“LOVE Machine” Collaboration~!

I’m organizing a group collaboration for a dance cover of Morning Musume‘s “LOVE Machine.” Here are some details~!

== Rules to Participate ==

– There will be absolutely no badmouthing or arguing amongst participants.

– Additionally, I will not allow any inappropriate outfits/gestures/etc. in any of the videos used in this collaboration.

– You must be able to record in a video quality higher than 240p. I’m really sorry that I have to create this limit, but it can be difficult to watch videos with a lower resolution because they can get kind of blocky. m(_ _)m

– You must be able to show a head-to-toe view of yourself while dancing. This is mostly for uniformity’s sake, but it’s also nice to see the foot movements for a dance anyway. (^_^”)>

– On the subject of space, you must be able to have enough room where you can be completely on one half of the entire camera frame or the other (this is for split screening purposes). If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, imagine any of my split screened dances; think about the size of the room and how I stay away from the center of the space you see in the video. That keeps me from getting any of myself cut off by the split line when I’m dancing. Edit: I do have another kind of split, which takes the center of the two videos and uses those instead of the two different sides, however, there are a couple of drawbacks to this split; first of all, when you’re dancing, you’ll have to stay in, more or less, the same spot, because both sides of the video are going to get cropped. Secondly, this split is on the Vista version of Movie Maker and does not have a soft split option (a “soft split” is when the two videos blend together in the middle to create a more seamless look; a regular split shows a very obvious line). This one probably doesn’t matter quite as much since the dancers will all have different backgrounds anyway, but I’ve just always preferred to use a soft split. (^_^”)>

– Please try to get as much light in the room as possible. I can brighten videos to an extent (like I do with all of my videos (^_^”)>), but there’s not much I can do when the video is super-dark.

– I am, unfortunately, only able to communicate fluently in English; please use a translator if necessary.

– You must be willing to submit multiple videos of your assigned section if I deem the submitted one unusable (if you are, for example, out of frame). Keep in mind, these sections are only going to be ten to fifteen seconds long.

– You must be patient with me as I work on the video. In other words, please don’t constantly ask when I’ll be done. orz

– Videos must be submitted to me via YouTube upload before the deadline (yet to be determined) It can be Private or Unlisted. I will use Keepvid to download it.


== Other Details ==

– This collaboration can be split into fifty parts; if each part is not filled, the remaining parts will be divided up among participating dancers.

– Each section is placed in a category depending on its difficulty:
(1) Simple steps like stepping back and forth or arm movements while standing still
(2) More movement, but still fairly straightforward
(3) Requires more coordination and memorization
(4) Most difficult sections with involved moves

– Most parts are eight counts, but some may be longer or shorter.

Edit: I am randomly assigning parts according to which difficulty level you chose. I will go in order of when I was messaged, so, if the Level 4 and 3 parts run out before I assign your part, you may end up with a Level 2 section. I have decided that, because of a time crunch, only in-section part-swapping will be allowed (that is, you can switch parts with the person who shares the same dance section as you). I hope that’s okay!

– For the most part, these sections don’t follow one member in particular; I just try to get the main dance in as much as I can along with any memorable lines (“DEIYAA!”, “Ja nai!”, etc.).

– If you decide that you do not want to participate, let me know so that I can reassign your part.

– Each person counts as one part, so, if there are two people in the same video, you will be assigned adjacent parts.

– Slowed steps for each section will be provided, but no detailed explanations for the moves will be given.

– I will give you dancing tips for your section if you would like to upload a practice video (or two, or three…) first; just let me know~!

Edit: Here’s something I just thought of… as I will be listing all of the participating dancers’ usernames in the credits, if you have an inappropriate word in your username, it will be partially starred out. Sorry. =/


All right~, that’s all I could think of off the top of my head. I may add more to this at some point, but those are, for the most part, the collab rules. I will be working on the slowed steps videos for each part over the next couple of weeks (at least, I hope to). Please let me know if you’re thinking about participating by leaving me a private message on YouTube with the words “LOVE Machine collaboration/collab” and the section level you’d like to try (Edit: ALL PARTS ARE NOW FILLED)~! Also, be sure that others are allowed to message you back on YouTube, otherwise I can’t write to confirm that I got your message.

Thanks for reading~!

~ Stephanie


12 Responses to ““LOVE Machine” Collaboration~!”

  1. amoyamo Says:

    Can I participate XD.

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Sure~! As long as you agree to the conditions in this post, just send me a private message on YouTube so I can add your username to a list~. ^_^ Thank you for your interest!

  2. Makao Says:

    Hey Surimu-chan ^.^
    We’ve talked in private message on youtube. And sure, i wanna join 🙂 I already sent you a message on youtube.

  3. leillei Says:

    it sound fun.^-^ can i like to join?

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Sure~! As long as you’ve read and agreed to the rules in this post, just send me a YouTube message and tell me which difficulty level you’d prefer for your assigned section. (At the moment, only Levels 1 and 2 are open.) Thank you!

  4. Scarlet Says:

    May I participate? ^^

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Sure~! After reading this post (I just updated it (^_^”)>), just send me a YouTube message with “LOVE Machine collab” and your preferred level (1 or 2 is all that’s left now m(_ _)m). Also, please let me know that it’s you, so that I can switch the name in the participant list from “Scarlet” to your YouTube username. =) Thank you! ^_^

  5. Monica Says:

    Are there any spots left? This is monica by the way. I wasn’t sure u got my email on youtube DX.

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      There are a few spots left, but, if you’ve already sent me a message, I’ve already assigned you a part~. Monica as in “MiLkAnimeStar”? If that’s the case, I can tell you that you have a Level 2 spot. I’ll be sending out messages this week to give the specific section~. ^_^

      • Monica Says:

        yes! that is me (MiLKAnimeStar). and yay! thanks, and I can’t wait to participate! ^_^ ❤ ❤

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