永久の歌 (Dance Cover) Trivia

Get ready, because there’s a lot for this one~!

– I had wanted to do all seven parts in some capacity since the song came out. I had originally planned on doing something similar to my “What is LOVE?” dance cover, but I realized that, because this was Berryz Koubou’s last single, I wanted to try to make it more special. That’s when I had the idea to get all seven on screen at once (without the ghostly effect that “What is LOVE?” had XD).

– One of my H!P dance goals has always been to follow every member of each (stable) group for at least one dance. After going through my Berryz dance covers, I realized that I had followed either Momo or Captain for all of them except “Dschinghis Khan” (in which I did Yurina’s part). I wanted to remedy that with this dance cover~.

– I had no less than seven (probably more that I can’t find) index cards with notes on how I wanted to arrange the split screens and what I would wear for each outfit.

– Technically, I started prep on this dance cover last November; I found what would become my “blazer” (it’s a boy’s button-up shirt XD) at Target and bought it on Black Friday (it was something like 40% off).

– I was originally going to learn each member’s entire part, film the part after I learned it, and then edit everything together at the very end. Instead, I just changed into whichever member’s outfit and learned the part for the section being filmed immediately before filming it. =D I know… pretty slick. XD

– Using my original learning method (as described above), I was just going to learn their parts left to right as seen in the dance shot, so I actually learned Maasa’s part first. For whatever reason (probably after I figured out my new filming method), I switched to Miyabi’s part after that. That being said, I have a full, uncut, solo dance cover of this using Miyabi’s part (though I’m sure I could probably do any of the other parts).

– To make my button-up look more like a blazer, I pinned black fabric around the collar, and I also added black rectangles of fabric to either side. I also pinned the inside bottom corners up a bit, and I gathered the sides together slightly to give it a slightly fitted look.

– I do believe this is the first dance cover in which I’ve worn skinny pants. … I do believe this is the first time in my life in which I’ve worn skinny pants. XDD

– All of the outfits share a couple of similarities: the “blazer” and the boots. Other than that, each outfit has a key point.
* Captain had high-waisted pants, but, because I don’t own any, I pinned a piece of black fabric around my waist to give the illusion that I was wearing high-waisted pants.
* Momo’s part has an adorable couple of bows: a black one with a clip-on earring serving as a center (on the collar) and a red one (for my hair; I know, it was supposed to match the blazer more, but I can only do so much XD).
* Chinami has the hat, of course, but I also wore a white V-neck with black fabric stripes pinned around the neckline as well as the all-important bright blue socks. XD
* Maasa’s hat was a plain black bowler in the video, but I don’t have one of those… however, I DO have a bowler-like hat with cat ears, whiskers, and a pink cat nose. XD So I covered up the pink nose with a piece of blue fabric (it not only matches, it’s Maasa’s image color~!).
* Miya’s part includes a beret (I didn’t have a red one orz) and a grey scoop neck (which is actually a V-neck worn backwards XD).
* Yurina’s actually wearing a jumpsuit in the video, but I just tucked a black tank top into my pants to make that work. The real key point, though, is the necklace; I used my standby fake pearls and tied on a few pieces of paper that were cut to look like the flower shapes on her necklace. (I had to tape them to my top to keep them sitting correctly. XD)
* I must admire Risako for making that outfit work, because I surely couldn’t. XD The key points here are the red string tie, the white beret (that I’ve been trying to use in a dance forever! XD), and the “cropped” (rolled up) black pants with white socks. XDD

– As for hairstyles, I rather liked how the side twists turned out for Captain’s part (I got better each time I had to do them). I love the style for Momo’s part, but it was incredibly difficult and painful to get it to work. All that brushing and wrangling my super-long hair… orz

– I had February 13th through 15th off from work, so I decided that I needed to use that time to get this dance cover done. On Friday, I worked through the night into Valentine’s Day, spending at least eighteen straight hours working on putting the outfits together and filming all of the parts up to the end of the dance break.

– Later on Valentine’s Day, I set up a massive green screen set (it covered the entire back wall and went off to either side, also covering the TV and tiles on the opposite side of the room) and filmed the parts for the big finish. After filming, I tried to edit everything together and then put a fancy background in place of the green screen… but my lighting and my video editing software isn’t quite good enough for proper green screening (especially with so many parts), so the green screened ending I had planned didn’t work out. orz That was roughly eight or nine hours wasted in filming and editing. TT_TT

– I finally realized that I would need to go back to my usual split-screening ways, so I took down the green screen and re-filmed all seven parts for the ending “scene” on Sunday.

– The opening scene with all of the individual parts was edited on my brother’s computer (because his program could do the multiple boxes like I needed). I don’t know if it was the video quality or the number of clips used, but the video looked shaky once I was finished. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to fix that. =(

– The title used throughout the video was taken from the beginning of the original dance shot. It was slightly difficult trying to find a font that would sort of match theirs for the “Dance Cover by スリムちゃん” part. (^__^”)

– Usually, when I do tons of takes for a dance or when I spend a long time practicing beforehand, I get really sick of the song, and start to get irritated during filming because I have to keep listening to it. (^__^”) However, with “Towa no Uta” I did not once get sick of the song~. ♥

– I simple wasn’t able to get the timing to work so that Risako and Yurina’s parts could properly “walk” into Momo’s part. orz

– The four part split at the end was a bit difficult; no matter what, someone was getting cut off. XD Risako and Momo’s parts ended up being closer than I thought… m(_ _)m

– The ending was a bit tricky to film; in order to get the background to look like one big room, I had to film Maasa, Chinami, and Miyabi’s parts backwards so that when I mirrored it, they would be dancing correctly. Tricky, eh? =D (I also made sure to turn the beret I was wearing for Miyabi’s part to the other side for continuity. Boom. XD)

– I’m sure, a year or two down the line, I’ll be talking about how this song reminds me of LEGO Lord of the Rings for the 3DS, because I’ve been playing that like crazy the past week or so.

– I lowered the saturation for the part with Miyabi, Risako, and Momo so that they color of the ending scene popped more…  but the video renderings pixelated everything so much that the colors look kind of muddy and gross. orz If you want to see nicer shots of the outfits, you can find a photo on my Facebook page~! =D

– I had (have) a bad habit of hype-yelling during the instrumental breaks in this song. XDD For example, near the beginning of the song, when the music stops abruptly before starting up again, I would usually yell “LET’S GO!” and then more “LET’S GO”s and “COME ON”s would be yelled throughout my practice sessions. XDD

I think… maybe that’s it? Though that’s more than enough, isn’t it? XD

I hope everyone enjoyed this dance cover! Please be sure to support Berryz Koubou right up until they’re done (and foreveeeerrrr…)~. ^__^



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