Heart Beats (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I first filmed this dance on September 7th, but I noticed a few mistakes in my dancing. It bugged me so much, that I decided to film it again on the 9th since I had already finished work for the day.

– The first time I filmed it, I had my “suspenders” (as seen in “aMa no Jaku”) pinned to my shorts so that they were just hanging down on either side. It completed my incredibly 90’s-looking outfit. XD Unfortunately, I was so focused on getting the moves right the second time around, I completely forgot to put on the suspenders. orz

– The video starts out with a 1.25 saturation increase, but, after the black-and-white part, it comes back with a 1.5 saturation increase. This makes both my skin and my hair look redder than they are (I do have a natural red tint to my hair, though it’s rather slight).

– At least two or three takes were ruined by cars driving by in the background (not that there’s anything wrong with people driving on the road… I just like the background to stay as neutral as possible (^_^”)>).

– I decided to lift my knee up further during the part where I push over to the left with both hands, because I liked how it looked. ^_^

– I changed the “shirt-pulling” move from the original, because I always thought it looked kind of awkward. =/

– Oddly enough, I was always able to time the part where I hop around in a circle correctly when I had next to no room to practice in, but, once I actually had space to work with, I couldn’t seem to get it right. orz

– That stick on the ground was marking the edge of the frame… at one point. It must have gotten moved, so I ended up further back than I thought. (^_^”)>

– My mom would always laugh at the shimmy near the end of the dance, because, every time I practiced the dance, I would yell, “SHIMMY!” when I did that. XD I noticed that she was trying to keep from giggling at that part while I was filming. XD

– My favorite moves are the knee lift that I mentioned earlier as well as the move around 0:51. I always like it when you have to sort of lock into place. =D

– I had originally planned on using a heartbeat video effect during the ticking part, but I couldn’t get it to match up well. orz

– I’m not sure if I’ve said this for any other dances I did in those boots, but they simply do not like spins. Notice how I had to jump more than slide for a lot of my spins. (^_^”)>

– Movie Maker continues to hate me, so the timing for this video may be very slightly off; I redid it at least five times to try to fix it. (>_<*)

As I said in the video description, YES, there will be a tutorial for this dance; HOWEVER, I have been (and will continue to be) very busy working, so I’ll only be able to work on it when I have some extra time. Please look forward to its release patiently! m(_ _)m

I sincerely apologize if I’m sounding too harsh regarding tutorials and requests, but it really is hard for me to find time to dance lately. I’m frustrated that I can’t do more, but please allow me to work at my own pace. m(_ _)m

That’s all, I guess. Thank you for watching~!

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Heart Beats (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. Frank Says:

    Dance video great as ever keep up the good work and if people can’t understand that u are busy working and only have so much little time to make videos. I would tell them something but it won’t be nice. I also saw that u change ur header board i don’t know what its call its on ur blog and its beatiful. U do take a nice picture. I like the forest background and also in ur two video that u made. The only time I get to see the forest is when my family go to horseman campgrounds. The area I live u see feilds of crops only patches of woods. Ur area looks to be a nice place to live. I know u hear this all the time but ur dance video are execellent!!! Well thats all I got to say. Be happy!!

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