☃ December 2011 Update 9 ☃

Aaahhhh~!! I made it to 5,000 subscribers last night~! =D Thank you so much, everyone! ^___^ … Then again, I also feel kind of bad, because I know I got a lot of subscribers for my tutorials, and yet I can’t make any more until I get a new camera… orz I’m sorry! m(_ _)m … I’ll try working on writing some for the time I do get a new camera. (^_^”)>

In other video news, I have a new dance ready~! It’s not exactly a Christmas dance (I think)… but it does have a wintry theme. It’s only the short version, but I’ve wanted to do it for a while, so I thought I’d use it for my December 22nd upload this year. This will be the third year I’ve uploaded a Christmas video on December 22nd~.

In completely unrelated news… The Hobbit trailer is finally out! *flails* I am so, so excited to see this movie! Only another… year or so before it’s out. orz

Thank you again for all of your support! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


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