Tell Your World [Short Vers.] (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I filmed this dance on October 20th.

– As the release for the extended edition of the first Hobbit movie is coming up, I’ve been psyching myself up by listening to the soundtrack repeatedly and scene-skipping through the theatrical version. All of this Hobbity goodness also seems to have inspired my outfit for this dance (if just a little bit). XD

– While we’re on the subjects of Middle Earth and my outfit, I’d also like to point out that I’m wearing a pendant that I bought from Weta Workshop’s website; it’s a dark stone with the White Tree of Gondor etched into it (and I love iiiiit)~. =D

– I’m sporting a rare braid here (though I rather like how it looked in this one, so I may wear my hair like that more often).

– Can I just say that I love those boots? They’re not quite as easy to dance in on carpet as the black ones I’ve been wearing in a lot of recent dances, but I’m not too upset about that because, well… I just love those boots. XD I’ve always wanted a pair of knee-high, brown boots. ^__^

– I had wanted to do a quick practice recording in my boots to make sure I could move properly while wearing them, and, since the song is only a minute long, I didn’t wear socks for the practice take. Unfortunately, I found some mistakes in my dancing, so I ended up doing more than one practice take in my boots and ended up getting a small blister on one toe. Don’t worry… I fixed it up with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Band-Aid. XDD

– I had to play an audio clip of me counting to three before the song started, because the dance starts right away, so I was always too early or too late on the first move. (^_^”)>

– The moves from around 0:28 to 0:31 and those from 0:50 to 0:51 were the most difficult parts of the dance for me. In the first of the aforementioned sections, I had a bit of trouble stepping on the correct foot (I always wanted to start stepping back on the right foot), and then I had trouble making sure I looked in the correct direction as I did the arm movements (notice how I looked down and to the left instead of just to the left orz). After fixing all that, I realized that I wasn’t turned the opposite heal in as I stepped back, so I had to fix that, too. For the second troublesome part, my arms and legs simply refused to cooperate and coordinate themselves properly. orz I hope it doesn’t look too terrible. orz

– Unfortunately, I had to do quite a few takes for this one. A few of them were because I was too close to the wall, so I ended up accidentally hitting it or I wasn’t able to step back at all. Other takes were ruined because I was so focused on doing one part correctly that I wasn’t thinking about a different move, so I would mess that one up. *sigh*

– I used the same editing technique from my “Heart Beats” dance cover in this dance; that is, I lowered the saturation (to 0.75) for the first half of the song, and then, as soon as the chorus started, I switched to a higher saturation (1.25) to give the video a pop of color. That being said, I rather like the muted look of the 75% saturation.

Thank you all very much for watching my videos and reading my posts~! I know they’re not always the most interesting, so I really appreciate your time~. ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Tell Your World [Short Vers.] (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. Frank Says:

    You have be busy because the last dance video I saw was Up Up Girls Uppercut! but now I’m all up to date.
    It just be a busy month with work and on the weekends lookin at six horse because my horse I have now hurt her leg but I can ride her aslong it on flat ground. So I look at other horses and buy one Oct. 19th. Her named is Nellie, she a 6 yr old paint first one I buy. I usely buy Appaloosa but she a good horse. Need more training but nonething new. My first one had her when she was born. My twin sister said I was smart buyin the farthers one away. She was being funny like always. It was just a 4 hrs drive to get her and 4 hrs back but it was fun. Well should get goin got to be at work early.
    Oh it nice your in to the TMNT again and gettin pump up for the Hobbit and Happy Brithday!
    Your fan Frank

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