One・Two・Three (Dance Cover) Trivia

– My hairstyle for Daishi’s part (the main part) caused me a lot of trouble. I tried doing the cat-ear hairstyle that Daishi had, but my hair didn’t want to stay like that, and I didn’t want to use hairspray again. o_o I didn’t want to have it in a plain ponytail, so I clipped my ponytail up. Unfortunately, it kept falling out of the clip because of all the moving I was doing. I finally decided to only clip half of it up, and that ended up staying better~.

– The netting sort of arm accessory that I was wearing on my right arm (for all parts) was made from one of those net bags that turkeys come in. XD I colored the netting with permanent markers to try to match the original color better (the netting was yellow).

– I wore the blue netting accessory so long that I ended up having a blue shadow covering that part of my arm (though I don’t think it’s visible in the other two parts).

– The wristbands and netting accessories were simply pinned to keep them together, but the armbands were a little trickier. Just pinning them wasn’t enough (if I made them tight enough to keep them in place, I couldn’t move my arm properly), so I first tried taping it to my arm with regular tape. That didn’t work, so I tried using (non-toxic) school glue to keep it in place, but that wore off quickly as well. I finally ended up using packing tape to stick it to my arm. XD

– I was happy that we had masking tape… because that’s what I used to make the pattern on my skirt. XD It took forever to make it look more-or-less even.

– All of the bows were, as usual hand-sewn. ^_^

– I wanted to curl my hair for Fuku-chan’s part, but… as usual, the curls wouldn’t stay (actually, my hair wouldn’t curl at all). orz

– I actually had to redo Zukki’s part for the dance break after I had already edited part of the video. … I had done the body waves during the “One… two… three” part backwards. *facepalm*

– My favorite part of the dance is probably the stepping during the line “Donna donna toki mo.” =D

– I had most of the dance learned before the dance shot version was out thanks to the live performance that had been uploaded. Having said that, when the dance shot version was released, I fixed a few moves and then spent the rest of the time fine-tuning my dancing as I worked on making the accessories.

– I filmed this on June 27th. My mom had wanted me to upload it right away (and I kind of wanted to, too…) but I decided to wait until I could get the clear mp3 from iTunes to overlay the music.

– I plan on wearing the outfit I had for Zukki’s part when I take a picture of myself holding my poster for the “Zukki Appreciation Project” (… I still have to make my poster… orz). =D

I think that’s all I have for this one… Well, I’ll be working a lot over the next couple of weeks, but I’ll try to respond to comments and messages as soon as possible! Please be sure to check out Morning Musume’s music video for this song (or any of their other videos! I’ll probably be watching a bunch of their videos before I go to work)~! =D

Thanks for watching and reading~!

~ Surimu-chan


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