Surimu-chan’s 2011 Wrap Up – Part 2: Surimu-chan’s Favorites [2011 Dances Only]

Favorite Dances
– Happy Synthesizer [Chorus and dance break]
– Matryoshka
– Ability to Stir the Audience to Dance [Not the freestyling]
– Only you [Faster dance segment between chorus and verse]
– Melancholic
– Uchouten LOVE
– Spring Shower

To be honest, as much as I like “Matryoshka” … well, I may be sick to death of it. XD Actually, it’s more like I’m sick of it until the song/video comes on, at which point I will listen to/watch it. Begrudgingly, of course. XD I may go out on a limb and say that “Melancholic” and “Spring Shower” were actually the dances that I enjoyed doing the most this year. I still like to do the entire dance (rather often, in fact) for both of them, whereas I only do sections of most of the other dances, though I do the full dance for “Uchouten LOVE” most of the time.

Favorite Outfits
– Migikata no Chou [Guy’s side]
– Lily★Lily Burning Night
– Beginner
– Happy Synthesizer
– Bad Apple!! [Black side]
– Matryoshka [Red hoodie]
– Nanchatte Renai
– Only you
– Natsu Wakame
– Suki-chan
– Kia Ora Gracias Arigato [Both]
– aMa no Jaku
– Aitai Lonely Christmas
– Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru

… I’m sensing a pattern with most of these choices. XD What can I say? I guess I just like black and white. ^_^

Favorite Full Videos to Watch
– Melancholic
– Shanimuni Paradise [Short Vers.]
– Natsu Wakame
– Kia Ora Gracias Arigato PV
– Suneo no Theme

I just love “Melancholic” overall (the song and the dance itself, not specifically my video), but I was very pleased with how well the timing worked out for the split screen. =) “Shanimuni Paradise” and “Natsu Wakame” are fun, despite the camera problems. (^_^”)> “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” had more of a variety of scenes, and I liked the near-constant motion of the video, so I find it rather enjoyable to watch (sorry, I shouldn’t be speaking so highly of my own videos m(_ _)m). “Suneo no Theme” is nice and short. XD

Honorable Mentions
– Mikan
– Our Songs
– Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND
– Oo Makiba wa Midori
– Nanchatte Renai
– Momoiro Sparkling
– Kamome no Suihei-san
– Kokoro no Tamago
– aMa no Jaku

And a random award goes to “Haru no Arashi” for having my favorite background. XD

I don’t know if these lists are very accurate, because I honestly don’t remember much about the dances I did during the first half of the year… (^_^”)> I do remember an awful lot of frustration throughout the year, though, if you’ll forgive me for saying so; I think I overworked myself. I may have to slow down a bit this year. orz

If you haven’t already done so, please let me know your favorites from this year~. =D I will probably make the “Surimuchan’s 2011 Videos” video unlisted after January 1st. It’s not even accurate, since my Christmas videos weren’t included. orz

Well, thank you all, once again, for your support this year. I sincerely appreciate it~. ^_^

Best wishes,

~ Stephanie


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