CLAP HIP CHERRY (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This is only the second time I’ve uploaded a dance for Halloween (the first being “UFO” three years ago).

– I was going to wear the hood of my sweatshirt up for the dance, but I quickly found out that it was way too hot. orz

– I had originally chosen shorter boots that were a lighter brown so that they were easier to see against my black socks, but they had a bit more of a heel (they’re brown versions of the boots I wore for my dance cover of “Asian Celebration”), so I decided to wear my other boots. They are brown versions of the black boots I wore for “Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai,” “Ai no Gundan,” and “”

– The first hairstyle I tried for this dance was simple, low pigtails. I wasn’t a huge fan of how my arms got tangled in my hair so often, so I put it up instead.

– Some of my mom’s favorite moves for this dance include the hopping that starts around 0:23, the move where I look back at the camera (at about 1:15), and the heel kick at around 3:22. She also thought the tail-wagging part was funny. XD orz Some of my favorite moves include the kick out to the side at 0:33, the leg and arm swing around 1:39 to 1:42, another leg and arm swing around 1:50 to 1:52, and any time that I rock back on my heels. XD

– Remember how I said, for “Barebare I LOVE YOU,” that Movie Maker made the orange look red? I thought I’d use that to my advantage and wear my orange shorts under my skirt instead of the usual black ones. … It seems the orange is more obviously orange when it’s next to red. orz XDD Oh well. It is a Halloween upload after all. (^_^”)> (I’d like to point out that they were the orange shorts I wore in the “LOVE Machine” collaboration.)

– Since I’m a lefty, the move where I pretend to swing a bat (as a right-hander would) felt really backwards and awkward and all the other strange -wards. o_O

– This dance took about a million takes and made me reach a new level of frustration. Honestly… I can do the dance just fine when I practice, but, as soon as I turn the camera on, I start messing up and getting upset over the tiniest mistakes. Argh. (-_-*)

– Though I don’t usually do so, I decided to change some of the moves to fit my preference whether it be in timing or just the move itself. For example, the peace sign around 3:59 is late when going by the original choreography, but I preferred it the way I did it. (^_^”)> Other parts (such as which fist I brought up first around 1:35) were just straight up, glaring mistakes. Sorry. m(_ _)m

– In case you were wondering… no; that was not my Halloween costume. XD I’m not doing anything for Halloween (except, you know, eating candy). Also, the “apron” was just a hastily cut piece of white fabric. (^_^”)>

I guess that’s about it for this one. I know I still need to answer comments for my last three dances, so… O___O I’ll have to finish that in the next few days. (^_^”)>

Thank you for reading and watching~! Happy Halloween!

~ Surimu-chan


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