DANCEするのだ! (Dance Cover) Trivia

(Just so you know, when I say “(1)” or “(2),” I’m talking about the first outfit and second outfit for a dance.)

– The intro was the last thing I filmed. XD

– The little “screencaps” of the “Word processor” I was using were made in Photoshop. I animated three .gifs to create the typing effect.

– This video was meant to be sort of like my fiftieth video, but with more dancing; however, unlike my fiftieth video, all of these clips were filmed in only two days. I filmed all of the main dance parts in one, ten-hour stretch (so that I could keep the lighting as consistent as possible), then, after taking a nap, I filmed the extra scenes (with me at the desk). After that, I filmed the dance parts for the eight secondary outfits (the end of the video). After another nap, I filmed the intro and made the .gifs.

– Very few of the dance segments took one take. orz

– After each dance segment, I would run upstairs to change, and then run back down to film. There are thirty-two outfits in this dance. … My feet must have hated me by the time I finished. T__T

– The outfit next to the “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” (1) outfit was specifically for this video even though it looks somewhat similar to one of my “Pittari Shitai X’mas!” outfits. (^_^”)>

– I got away with attaching the black dress to my shirt (“Nanchatte Renai”) with only three safety pins. XD

– I wanted “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” for the “Jump jump suru no da” part because I wanted to flap my “wings” as I jumped. XD

– It was not fun trying to keep those capelets (“Koi wo Shichaimashita!” 1 & 2) from flipping when I moved my arms up and down. (-_-“)

– With very few exceptions, I replicated all of the details from the original dance covers. Exceptions include: the yellow star on my vest in “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” (1) (I had to make a new one); the brown shell bracelet for “Natsu Wakame” (1); the thin strip of fabric on my wrist for “Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu” (I used a thicker strip in this); and I had my pigtails for “Koi wo Shichaimashita!” (2) tied with black hair ties because I could only find one white one.

– For the scene where I’m typing–presumably the details for my 200th video–I was actually typing “Dance dance suru no da!” over and over. XD

– I’m fairly certain that I had the buttons in their original spots for “Uchouten LOVE.” =D

– For the “CHECK IT UP YO!  CHECK IT UP YO!” parts, I actually mouthed “Check it out, yo!” instead (because that’s what I always thought they were saying…). Also, look at my face on the “Uchouten LOVE” side for that part. XDD I was going to do another take, but I decided that I needed to keep that facial expression in the video, because it’s hilarious. XD

– When I “fell” (“Shanimuni Paradise” (1)) I got rug burn on my knees. I didn’t like the first take, but I liked the “fall,” so I did another take and ended up making the rug burn worse. (^_^”)>

– I was so angry with myself for taking the safety pins out of my “cape” for “Aitai Lonely Christmas,” but I figured it out again (more or less).

– I tried to get the placement of the bows for “Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu” as close to the original as possible. (^_^”)>

– I had to remake the graph paper stripes for my “Suki-chan” tie; I made sure to get the same number of stripes. =D

– The Vlog Gremlin is actually a very good juggler, but he dropped one of the balls on purpose to provoke me. XD

– I had to speed up the “fight” with the Vlog Gremlin so that it would all fit in the section. (^_^”)>

– The extended break in the music and me clapping showed that I figured out what to do for the video’s ending (which was to join the dance).

– That clap was not the one from the actual video; I recorded a different one to overlay because I didn’t want the noise from the raw video.

– “Kono Chikyuu” was the first clip I filmed for this.

– Notice that the me that was working on the computer joined in the dance at the end (top right), and “Natsu Wakame” (2) noticed. XD

– I still think my hair for “Shanimuni Paradise” (2) looks ridiculous on me. XD

– The clapping for the ending part was coordinated: half of them start clapping with their elbows bent and then switch to straightened arms, while the others do it in reverse.

– I also coordinated some of the arm movements for the ending part of the dance: everyone extends their arms away from the center, then inward, then toward the camera before doing their own ending moves.

That’s all for this one~! Thank you all, once again, for all of your support over the past 200 videos. ^_^ ♥

~ Surimu-chan


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  1. Its nice, but !!!! Says:

    And who is this mysterious juggler? :DD

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