~2012 Wrap-Up Post~

Hey, look! A non-trivia post! =O

I had almost forgotten to do a post for the end of the year. (^_^”)> I got the last two days of the year off, though, so I actually have time to write something! … Not that there’s much to write about… I only managed to do twenty-nine dances this year. orz Here’s the full list (this does not include tutorials, mirrored and/or slowed dances, or miscellaneous videos):

Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
Sweet Magic
Makeruna Wasshoi!
Koi wo Shichaimashita! [Short Vers.]
Ochame Kinou
Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
DANCE Suru no da!
Hello/How Are You
3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT! [Short Vers.]
Sakura Mankai [Shorter Vers.]
Honto no Jibun
Renai Hunter
Seishun no Serenade
Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! [Short Vers.]
Hajimete no Keiken
The Matenrou Show
Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou
Genkimono de Ikou!
Heart Beats
Wakuteka Take a chance
Doki Doki Baby
Shiroi TOKYO

Such a short list! D= I might as well talk about all of them.

– Kiramekirari
This was a fun dance~. I always love the high energy dances. This was also my first iDOLM@STER dance, which opened me up to another pile of potential dances. orz I love how short they are, and I like the music a lot of the time… but I already have so many dances to do! XD orz

– Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
This was the first dance I recorded with my current camera. It was actually recorded in HD, but I didn’t figure out how to save videos as HD in Movie Maker until after I had uploaded this one. (^_^”)> I actually really like how this video turned out: the outfit, the bag (though it was a pain to dance with), the background, and, of course, the song and dance. This song always reminds me of Christmas because I was practicing it a lot last Christmas. Also, whenever I want to feel cute, I say/sing Ayacho and Meimei’s shared lines because they’re adorable. ^_^

– Aitakatta
It’s a catchy song, but I don’t really see it as one of my more memorable videos. I actually forgot that I had done this one until I looked through my videos… (^_^”)>

– Sweet Magic
This is such a fun dance~! I really love the song, too (then again, I seem to love all of Junky’s songs). The windmill-type move is the highlight of this dance for me. As for personalized aspects of the video, I like this outfit, and I also rather like the cheesy cube effect during the carnival-sounding music. XD

– Makeruna Wasshoi!
This, I think, was another rather forgettable video from me. The only reason I remember it every time is because of the outfit; it’s not that I particularly like it, but… purple camo short pants. Seriously. XD

– Koi wo Shichaimashita! [Short Vers.]
This song is absolutely adorable, as is the dance, and I was so happy to finally learn it, because… well, yes, adorable!! o(>w<)o These were also a couple of my favorite outfits from this year’s dances. I kind of love the scarf-capes. =D I was happy with how the split screen turned out, too~.

– Ochame Kinou
I was also happy with the split screening in this one~.  This is also a fun dance, but there’s not too much to it. I wish I had worn brighter clothes for this song… orz

– Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
I’ve actually grown quite attached to the chicken outfit! XD Of course, it wasn’t quite as chicken-ish as the original ones, so I’m sure that helped. This is such a cute song~; it always puts me in a good mood! It made me sad that so few people seemed to like it. =( I liked having just a short split screened part instead of the entire thing for a change.

– DANCE Suru no da!
I’m always excited to dance to older songs, so I really enjoyed doing this video. Well, I should say that I enjoy the end result… filming was a bit of a nightmare. I’m a sucker for callbacks and references, though, so this video (along with my 50th video) always puts a smile on my face. And we can’t forget about the Vlog Gremlin! XD Again, I was happy with the split screening~. I always kind of enjoy filming the “other” (non-dancing) scenes for my PV-type videos. Also… super-epic ending split screen!! (Maybe not so much, but I liked it~.) =D

– Hello/How Are You
Though I hadn’t wanted to do this dance, I’m rather pleased with how it turned out… for the most part. I wish I would have smiled a bit, though the song does have a somewhat mellow, almost-sad feeling to it. I liked my outfit for this one, as well as the dreamy border effect. I’ve decided that I do like this song and dance. A little. XD

– 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT! [Short Vers.]
I’ll admit it… I’m kind of proud of my Reina outfit. XD It’s not terribly accurate, but… whatever. This was a pretty fun one to do (hooray for the shortness!), but I remember that editing was a bit of a pain. I have some good memories of this song, though, so I didn’t mind the extra work… too much. XD

– Sakura Mankai [Shorter Vers.]
This has always been one of my favorite H!P songs, so I really wanted to do it justice. I took forever making the outfit work and deciding on the border, saturation, and other video effects. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I don’t even mind that some of the dance moves seemed a bit strange for this kind of song.

– galaxias!
I’ll still dance to this one every once in while! As I’ve said a few times, I like short dances~. Overall, I was happy with this video, too! I don’t mean to sound smug or anything, but I actually liked everything about this one. (^_^”)>

– Honto no Jibun
This is another of my favorite outfits for this year’s dances… although… the red checks I put on that tie ended up staining pieces of my carpet permanently… which is not so great. orz Otherwise, I liked this one~! It almost goes without saying that I love this song, because it’s Buono!, and I absolutely love almost everything they’ve done. I remember being rather proud of my accuracy on most of this dance; I put my video over the original one, and I matched up rather well. ^_^

– Renai Hunter
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. I kind of liked how the video turned out, but the reception was mixed (though I suspect a lot of people didn’t like the “crab” move). I at least like the split screened parts. (^_^”)>

This was another one that I was excited to do (old H!P song!), but it didn’t turn out to terribly great. I do like the hand twirls during the chorus, though.

– Jibun REST@RT
This is the last dance I did before I got my job… quite a fitting title, huh? XD Overall, this was a fun song and dance~, but I suppose it wasn’t groundbreaking.

– Seishun no Serenade
I’ve wanted to do this dance since Mano Erina’s practice video was uploaded to her channel~. I love this song (though, admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of the “Seishun wa journey” etc. parts (^_^”)>), and the dance was simple enough. I’m also happy with how the outfit turned out. =D

– One・Two・Three
… I liked this one. XD The outfits worked out well, and the dance was (and is) a lot of fun~! The split screened part is kind of fun to watch, even though I get cut out a bit at times. Another fun thing about this one is the fact that I took a picture of myself in my “Zukki” outfit holding a sign for the “Zukki Appreciation Project,” and it was included in the book, so Zukki now has a picture of me in (something slightly similar to) her “One・Two・Three” outfit! Aaahhh!! =D

– Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! [Short Vers.]
This is one of my favorite shuffle songs, so I was really happy to dance to it, even though it took a lot of careful practice and tons of replaying different live performances. I think I look a little spazzy in this, but that makes it more fun. XD This is one of those dances that I hope others will start dancing to since I did a one-shot dance video (even if I mess up a bit… orz).

– Hajimete no Keiken
This is such a pretty song~… and parts of it still remind me of Chrono Cross. XD I remember this being quite a pain to edit, but it didn’t end up looking too bad. I still love the transitions from split screen to regular. ^_^

– The Matenrou Show
I still like dancing to the dance break of this song~! This dance cover was actually uploaded to Nico Nico Douga (with my permission), so that’s something that I associate with it. It was kind of neat reading the Japanese comments. =) My outfit was a bit bland for this one, but I did like the fabric strips, and it seems that others did as well~.

– Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou
Oh, how embarrassing. XD The outfit isn’t bad, but that hairstyle looks absolutely ridiculous on me. I just can’t pull off being cute. orz The dance is easy to jump into at any point, so, whenever I hear the song, I’m able to start dancing to it. XD

– Genkimono de Ikou!
This is another fun and simple dance to another fun and catchy song. It’s probably my favorite of the Mano Erina dances I’ve done (though it may tie with “Doki Doki Baby”). ^_^ Also… fun socks!! =D

– Heart Beats
I had been meaning to do this dance for a long time. I like to think that it turned out fairly… acceptable. =) I enjoy this song and dance, and I was happy to dance in that paticular spot again, because I think it’s one of the nicer backgrounds I use (I really should find more places to dance…). And I do like this outfit, despite it being super 90s. XD

– Wakuteka Take a chance
Another outfit I rather like~. I like dancing from 0:43 to 1:02 every once in a while, because I like the sound of that part of the song~. I wish I could have done some split screening for this dance, but, alas, I had no time. orz

This is another dance I’ll just jump into from time to time because I simply love it. Fine and Tsurutei’s dances are amazing. I’m happy with how well my orange top showed up on video~. I’ll also remember this dance as being the last dance I made (or will make, I should say) a tutorial for. Anyway… I love this song and dance~!

– Doki Doki Baby
This dance was supposed to be learned early this summer, but new dances came out, so I decided to do those first until I ended up pushing this one back half a year. O_O This is one of my favorite songs from Mano-chan, though I thought the dance shot was strange because it was a very narrow screen. o_O This is a cute dance, though~.

– Shiroi TOKYO
I was so happy to finally do this dance! =D Overall, even though I had to do an emergency editing job on the family computer for this (because my laptop is being worked on), I was pleased with how it turned out. The background, the border, and the outfit made this one of my top ten favorite dances that I’ve done this year. Plus, I just love this song. ^__^

Even though I just mentioned “Shiroi TOKYO” as being one of my top ten dances that I’ve done this year… I can’t actually choose the rest of them. There was something I really liked in all (or most) of them, but I would like to know…

Do you have a top ten? Or five? Or fifteen? Can you put all of them in order from favorite to least favorite? Or vice versa? Is there one that trumps all the others? Please let me know in a comment on here, my Facebook page, or even a personal message on YouTube~. ^_^

Thank you for continuing to support me even though I haven’t been as active this year! I hope everyone have a great New Year~!! ^__^

~ Stephanie
– Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “~2012 Wrap-Up Post~”

  1. BalancedSpirit79 Says:

    Hey Steph! Yet another year of dancing under your belt. I can hardly believe it’s been three years. Time flies sometimes, doesn’t it? Anyway, here’s my favorites of 2012 in no particular order except for the first one:

    – Sakura Mankai [Shorter Vers.]
    You did a phenominal job on this dance, which is why I consider it my favorite of the year. I know you were concentrating really hard to make this dance great and it really shows. Your outfit was very well done, too. I hereby dub you Sakura Samurai! 🙂

    – Kiramekirari
    There’s a lot of charm in this dance cover. You made the actual dance look effortless and your smile adds a lot of positive energy.

    – Makeruna Wasshoi!
    This dance makes me feel like playing a martial arts video game or watching a martial arts anime. The flex pose reminds me of an old arcade game called Shao-Lin’s Road. At the end of a level, the character you control flexes and says, “GUTS!” Much like that character kicks ass in the game, you kicked ass at this dance!

    – Aitakatta
    Sort of along the same line as Kiramekirari, I can’t help but feel happy when I watch this one.

    – Hello/How Are You
    I actually watched many other people do this dance before you did and I always wondered how you would interpret it. Not surprising, you did an amazing job.

    – Genkimono de Ikou!
    This might sound weird, but this dance makes me calm and content, even though it’s full of energy. I suppose it’s the fact you did the dance outside on a wonderful day and also you seemed to be in a carefree mood. Excellent dancing as well.

    Also, they’re not dance videos, but I liked your HD dance tips video and also your 100 facts video, so they get an honorable mention in my mind.

    Happy New Year and may you do even better this year! 😀

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Aaand finally I reply! XD It only took me half a year or so. Yikes… m(_ _)m

      You know, I think the only one that didn’t surprise me on this list was “Sakura Mankai.” o_o I’m really happy that you enjoyed it~! ^__^ “Makeruna Wasshoi!” in particular was kind of shocking to see, because I didn’t think too many people cared for it, not to mention the fact that it wasn’t that well known in the first place. I thought that many people would like “Hello/How Are You” (mostly because it’s a popular song and dance) even though I feel I kind of spoiled it with my facial expressions (or lack thereof). (^_^”)> “Kiramekirari,” “Aitakatta,” and “Genkimono de Ikou!” were a few that I often forget I even did (then again, I’ve done so many dances at this point, that I end up saying “Oh yeah! I DID do that one!” for a lot of them XD), but they are quite happy, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them on your list (though I’m always happy when any of my Mano Erina dance covers get any sort of recognition, because I feel like people don’t look for those ones as much as they look for other H!P acts)~. ^__^

      I’m glad you enjoyed the miscellaneous videos, too~! =D

      As always, thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback, and also, of course, for taking the time to watch my videos~. I truly appreciate it!

      Thank you~!!

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