MEGARE! (Dance Cover) Trivia

Sorry for taking so long to write this! m(_ _)m

– At first, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make a New Year’s Day dance cover, because I didn’t have any dances learned well enough, and I only had a few days before the new year. However, I decided that I wanted to find an iDOLM@STER song/dance because they’re short and usually fairly straightforward, so I spent about an hour going through dances and trying to figure out one that I would be able to learn quickly. I decided to do “MEGARE!” because it was a simple dance, I liked the song, and some of the lyrics described my situation perfectly. (^_^”)>

– I learned the dance and the lyrics in about a day and a half. I think it was harder for me to remember the lyrics (some of them were so fast!). O_O

– While I was practicing the dance, I accidentally stepped on something sharp that had gotten stuck in the carpet. It got stuck in my toe far enough that it drew blood when I took it out. It ached for a while, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad; it surprised me more than anything. (^_^”)>

– The outfit went through many accessory changes, but it was always going to involve the black shorts, black vest, and long-sleeved white shirt. Some of the accessories I considered included a raspberry-colored scarf (to be tied around my waist), a skinny, hot pink scarf with silver stripes (to be worn around my neck normally), a silver scarf (to be tied around my waist), black, white, and grey-striped socks with raspberry toes and heels, and a red bow tie. I really liked the raspberry scarf, but I decided to pin my black scarf to my shorts to make it look kind of like coattails, and then I added the bow for a little more formality.

– The part where I lean forward (about a minute in) took me forever to find, because, in most of the versions I watched, they would do a fade/cut to a different angle, so I could never see what they did after they stepped forward. I found it eventually, though~! ^_^

– The picture at the end shows three blank journals (though you can’t see that they’re blank (^_^”)>). I thought that would be a fitting picture for the new year. Also, those flowers were added in Photoshop; I just liked the look of them. XD

That’s all for this one~. I hope to get at least one more dance out this month.

~ Surimu-chan


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