★ A Frequently Asked Question ★

Many people have asked me how long it takes me to learn a dance. This isn’t really an easy question to answer. (^_^”)> Different dances take different amounts of time. For example, a short dance with simple movements can take a few days, whereas a longer dance with more complicated movements can take a couple of weeks. Then again, a short dance with difficult movements can take longer than a long dance with simple movements that repeat a lot. It also depends on other things, such as how busy I am with things unrelated to my videos, how many other dances I’m learning at the time, and what condition my health is in (and, I suppose, how picky I am about getting the moves as accurate as possible (^_^”)>).

However, even if I could tell you the exact amount of time I take on a specific dance, please don’t try to use this as the amount of time it “should” take to learn! I can’t stress this point enough: everyone learns at a different pace. For example, just because I learned “Happy Synthesizer” in three or four days doesn’t mean you should give up on it if it’s been five days since you started learning it. I’d hate to see someone get criticized for being inaccurate or messy just because they were trying to learn a dance in a certain amount of time.

I sincerely hope I don’t sound stuck up in this post. orz I don’t mean to sound like I’m always going to take less time learning a dance because that’s definitely not true. However, I have been learning dances for over two years, so I may be able to pick some moves up more easily than someone who just started dancing recently. I just wanted to write this post to point out that anyone who plans on learning a dance should focus on learning it correctly and not on how long it takes you to learn it.

~ Stephanie


2 Responses to “★ A Frequently Asked Question ★”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Hi surimuchan!

    I’m from Québec and my friend and I think your dance is really awsome! (sorry for my english, i’m french and i’m not really good in english…I’m really sorry T_T) I happy to view your new dance. All of your new dance is super! Continue!

    Tu es vraiment incroyable ! Continue! J’espère pouvoir danser comme sa un jour mais pour l’instant c’est pas encore sa.

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