☃ December 2011 Update 4 ☃

Last night, I passed 800,000 total views for my YouTube videos~! Thank you, everyone! It only took a little over three weeks to get another 100,000 views, and I haven’t even uploaded any new videos~! =O Thank you very much; I appreciate your support~.

In other video-related news, I’ve come to a decision regarding requests and tutorials. I’ll be posting it in a separate post later today. Also, I wrote out a FAQ section for my “Bad Apple!!” video (I’ll be posting it to the video description in a little bit) because I’ve been answering the same questions so often. (^_^”)> Then again, I’ve been getting the same questions for my “Matryoshka” dance, even though the answers are in the FAQ… orz

In miscellaneous news, it is, apparently, 17°F right now, but it could get down to 9°F with snow showers tonight. I think it was below zero at one point yesterday… but there still isn’t any snow staying on the ground. I had originally planned to film my Christmas dance outside, but, with these temperatures, I don’t think that’s going to happen. (^_^”)>

On a random note, my parents just brought home some white grape peach juice, which just so happens to be my favorite juice. Ever. Hooray~~~~~!!!!! =D

That’s all for this post~.

~ Surimu-chan


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