– Sorakujira –

Hey, everyone~! This doesn’t have anything to do with my dancing, but I thought I’d take a small break from the collaboration madness to share some new music~. =D

“Sorakujira is a band from Emily, Crosby, and Ironton, MN that formed around January 2011 when they played a show by accident. Since then, they’ve been bringing their hardcore, high energy, 8-bit inspired pop punk music to the far edges of Minnesota and beyond.”

Personally… I really kind of love their music. O_O The bits of 8-bit (ha!) music make me especially happy, because I’m sure I’ve stated a few times how much I love video game-ish music.

Also~! Remember how much I love video game sprites (as displayed by the two-foot graph paper sprite of Golbez from FFIV on my wall and the RPG intro and outro for my third blooper video XD)? Well, imagine how happy I was to see this video:

Hooray! (Just to avoid confusion, I should probably add that I didn’t have anything to do with making this video; I don’t have that kind of talent. orz) I know I provided a link on Facebook before, but why not share again (along with a couple of others)~? =)


Please check them out if you have time~. Thank you! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


5 Responses to “– Sorakujira –”

  1. vy Says:

    Hi Surimu, do you mind if I ask you what kind of program did you use to make this video?

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Hello~! I didn’t actually have anything to do with making this video; I was just sharing it from YouTube as an example of this band’s music. Sorry that I can’t help! m(_ _)m Thank you for watching, though~! ^_^

    • Ben Drake Says:

      It was made in Sony Vegas 7.0 for all the animation and typography stuff and I made all the sprites in Photoshop CS5, They’re all edits of various pokemon and other video game sprites. It took me like a million layers in Vegas and a really long time to do all the animation. If I had to do it again I would use After Effects.

      Also! It’s really awesome finding our music has spread around the internet 🙂
      – Ben

      • Surimu-chan Says:

        Ah, thank you for the details~! The sprites I made for my outtake video intro were technically original, but they were fairly similar to the Final Fantasy V sprites. I’m a complete failure with fancy technology, so I stick with Movie Maker. XD I did try my hand at a few pixel animations before, so I understand the million layers you mentioned (though I used Adobe ImageReady). o_o Anyway, I was happy to share your music! Thanks for writing~! ^_^

  2. - The Saint Sunrise – | スリム☆チャンネル Says:

    […] weeks ago in which I shared some Facebook pages I liked? I already wrote a post for one of them (- Sorakujira -), and I’m happy to finally get another one up! The following is the Description section for […]

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