Be 元気<成せば成るっ!> (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This trivia was written the day I filmed the dance and tweaked each time I tried to upload it. It wasn’t until today that I finally got to upload the dance and trivia (and I’m seriously, deliriously happy that the video is finally up~!!!).

– I was actually going to go to sleep after I uploaded the six mirrored and/or slowed videos tonight, but I thought I’d try uploading this one, just to see if it would still mute the audio. Well, it didn’t~! =D And, you know, when I was getting the videos off my external hard drive to mirror them (all of my videos were gone after I got my computer back, but I had them all on my hard drive, thank goodness), I had the urge to put this one on my computer again just so I could watch it. It seems there was a reason for this~. ^__^

– This video was filmed on May 12th, 2012.

– My mom was so upset that I wasn’t able to upload this that she would glare at me every time I mentioned the title. XD Whenever the song came on, she would say how irritated she was… before humming along. XD Needless to say, she’s happy that it’s finally up~. ^_^ (… Though I’m sure she’ll be even MORE excited when she’s awake. XD)

– First of all, THAT CAPE (a scarf, of course)… I loved wearing it. XD I didn’t love dancing in it, though. It was too narrow, so I couldn’t always get a good grip on it when I was turning, and it would also get caught between my legs when I was trying to dance. I would also trip on it occasionally when I practiced. orz … I still loved walking around the house with it pinned to a regular T-shirt though. XDD

– The yellow cuffs were made out of tagboard, colored with a yellow permanent marker (ugh, that smell again…) and fastened with brads (brass fasteners). They were also a bit awkward to wear while dancing. orz

– The video was brightened twice, and the saturation level was increased to 125% to make the colors pop~. … That’s also why my face looks a bit red. (^_^”)>

– When I practiced this dance, I didn’t move forward and backward during the chorus; I only thought to do that just before I recorded it. (^_^”)>

– If you take away the cape, the cuffs, and the skirt (but left the shorts, obviously XD), add fingerless gloves and change the hairstyle, you would have my “Renai Hunter” outfit. XD

– The cape wasn’t pinned unevenly; that was just the hood of my sweatshirt. XD

– Not including the two safety pins that attached the cape to my hoodie, there were ten safety pins in the cape. It was partially folded to make it shorter, and the top corners were folded in slightly as well.

– It’s been far too long since my last Berryz dance cover; not counting “Momochi! Yurushite Nyan Taisou,” I think the last Berryz dance I did was “Natsu Wakame,” and, before that, “Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND.” O_O Yep, way too long. (Incidentally, for this same reason, my next dance cover was (and still is) going to be a Berryz song. Since this one uploaded, that just means, YAY, more Berryz~! =D)

– You know how I sometimes associate a song with a video game? Well, I think this song is going to remind me of Dragon Quest VIII, not only because I started the game around the time this song came out, but also because something about the music for this song reminds me of the music on Dragon Quest. … Maybe it’s just because I love them both. XD

– Not that it has anything to do with my dance cover, but this is my favorite Berryz’ single in quite a while; it makes me so happy~~~! =D … But since this trivia is old, I’ll just add that I also liked “cha cha SING” (but moreso “Loving you Too much” for that single), loved “WANT!” (the music at least; it’s a pity that the lyrics are a little… hmm… at parts, because I learned about half the dance from one viewing of the dance shot orz), and “Asian Celebration” is absolutely amazing~!

That’s all for this one~. SERIOUSLY, though, I’m way too excited right now. I work at 6:30 am, and it’s currently 12:53 am, but I just can’t sleep right nooooooowwww~~~~~…!!! XD

~ Surimu-chan


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