “BAITO” was mentioned. XDD

– I tried to keep the transitional movements fairly simple because I knew editing was going to be a pain anyway. My first thought was to have everyone cartwheeling from one side of the room to the other. XD

– I thought the transitions turned out fairly well, especially considering the fact that they were done on an editing program that is… what? Over a decade old by now? XD o_O

– Ohh, those hairstyles… XD A few details:
* I wore a fake fringe for five of the eight parts, though it was only supposed to be four; aqua wasn’t supposed to have it, but I decided the headband would look better with the fringe.
* The most complicated/irritating hairstyles to arrange were the ones used for blue and pink. The simplest were the ones used for aqua and light blue.
* Because blue’s part corresponds with Tsuji’s solo lines, I chose the hairstyle I most often associate with her (the high ponytail with two small braids hanging down). This also happens to be the hairstyle that reminds me of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. XD
* The hairstyle for pink’s part makes me look like Minnie Mouse. XDD orz It was supposed to be like Kago’s typical hairstyle, but I just have too much hair to do that properly. XDD
* Lavender’s part corresponds with Gaki-san’s solo lines, so I went with the hairstyle she often had for her first couple years in the group~.

– A store I often shop at clearanced their size XXS tank tops, so I decided they would be perfect for this dance, and I bought a bunch of them in different colors~.

– I’m a bit sad about what the camera/editing software did to the colors of some of the tops. What looks like mustard yellow on screen is actually a near-fluorescent yellow-green in real life. Also, the aqua color should look a bit more green, and the pink should be more pink and less purple. (^__^”) The orange also looks much darker than it actually is. Ah, well. I guess as long as they can be told apart from each other.

– Each outfit has a different accessory:
* Red – Fingerless gloves. I was going to tie a scarf around my waist, but the only one I have is rather long, so it looked too thick for a summer dance when it was folded up. (^__^”)
* Yellow – Sunglasses. This part was originally supposed to have the visor that orange is wearing, but I couldn’t find it at the time I recorded this part. XD
* Light blue – Wristbands. Those wristbands are actually inside out; the outsides have Captain America shields on them. XD
* Aqua – Headband. This was the same headband I wore for Masaki’s part in my “What is LOVE?” dance cover.
* Lavender – Long hair ribbons. These “ribbons” are actually just strips of fabric. I cut the entire length of the fabric quarter, and it still wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom of my hair when I tied it in. O__O
* Blue – Belt. This may be my favorite accessory for this set of outfits~. I had to pin the belt in place so it wouldn’t fly all over while I danced.
* Pink – Hair bows. Once I had decided on that hairstyle, I knew I would need bows to put in the front.
* Orange – Visor. My first decision had been to use wristlets (or longer fingerless gloves), but I thought that would be too similar to red’s accessory, so I switched it.

– Because this dance had a lot of crazy timing and “waterfall” moves (one person does a move, then the next person, etc.), I had to make a little chart that showed what position each part was in after each transition. There were five transitions total: three quadrant transitions and two full rotations.

– I was pretty pleased with the top tier/bottom tier interaction during the dance break. =D

– My toes started falling asleep while I was filming. Probably not a great sign…

– Each color had two clips to be filmed for a total of sixteen clips. However, it took me tons of tries to get each clip right. Here’s something crazy: Gaki-san’s part (lavender) was the third one I filmed. The first section of her part was file 1057 on my camera. Takahashi’s part (orange) was the last one I filmed. The second section of her part was file 1149 on my camera. That means I started my camera at least 92 times, and that doesn’t even count the first two parts. O___O

– That being said, I filmed red first and then moved on to yellow, but then I realized that the camera had been too close, so I had to delete all of the files I had previously filmed. TT__TT

– Editing this was insane. INSANE I TELL YOU.

– I had the video all uploaded and ready to go, but, as usual, I left it unlisted until I could preview it. To my horror, the timing was super off, so I had to delete that one and re-edit it. (I hadn’t caught it in the first place because my Media Player has a stupid offset, so I can’t tell if the audio and video link up properly until I upload the video.) TT__TT While I was rendering the new file, my computer shut down, and I lost all of the trivia I had written out (I thought WordPress had an autosave for drafts, but, hahaha, it didn’t save anything orz). When I tried rendering it again, it shut down AGAIN, so I decided that it (and I) needed a break. At that point, it was 5 AM, so I decided I should probably get some sleep.

– Filming took about twelve hours, and everything else (including editing, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing trivia) took another twelve hours. So this is roughly a solid day’s worth of work. O__O

I think that might be it for this one, though that’s definitely more than enough. XD Thanks very much for reading and watching~!

~ Surimu-chan


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