~Update 53~

Hey, everyone~! It’s been over five months since my last update like this… I’ll include upcoming video information as usual, but, first, I’d like to discuss something else. Please forgive the lack of clarity and grammar in the following post; I actually just woke up. (^_^”)>

A Facebook friend recently asked about passions; my first thought was, of course, “dance.” That being my first thought upon reading the post should have been enough, but I wanted to take a moment to really think about whether that was actually true.

Since I was little, whenever I started to like something, I would focus almost completely on that thing–whether it was a movie, a book series, or a band–until I found something new to like. At that point, my previous “passion” would only hold my attention long enough for “I-remember-whens.” I’ve been dancing for a little over three years now, and, though I’m able to say, “I remember when I did that dance,” I still continue to enjoy dancing. I feel rather accomplished for having kept my attention on something for so long. ^_^

Besides that, dancing has been both physically and emotionally exhausting at times. I’m sure I’ve complained enough in various posts and comments (sorry again for complaining so much m(_ _)m) about the injuries I’ve developed or the frustrations I’ve endured to learn dances or make videos. I think the fact that I continue to dance even after being unable to move my arms for a few days or living the fable of the man, his son, and their donkey through comments on my tutorials (and regular dances, actually) shows that I truly do enjoy dancing.

It seems, more or less, like a glorified pastime, but I think it’s more important than that. Learning dances and working on videos has not only helped me through some hard times, but they also serve as reminders of those times, as well as happier ones. The “Balalaika” tutorial reminds me of my first job interview (which was a miserable experience; I didn’t get the job), while “Jibun REST@RT” reminds me of my second job interview (which was definitely not as miserable, though it was for the same job; I think you all know the results ^_^).


The point of this post is that dancing is my passion. I know some of my viewers seem to be worried that I’m going to stop making videos, but I can assure you that I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

On that note, here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

Heart Beats Tutorial – I just need to add the counts to the videos! =D I’ll try to finish it up soon~.
ZIGG-ZAGG Tutorial – I’ve only written about a third of this tutorial so far. (^_^”)> I’ll try to get back to work on it.
S/mileage – Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki. (Dance Cover) – I haven’t worked on it too much, so it probably won’t be ready until early January, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m working on it~.
Christmas dance cover – I’ve already finished learning the dance I’ll be doing for my Christmas video this year! =D I’m going to try to film it soon, but I won’t upload it until December 22nd.

That’s all for this update! Thank you for reading~!

~ Stephanie


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