– The Saint Sunrise –

Here’s another post that has nothing to do with my dancing (but don’t worry; I’m still hard at work on two or three dances~).

Remember that Facebook post I wrote a few weeks ago in which I shared some Facebook pages I liked? I already wrote a post for one of them (– Sorakujira –), and I’m happy to finally get another one up! The following is the Description section for The Saint Sunrise’s Facebook page:

“I think if I am going to write anything anymore it has to be real.
I am very tired of writing music constantly, but not doing anything with it.
So that’s what this page is all about, and I plan on releasing demos and blogs
through it as often as I can.”

When I saw a video link on the page, I said, “Aha, a video I can add to that post I was going to write!” Then I noticed which song it was, and I may or may not have freaked out a bit. XD I seriously love this one. It was stuck in my head at work for two days in a row. =D

Yay~! As before, here are a couple of extras:


Please check them out if you have time~. Thank you! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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