Upcoming Hiatus

Hey, everyone.

First of all, I’d like to apologize. I didn’t realize how bad (well, maybe not bad, but only okay) my dance cover for “Renai Hunter” was. I actually rather liked it, but… orz I guess I wasn’t watching closely enough. I really do feel terrible about it, and I sincerely do apologize. m(_ _)m

Because my last few videos (maybe more than that…?!) haven’t been very good, I decided that I need to take another break. I have one more dance that’s already learned and two tutorials that are partially done, so I thought I’d do those before my break. After that, I’ll stop uploading/updating for a while.

Sorry again. m(_ _)m

~ Stephanie


2 Responses to “Upcoming Hiatus”

  1. PASTA!101 Says:

    hi there! i saw your matryoshka, bad apple and butterfly on your right shoulder dance. you are amazing! i ❤ your dances! i would be so happy if you responded. btw, keep posting cool vids!

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Hello~! I’m so happy to hear that you like my dancing! ^__^ Thank you for watching my videos, and thank you for visiting my blog! (I apologize for the long wait for a response; I’ve been working a lot lately. orz)

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