co・no・mi・chi (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I can’t believe my last Buono! dance cover was a year-and-a-half ago! O__O

– See all those little stars on my outfits? (Well, maybe not, but they’re there.) Those were made out of white construction paper and colored with a silver Sharpie. I made forty-six stars total. I had originally wanted to use tin foil, but it crinkled way too easily (not that the paper ones didn’t get all crunched up… orz).

– The checkered fabric at the top of my socks for Momo’s part were simply wide strips of fabric tucked into my socks.

– The silver “belt” I have for Miyabi’s part is actually a scarf. Of course. XD

– I had wanted to wear a different pair of boots for each part, but I quickly realized that those pair are the only ones that I can move in comfortably on carpet.

– I apologize for the somewhat strange timing during some of the split-screened parts, especially during the dance break. There wasn’t much room to work with for each part, so I had to try to stay in one place as much as possible. (^_^”)>

– I wasn’t entirely pleased with how the outfit for Miyabi’s part turned out (the mostly white one). I didn’t want any of them to have short sleeves, but I didn’t want to use the same jacket for more than one part, so I ended up just picking whatever. Meh.

– I’ve always been in love with any dance move that involves throwing an arm or leg back (I sure hope you know what I mean, otherwise I’ll just sound crazy XD). In this dance, it’s the arm swings in the beginning of the chorus when they say “kono michi.”

– I had to scrap one take because, for the move around 1:12, I would always hop from one side to the other instead of just bending my knees inward, so it looked rather sloppy. (^_^”)>

– I’m rather sad that the lighting got a bit messed up for Airi and Miyabi’s parts. orz

– It was impossible to avoid getting cut out at times for the split-screening. Airi’s part for the dance break was particularly difficult, because I had to stay in more or less one spot which just happened to be over both carpet and tile. I will admit that I fell over on a couple of takes when I tried to spin and ended up catching the edge. XD

– Though I did brighten this video (twice) as usual, I didn’t increase the saturation this time.

– I think one of my favorite parts of the dance would have to be the part where all three of them point up and then put their hands in. I’ve always called it the “Three Musketeers” part. XD

That’s about it for this one~. Once again… Happy Birthday, Mom~!! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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