LOVEマシーン (Dance Collaboration) Trivia

This post will only contain my personal trivia. I really should have asked the others to provide some, too, but, by the time I thought to ask (that is, just now XD), I thought they’d be so sick of hearing from me about the collaboration that they wouldn’t want anything more to do with it. XD orz

– As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been planning on doing a dance cover of “LOVE Machine” since I first started uploading dances. I had originally wanted to do it for my first New Year’s dance, but I ended up working on a couple of other dances at that time instead. (^_^”)>

– My original plan was to do a solo dance with a ton of different costume changes (like I did in “Koi no Dance Site”). I guess I sort of did that for this one anyway. XD Anyway, I decided that a regular dance cover would be too plain for such an iconic song, so I decided to make a collaboration.

–  As you can probably tell in the video, a couple of the participants are people I know. I wasn’t originally supposed to film the part adjacent to YouTube username laufoo (around 2:26), which is why I didn’t film my part at the same time. That’s why the floor doesn’t match up. XD ShizukaSuzume117 (not a YouTuber username, because she doesn’t have an account) (around 2:30) is my younger sister. Both of them agreed to help me with the extra parts I had after a few participants had to drop out. (^_^”)>

– I would like to thank those who took multiple parts or offered to do so: hoperz97 (and other members of Peace! Project), MiLkAnimeStar, laufoo, PrincessLelouch, and TamakiKyo. Thank you~! ^__^

– I would also like to thank those who signed up initally but were unable to participate: Lulexi182, Eilistraee Moon, Megumi Kira, Momo Domo, Girlofmanyvoices, MySweetSaori, Moonydub, Sakanero, CosplayNagareboshi, FembotAxel, xxPrincessKairi123xx, hieiandkiarra, lonelycosplay, TheNerdBrigade101, itshanni3, yukikuran16, AiAmNANA, cuteknot9, KayaKiraKira, pingupingu622, ookami0710, lovelylittledemon, star391cool, and narutohatesyou512. It’s too bad that you didn’t have a chance to film, but thank you for your interest~! =)

– In the first section I show up in (right after the “DISCO!”), I made the same exaggerated face that the original members made in the PV for a couple of those moves. XD

– The side where I’m wearing a grey, black, and white outfit (at the beginning of the dance break) was my original section for this dance. Do you recognize that top from another dance cover? (^_~ ) The answer’s at the bottom of the post!

– The part next to my aforementioned “original section” also has a top that I wore in only one other dance cover. The answer’s at the bottom~.

– I like how, with the way my top was folded up around 2:34, it looks like Pikachu is sitting on the ground. XD

– For the majority of the parts I filmed, I did them without seeing completely clearly; my glasses broke about a month ago, so I had been using my contacts for a while. I usually film with my contacts in, so I didn’t mind until I got a couple of spots on my iris (from a scratch or infection or something) and had to stop using them. I had to use my broken, taped-up glasses at work until I got new glasses about a week ago. XD orz

– Because I was going to edit it differently before, the distance for most of the signs ended up being totally screwed up. orz At least you can still kind of see that it says “LOVE Machine.” (^_^”)>

– My sister wouldn’t really smile for her part, so I had to do a bunch of stupid movements behind the camera to get her to smile. You can see that she starts laughing a bit when she turns to face the camera just before she grabs her sign. XDD

– When I saw that one of the YouTubers I had to match outfits with for a clip had cosplayed, I knew I was in a bit of trouble. XD I’m not a cosplayer. orz Luckily, I knew what anime the character was from (even though I only liked the music and not really the anime itself… (^_^”)>), so I picked one of the other characters and threw something slightly similar to their outfit together. It didn’t really work, but… XD

– Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll try something like this again. orz I may have been too ambitious with this collaboration. (^_^”)> I still hope it turned out okay, though~.

Thank you all for waiting patiently for this project to be finished and uploaded. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for watching~!!

~ Surimu-chan

Answers: The grey top was first seen in my dance cover of “Dance de Bakoon!” The turquoise top was first seen in my dance cover/PV of “Koi ING.” ^_^


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