What is LOVE? (Dance Cover) Trivia

– Each part has a unique accessory.

– I had originally wanted to use a cutesy hat for for the accessory for Sayumi’s part; it was a black bowler with little cat ears, and it had a pink nose and white whiskers stitched on the front. XD It was slipping around too much for that part’s movements, and I felt like it didn’t quite fit with the outfit, so I made some quick pink cuffs out of construction paper instead.

– The “dress” that I had for Zukki’s part was actually a scarf! Aside from the corner that hung down awkwardly, I thought it looked pretty good. =D My sister called it the “Zelda dress.” XD

– The headband I wore for Masaki’s part was from the Infant/Toddler section of Target. XDD

– The necklace I wore for Sakura’s part was a replica of the Beads of Subjugation from InuYasha.

– The other parts’ accessories are as follows: Fuku-chan > socks; Eripon > fingerless gloves; Riho > tie; Haruna > crocheted flower hair pin; Daishi > fabric chains; and Haruka > hat (with orange heart pinned on).

– For this dance cover, I had two options: 1) do a solo dance cover and move around as much as I wanted to (admittedly, that probably would have looked better (^_^”)>), or 2) stifle my movements a bit to accomodate the monstrous split-screened dance cover that I’ve wanted to do ever since “Help me!!” came out. … I really, really wanted to do that split-screened version. XD

– Remember that problem I mentioned when I did “Barebare I LOVE YOU” about Movie Maker turning my orange top red after the video was rendered? Guess what happened again…? orz When Haruka’s part is the only one on screen, the bright orange turns into a red-orange until it cuts to the ten-person split. Speaking of which…

– …how about that ten-person split? XDD I know, it doesn’t look amazing because we’re all (or should I say I’m all) see-through, but it’s the best I could do with the program I have. (^_^”)>

– Timing all of the parts was kind of a pain… I didn’t have them all done perfectly. orz

– I filmed most of these on one battery charge. The batteries started to die when I had one part left, which is why Sakura’s part has that obvious timing issue. =(

– With the exception of Daishi’s part, I learned each part just before I filmed it. Thank goodness their moves weren’t too different~. =D

– After I filmed the main dance (Daishi’s part), I changed into my outfit for Sayumi’s part and watched the sections I had chosen for her so that I could learn them. I made the mistake of practicing in front of my computer… which was right next to the tripod. I nudged one of the tripod’s legs a bit and then spent a full twenty minutes repositioning the tripod/camera so that the split screens would match up. You can see why I wanted to try doing the whole thing on one battery charge (so I didn’t have to move the camera to change the batteries). orz

– I did eventually end up refilming a couple of small parts: Haruna’s part around 2:02 (I really only needed to refilm the pose at the end of the chorus because I was too close to the center, but I had to refilm that whole section so that it wouldn’t be super-choppy) and Daishi’s part for the ten-person split (I had that part too close to the center for the full dance cut; it would have been completely overlapped by Masaki’s part, so, even though I wanted Daishi’s part to be present throughout the entire video, I had to change it a bit to accomodate the large split-screen. That little change is the reason I had a solo Haruka part and a solo Sakura part before and after that split.)

– On one take, I did a little hair flip just before Sayu’s “Is it neccassary?” line, and I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for the final version. XD

– Some of my favorite moves include the leg swing during the chorus and the leg swing for Sakura’s part as well as the moves from around 0:09 to 0:11. ^__^ I also really love the move(s) from 0:32 to 0:36.

– My favorite outfits for this cover are probably the purple, blue, and dark green outfits. I like the bright green and red, too, but they (along with the other five) look fairly similar to a lot of other outfits I’ve had, so they didn’t seem too special. (^_^”)>

– Notice the order of the “members” appearing with Daishi’s part for the ending jumps: Sayu; Fuku-chan and Eripon; Riho and Zukki; Haruna and Masaki; and Haruka and Sakura.

– My favorite part of the song? Naturally… “What do you want? / Is it necassary?” When I was learning the lyrics, I would kind of whisper/quietly sing along until that part… then I always had to shout, “What do you want?” XD

– I did multiple takes for Sayu’s final “Is it necassary?” line trying different movements/poses each time. I considered “falling”/”jumping” out of the wall and saying the line, but I had already done that in “Barebare I LOVE YOU,” so I went with a more thoughtful look as I “stepped” out of the wall.

I think that’s about it for this dance (though that’s already quite a bit XD). Thank you for watching (and for your patience)~! (Also, I’m still going to tag this dance under “Morning Musume” even though it’s technically “Morning Musume ’14” now.)

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “What is LOVE? (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. Sayuri Says:

    Can you upload a mirrored, and mirrored and slowed version, please? I really want to learn this dance (:

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