~2014 Wrap-Up Post~

Well, it’s a bit late, but here’s my year-end post for 2014~. I had a very small number of dance covers this year, so I’ll just leave a quick comment about each one.

– I really do love doing iDOLM@STER dance covers~! They’re always so much fun! I really wish I would have picked a better outfit for this one, though; it’s much too similar to so many others that I’ve had. (^__^”)

What is LOVE?
– AAAAAHHHHH! This cover is very special to me, not only because of the crazy editing (that I’m rather proud of) but because this is the one that Haruna, Fuku-chan, and Sakura liked~. =D I still have the video of them watching and talking about it saved on my computer, and I watch it every once in a while when I’m not feeling too happy. ♥

Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta
– This is one of Berryz Koubou’s catchiest songs, in my opinion. As far as my video, I was rather happy with the desaturated look of it. I had hoped to do more split-screening for this one, but, sadly, it just wasn’t working out.

Gachinko de Ikou!
– One of the dances that I’ve had on my To Do List forever~!! I’m not 100% satisfied with my outfit, but… This was another one that I had wanted to do some split-screening in, but there wasn’t enough room to make it work. orz At least I got a chance to wear actual H!P merchandise in a dance! XD

– This outfit was slightly outside my comfort zone, but the song was an early favorite, so I kind of wanted to do it justice~. Overall, I feel I could have done better on this one. (^__^”)

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa
– I was mostly pleased with this one, though I could have tightened up a few moves. I’m happy that I was able to show a more genuine happiness in this dance~.

– This was another one that had some complicated editing that I was (am!) really proud of. I’m actually quite fond of the outfits for this one (as well as the song and dance in general). This might be one of my favorites from 2014.

Ee Ka!?
– I was pleasantly surprised with the positive response this one got because I didn’t think it turned out very good at all. XD I suppose I kind of liked how the first half of the dance break turned out, and… that’s about all I have to say about this one. XDD

Berryz Koubou Dance Tribute ~ 10 Year Anniversary ~
– If you wanted to be super-nitpicky, I guess this would technically be my first attempt at choreography. It was quite a lot of fun going through all of their videos to find different moves to use. Thank goodness I did this before they announced their indefinite hiatus; I probably would have been crying through half the dance otherwise (well, maybe not quite). XD

Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS
– I believe this one was also fairly well-received~. This is one of those rare videos of mine that I actually like. XD Again, slightly outside my comfort level, but I actually loved this outfit (along with the song and dance). Another favorite, I think.

Hajimete wo Keikenchuu
– This was my first outdoor HD dance… and that’s about all I can say about it. I found it rather forgettable, unfortunately. =( It was rather fun getting my viewers involved in choosing part of the outfit on my Facebook page, though! =D

Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni
– Love the song~. The outfit turned out rather well… My dancing could have been better at times. orz

Otsukimi Recital
– Love, love, loooove Fine & Tsurutei’s dances! I’m a bit sad that the two parts were slightly offset at times because of the super-slowdown on my split-screening computer, but I still really like how this one turned out~. ^__^

Happy Trap
– I’m actually not a big fan of this one. I can’t really put my finger on what it is that bugs me, but, the more I watched it, the less I cared for it. That’s pretty sad considering this was my birthday dance. T__T It probably had the most interesting background of my 2014 dances, though.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
– This was my silliest dance cover in a long time, and I love how it turned out! Some of the faces I make… XD Oddly enough, this was the dance that almost made me completely give up on making YouTube videos because I was in such great pain the first time I tried to record it. My rapid-fire failures that day led me to a short hiatus during which I seriously considered quitting. Luckily, I healed both physically and mentally and continued on my merry way~. When I finally finished this one, I was SO incredibly happy. It’s such an odd song to have so many deep emotions associated with it. XD

-Winter Story-
– I hope I don’t sound too big-headed when I say that I am so incredibly proud of this one~. I didn’t spend as long as I thought I would creating a dance. I had tried making my own dance to a song a few years ago, but it was incredibly difficult; maybe my experience in writing tutorials made it easier and the fact that I’ve been expanding my dance repertoire probably didn’t hurt. This was another favorite~!

I guess that means “What is LOVE?,” “SAMURAI GIRLS,” “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS,” “Otsukimi Recital,” and “-Winter Story-” were my top five this year, though “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” was high on the list, too~. How about you? Do you have a top ten? Five? One?

Thank you all, so much, for supporting me over the past year! I know I said I had a rough year in my 2013 Wrap-Up Post, but 2014 was even more brutal. Despite the terribly small number of videos I released in 2014, I continued getting comments, likes, and subscribers. Ah~, all of my lovely viewers~! If there was an official name for my splendid viewers, I would make a shirt that says, “I ♥ my (official name)!,” but there isn’t, so I’ll just stick with saying thank you~. XD I have big plans for 2015, but who knows what this year will actually bring? We’ll have to see~. I look forward to releasing fun, new videos for you this year, too!

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “~2014 Wrap-Up Post~”

  1. BalancedSpirit79 Says:

    Hey there, Steph! I finally found time to make my list:

    What is LOVE?:
    Your fast movements were amazing because you didn’t sacrifice accuracy at all. Go スリ娘!! 🙂

    Pretty much the same as above; excellent form throughout. Seriously, please stop beating yourself up about this one! You did great!!

    Great moves and use of splitscreen. I also really liked the beginning and end when you were in “Samurai Mode” so to speak.

    Berryz Koubou Dance Tribute ~ 10 Year Anniversary ~
    This was so impressive. Like piecing together a puzzle you took moves from all the other Berryz dances and somehow made them work together. Tsunku would be proud.

    Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS:
    I liked this one because even though it was technically a j-pop dance, it had a very atypical move set. Also, I took your recommendation and checked out the Iroppoi Jirettai dance shot; you were right, also very atypical!

    Happy Trap:
    As always, when you perform a dance well and it’s clear you’re having fun with it, it’s a joy to witness. Bleh, this winter is pretty bad over here. I really envy all that firewood you’ve got stacked behind you…I also envy that you actually have a working fireplace to put it in!

    Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance:
    I remember when you did a “surprise” dance challenge where you didn’t know what music was going to play beforehand and you had to “wing it” to the best of your memory. This song was on the challenge. You did great on the spot and even better here. Just like the Monchichis, your dances mean happiness! 😀

    -Winter Story-
    Amazing job on creating your first original dance. Once again, Tsunku would be proud. My eyes loved what they saw and my ears liked the song, but I have to admit…I needed to hold my nose. 😉

    Surimuchan’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:
    I’m adding this one because it made me laugh quite a bit. The fact that you actually danced a little bit of Suneo no Theme while getting not one, not two, but THREE buckets dumped on you was quite epic, especially the last bucket, which was significantly bigger than the other two, LOL!!

    Wow…I can’t believe it’s been five years. It honestly seemed like it flew by. Here’s to another five!! You rock, Steph!!


    • Surimu-chan Says:

      And the award for the “Longest Wait to Reply” goes to… me. It goes to me. orz XD Sorry~! m(_ _)m

      I was honestly rather surprised to see “CRAZY ABOUT YOU” and “Happy Trap” on the list… but I’m glad you liked them! =D

      Aahh~, that dance challenge! I actually have the dances that were in there grouped in one of my “Dances to Do” files. I think the only ones I have left are “Happy Summer Wedding,” “Resonant Blue,” and “Ne~e?”, so maybe I’ll try another medley challenge after I finish those~… if I’m still making videos at that point. XD

      I really must thank you for continuing to watch my videos all these years, especially considering the fact that you started watching when I mega-sucked. XDD Thanks so much~!!

      ~ Steph

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