— Please Read —

Hey, everyone~. Please read this message thoroughly~.

I’m going to be working this summer, so videos will probably be few and far between. I know I’ve already mentioned that I won’t be doing too many more tutorials, but the ones that I have left will be put off until the end of the summer. The “Jibun REST@RT” tutorial will be done sometime this week, but I won’t work on the dances for the last few tutorials for a few months. Also, I may take a little longer to reply back to everyone, though I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Once I finish the “Jibun REST@RT” tutorial, I won’t do any more tutorials for dances that I’ve already done, so please don’t ask for any. Also, even though I said I take requests for mirrored and/or slowed versions of my dance covers, please ONLY request those for dances I’ve already done. Please DO NOT ask for mirrored and/or slowed versions of dances that I haven’t done, because that’s more or less a request for a new dance. I still don’t take requests for dances or tutorials.

So, in summary:

– The “Jibun REST@RT” tutorial (and the mirrored version) will be out soon.
– The remaining tutorials (which are for dances I haven’t done) are postponed for a few months.
– I may take longer to reply back to comments or messages.
– I still DO NOT take requests for dances, tutorials, or mirrored/slowed versions of dances that I haven’t done, so PLEASE don’t ask.

Thank you for reading~! ^_^ (Also, I apologize for getting this post up late. m(_ _)m)

~ Stephanie


2 Responses to “— Please Read —”

  1. Frank Says:

    Will enjoy ur summer working and I hope to see more of ur Dance videos in the fall. I like to also say that ur video are great so don’t be to hard on ur self when you make little mistake because when i watch them i don’t see again mistakes. Ur at the top right up there with the people who make dance videos in Japan. So see u in the fall Surimuchan.

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