Regarding “スリムちゃんの宝の箱”…

To get straight to the point, I’m going to be clearing out a lot of files from the “スリムちゃんの宝の箱” page this week. On Wednesday, December 21st, I will be deleting these files:

Sprinter! – Split Screen Test
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 1
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 2
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 3
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 4
恋愛サーキュレーション Tutorial Bloopers
Surimuchan’s Thanksgiving [2010]
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 5
スリムちゃんの楽しい分 6
Surimuchan’s Christmas Special [2010] – Cookies
Surimuchan’s Snowscape

On Friday, December 23rd, I will be deleting these files:

Surimuchan Vlog 1
Surimuchan Vlog 2
Surimuchan Vlog 3
Surimuchan Vlog 4
Surimuchan Vlog 5
Surimuchan Vlog 6
Surimuchan Vlog 7
Surimuchan Vlog 8
Surimuchan Vlog 9
Surimuchan Vlog 10

On Wednesday, December 28th, I will delete these files:

Surimuchan’s Christmas Special [2010] – Lights 1
Surimuchan’s Christmas Special [2010] – Lights 2-1
Surimuchan’s Christmas Special [2010] – Lights 2-2

After next Wednesday, there will only be two files available for download, so, if you want to get any of the others, please do so before the aforementioned dates. Also, I’m sure there’s no need to say this, but, just to be on the safe side, remember: please do not reupload these videos anywhere. Thank you~! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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