-Winter Story- (Original Choreography) Trivia

– As I’ve said a few times (I’m proud of it, okay?! XD), this is my first original choreography. I ran out of winter songs that had dances (at least clear dances), so I found a Christmas song that hadn’t been performed at all and decided to make a dance for it~.

– I started working on the choreography on October 30th and finished roughly two weeks later.

– To create the dance, I wrote out the moves I was doing as if I was writing a tutorial. I didn’t move straight through the song when coming up with dance moves; I created some moves to fit with the lyrics and others to fit with the beats. Once I got those ones done, I filled in the “in-between” parts to make the whole dance flow together.

– I believe the first move I came up with was making the Christmas tree shape during the chorus (during the line “Christmas for you”). From there, I had to figure out how to get my hands to the starting position for the tree shape, then I had to figure out where to go after I finished making the shape. (The very first move was determined very early on as well; it’s how I knew I wanted to do all three parts.)

– When making the dance, I worked on Momo’s part first, partially out of habit, but also because I had planned on having her part on the right side (left side of the screen), so a lot of the “waterfall” moves (first person moves, second does the same, third does the same) would start with her.

– The air guitar playing was decided rather early on because it seemed very Buono!-ish. XD

– I originally had whomever wasn’t doing their solo moves during the dance break just kind of randomly dancing in place, but, after a practice filming, I found that to be too busy, so I went with posing instead.

– Did anyone notice that little nod I had to the dance for Morning Musume’s “Mikan” near the end of the song? =D

– I filmed them in order from left to right (from the camera’s point of view); that was also the order in which I made the “individual” dance moves (Momo, Airi, Miyabi).

– For Momo’s part’s outfit, I was going to wear a white beret and the silver scarf around my neck, but I didn’t think it looked enough like a Buono! outfit (they usually had a rather punk-rock look, at least while they were singing for Shugo Chara!), so I changed it up a bit by adding chains around the shoulder, fingerless gloves, and by wrapping the scarf around my belt and then pinning it up by my shoulder.

– This was the first dance in which I wore leggings. You can’t tell, but they’re black with white stars. I felt that, because you can’t really see the star pattern, the whole look was kind of ruined and out of place. orz

– The outfit for Airi’s part is my favorite. I added chains to the shoulder of my vest for that one, too.

– The look for Miyabi’s part gave me a bit of trouble at first, because I didn’t know what to do to set it apart. XD I had the red plaid scarf and the poinsettia (which is nearly invisible in this light/quality), but I didn’t know what else I could do to change it. I ended up cutting up and pinning a wide piece of black fabric around my waist to make it look like I had high-waisted shorts on. XD I actually rather like how it turned out~.

– I was happy with the little bit of “interaction” between Airi’s and Miyabi’s parts around 2:34. I always like to do that in my split screening if I have the chance~.

– I was panicking about finding a clip from one of the Christmas Douyou Pops songs for my ending video clip (because it’s been my tradition to use a short, instrumental clip from one of those songs for the end of my Christmas videos), because I couldn’t seem to find a clip that was long enough that didn’t have any singing. I ended up taking a small piece from the beginning of “Omedetou Christmas” and repeating it.

– The present at the end wasn’t even fulling wrapped; I only covered the top because I didn’t want to waste wrapping paper. (^__^”)>

– The wrapping paper was a matte silver background with shiny silver leaves/branches and sparkly red berries. It would have looked pretty, but the camera hadn’t focused completely, so the message at the end was blurry, which led me to desaturating the clip and adding a little film aging. I sharpened the picture at the very end so that it could be read more easily.

I think that’s it for this one~. ^_^

Well, everyone! it’s going to be an absolute circus for me for the next few weeks! More on that later~. Until then… an early and very Merry Christmas to you all~! Thank you for watching and reading!

~ Surimu-chan


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