SAMURAI GIRLS (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I loved this song/dance from the get-go. =D I saved the LASER version dance video to my computer the day after it came out~. My mom had actually hoped I could get it done for her birthday, but I had been working on a handful of others at the time, so I wasn’t able to do so. (^_^”)>

– I had gone with Akari for the main part because she was the only one that didn’t do the strange, hip-thrust kind of move during the second verse. It wasn’t until quite a while later that I realized just how much she sings and, consequently, stands in place. XD I eventually figured I would have to cut a couple of her parts from the dance completely (for example, near the beginning with the robotic movements, she was mostly standing there because she had a solo); however, for the second verse, I just incorporated most of the others’ moves into her part so that I had something to do. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t doing much for the first twenty seconds or so of the dance. orz

– I love the “puppet master” moves during the opening and closing dance sections. =D

– As per usual, my outfit accents are strips of fabric that are pinned to my tank top. XD

– I was originally going to just have the scarf pinned around my neckline and then partially woven through my belt loops, but I figured the pinned fabric strips would look better. (^_^”)>

– You can’t see them for the most part, but I have a second tank top on under the black one for each part’s respective color (except I had to use white for purple; apparently, of the billion tank tops I own, I don’t have a purple one).

– I couldn’t find the lyrics for this song anywhere, but, luckily, I got my copy of UP UP GIRLS (仮)’s second album (which includes this song) a few days before Mother’s Day. ^__^ I spent some time figuring out the romaji for the solo lines during the choruses, but that’s all. (^_^”)> Any other time I lip-sync is mostly guessing. XD

– My favorite part of the song is probably Azusa’s solo just before the second chorus (around 2:35). I find that part getting stuck in my head randomly quite often.

– I actually practiced parts of this dance with a sword, but I didn’t have enough room to swing it very freely, and I didn’t really want to encourage potentially dangerous dancing, so I left it out completely. (^_^”)>

– I began filming the parts for this dance at around 3:45 AM on Friday and completely finished editing around 3:45 PM. Except for a short trip into town around eleven o’clock, I was working on the video the whole time. By the time I went to sleep, I had been up for about twenty-two hours. O__O

– I hardcore, super-love the sound effects at the end of the song! =D

That’s all for this one! Thank you for watching and reading~. =)

~ Surimu-chan


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