galaxias! (Dance Cover) Trivia

I don’t have much trivia for this one…

– I first filmed this dance on April 4th. After editing the video, writing the tutorial, and recording almost all of the audio for the tutorial, I decided that I needed to redo the dance. Even though most of my mistakes were small, the more I watched my dance, the more I noticed them. orz

– For such a short dance, it really beat me up; the first time I filmed this, on one take, after jumping, I landed wrong and hurt my left ankle a bit, and, for some completely unknown reason, one toe on my right foot went numb (like the tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep). Those went away fairly quickly, but I must have moved my left arm oddly (I think it might have been when I swung my arm back…?), because I did something to my shoulder, so I couldn’t really move my arm for the rest of the day. o_o Both times I filmed, takes were ruined during the part where I hop on one foot; for some reason, that move was really hard on my left ankle, so I had to stop the take. orz I seem to be falling apart… (-_-“)

– I believe the only other time I’ve worn that star belt/chain was for my dance cover of “Love & Peace = Paradise.” Edit: I completely forgot that I also wore it for my dance cover of “Renai Circulation.” (^_^”)>

– I felt like wearing one of the bows that I made back in… 2010 it must have been, so I wore my checkered one~. =D

– This is only the second dance in which I’ve worn that light blue skirt; the first was for “Anataboshi” (and that outfit reappeared in my fiftieth video). I think that’s the only other time I’ve worn it… I’m blanking on half of the dances I’ve done. XD

– If you couldn’t tell, my hair flipped into my face at the end. XD

– And now for trivia that has nothing to do with the video! My mom gave me a piece of key lime pie as a “reward for doing so well on the dance.” =D Trivia: I prefer pudding pies over fruit pies. While we’re on the subject of sweets, I also prefer yeast doughnuts over cake doughnuts. ^_^ … I should probably end this post before it becomes more about food and less about the video. XDD

~ Surimu-chan


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    Fantastic Stuff, do you have a facebook account?

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